Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sharing SANDY with all of my followers and friends

This is my home, my state, My beaches, my family outings, my childhood, teenage, young adult, newlywed, newlywed again, family place and fun memories...totally devastated...

I lived in Middlesex county, and spend many days in SEASIDE HEIGHTS in the summers. Then I lived in Brick, NJ...spent soooo much time at Pt. PLEASANT Boardwalk.
Moved to Lacey township...again SEASIDE HEIGHTS played  a big role, and OCEAN GATE and TOMS RIVER. Even now in Barnegat/Waretown...Seaside heights, and LONG BEACH ISLAND have played major roles in OUR lives.


 The beginning of the storm!

Holgate, southern most tip of LBI...the streets are NOW the beach!

There are sooo, sooo many images and videos...but I just wanted to share some!

MANY more towns along our beautiful coastline were ravaged...but seaside and LBI took the worst of it!


Gina said...

Wow...we haven't been shown half these fact, we aren't getting any news on the aftermath now. Really feel for you all and pray that Nature restores you all soon :) XXX

catiean said...

Hi Susan
a new friend here I am so sad for all of you in the devastation and aftermath. I think few people realize how emotionally tied we are all to our memories and our daily lives when something comes along and alters it forever. My thoughts and prayers with you and all of yours. I hope all can get back to their real lives without too many deep wounds.

Debbie said...

Hi Susan. Thanx for posting all the videos.Seeing them really made what happened hit home, unlike the little we see on t.v..They say time heals all wounds but this really makes me wonder. I am glad you at least have the memories.Sending love and prayers. xx