Wednesday, July 16, 2014

skinnier me

Here is a picture taken at Chili's when our daughter and SIL took us out for dinner for my Birthday(June 22). I'm down by 80 lbs.   My hair needs a color and cut, but I am thinking about leaving it gray. Ron looks good too :) My clothes are too big for me, and my bustline is sagging beyond anything, but the weight coming off is the most important part.  I do not know what that weird reflection on my glasses is. Ron's shirt says "got crabs?" On the back is a seafood restaurant in WA. it from his son when he was in NJ. Ron was still in the rehab facility back in 2012.
I am having a watermelon cooler, and Ron has an "Angry Orchard".   It was a lovely day. I treasure my time with my daughter. 

My dessert is one of those molten cakes...CINNAMON....Ron didn't have any; good boy.  I was bad but it was my birthday.
I did rotate this but blogger keeps putting it sideways.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The problem is fixed

It had something to do with Blockhead stamps, once I removed their logo, and blog the malware warning disappeared. HOORAY!

On a different note, I just finished hopping (2 days) on the 7th annual Mad tea party blog hop...go here, the list of all the participants are on the right side bar.

It was fun, but I am sad that I could not participate this year. I recommend you do the hop, much fun and whimsy to be found as well as a few giveaways.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Malware warning

If you arrived at my blog without a malware warning then great. If you got the warning but came anyway thank you.    I do not understand why after all these years I now have this warning pop up. It is a small reason of why I did not participate in the annual mad tea party hosted by a Fanciful twist. If any of you know how I can fix this please let me know.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

MAY the FOURTH be with YOU!

Hello everyone, I got an internet plug in device.NOW I can start blogging a bit more. My goal for NOW is to post once a week. I have goals that have to be done at home, before internet life grips me. LOL

Happy spring to you all, and many blessings and much light upon you!  

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm BAAAAACK! and sharing

Hello friends, It has been a very rough year for me. Hubs was sooo very ill. He did not finally come home until April 25th, the day after my Mom died.  I basically had a nervous breakdown (anxiety from all the weight on my shoulders). Now having  med changes. Getting ready to start therapy and monthly trips to a shrink about the meds.

All of the "weight" was spread over many PEOPLE in my own family, and extended family.
There have been some tough decisions made, and not sure if for some, there will be any going back.

MY ether net card is dead in my computer, so I come to the library. I have a tablet, but can not blog from it.

So this is LABOR DAY weekend here at the shore, and it means Tuesday begins our area getting back to normal traffic, prices etc.  It ALSO means I will blog once a week for now, and gradually add on, I hope most of you are still visiting me.

Sharing another blog's giveaway today...D-D Dazzled  Birthday Candy  :)

Good luck!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two Christmas/Holiday cards

I felt like a little creating over the last few days, so here is what I made ( and a few ATCs)

6 x 6 gate fold card, on textured card stock from CALIFORNIA PAPER GOODS, Red speckled paper, rec'd as a RAK, embossing folder by CUDDLEBUG, Holly Ribbon from ALPHA STAMPS, other ribbon from WALMART (it is NOT pink), Black Embossing Powder for Stamp by STAMPIN' UP, Stamp by THE ANGEL COMPANY, markers are glitter vellum markers by AMERICAN CRAFTS, metallic gold marble paper by ATD SPECIALTY PAPERS, Stickles by RANGER.

entered in: Digi Darla Challenges ...Holiday cheer w/ embossing

 Merry and Bright on Navy Mica card stock, pre-made card by CALIFORNIA PAPER GOODS,
Merry & bright stamp by CORNISH HERITAGE FARMS, Holly Angel Stamp by WHIFF OF JOY STAMPS, snowflake stickers, and 3 different colored stones by RECOLLECTIONS, Tinsel from stash, silver embossing powder for stamps by STAMPIN' UP.
entered in: Digi Darla Challenges ...Holiday cheer w/ embossing

Thanks for visiting, extra thanks for commenting!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Where I've been...

Hello friends and followers, I thought it was about time, I took some time to post to my blog. I've been trying to stay fairly current on at least Facebook, as it it so much quicker to just post an update.  However I know not all of you are on FB, or are not my friend on FB.  Sooo here is what has been going on. 
(Plus some art)

Starting in June, June 14th to be exact, Hubs was not feeling like himself. On the evening of the 15th we found ourselves in the ER. His symptoms...feeling a little constipated (which is NEVER, EVER a problem for him) and just feeling "sick inside".  Well they stripped him down and put on a gown, and the doctor and I both noticed his right foot. IT HAD BEEN AGES since I have seen him without socks or shoes on his feet.  I HAD noticed he was walking a wider step than usual, and told him a few times, bring your foot in, why are you walking like a duck?"  I should have looked closer. His foot was totally contracted.  They told me it was "ankle roll". (later when a podiatrist came in to see him, he told us it was almost complete ankle roll...severe case, and a bit of foot drop, and ankle roll was starting on the left foot)  BUT, that was not the reason for being admitted. Blood work came back, showing he was "septic" - infection throughout the body, in the blood. He was in the Hospital for 8 days and rehab for 10.  He kept falling, and retired during this time. 

Ron continued to have falls, and near falls, and finally had 2 out patient appts. with PT. Got a walker, and the CORRECT foot and lower leg brace that he needed. There was a trip to the ER during the month of August, and he was send home. Another on September 8th, and he was admitted...Glucose extremely high. Hospital 7 days, transitional care unit (in the hospital) 11 days (was supposed to be 14)  (I am NOT going to discuss my outrage with certain actions or inactions, or people involved with Ron's care, or I'll be here forever)
It was now Mid October.  On October 16th, I trimmed his toenails, and checked his feet (which I wasn't trusting him to do any longer on his own...due to the contracture being so bad, we could have helped it, had I known) His feet were fine.  On the 19th he decided to BBQ a steak on the Grill.  He fell...leaves, dirt, tree roots, stacked crab traps and yard tools etc. Our son was an hour away. As most of you know, I can not lift anything over 17 lbs.  I do push it sometimes to 20 or 25, but I pay for it.  I am missing bones, ligaments and muscle in left wrist (and permanent nerve damage) and 4-5" of muscle in the lowest part of the upper right arm and elbow area. (this is on top of lumbar spinal stenosis and cervical disk herniation etc and bad knees)  I used all my might and grabbed him by his belt loops in the back and together we tried to get him on an outside chair, it was soo hard and took me forever to dot it. Called my neighbor, she said her hubs would be back in 15 minutes, and she would call his cell and tell him to come directly here.  he did come, but it was 30 minutes or more, she walked over to help also. It took the three of us and his "yard walker" 5 minutes to reach the driveway and switch to his good walker, and then they walked him behind me into the house...another 10 minutes, and I took him the rest of the way to the LR and into his chair. He had some blood on his jeans which was coming from a gash on his pinky finger. he said nothing was hurting him. (keep this in mine for the next segment)

On October 27th, he felt ill all day, and towards evening started vomiting...this is a key symptom of his glucose being through the roof. Our son and I begged him to come downstairs in case he got worse, all day! he refused. then at about 10pm, he called for my son, out of his bedroom, and he wasn't answering, I asked what is the matter, what do you need from Tom? He said, "I have to go to the ER" ...It took Tom almost 10 minutes to get socks and shoes on my hubs and a flannel shirt, and then the two of us over an hour to get him from the upstairs hallway to the bottom of the stairs, then out to the porch. He was slurring his speech...I called an ambulance. I am glad I did, as it turned out he was in A-FIB. I wrote the last couple of glucose readings down for them, and told them I gave him some REGULAR Insulin. (I was in a LOT of pain this night, so I didn't go. I stayed in contact with the ER by phone)
Turned out he had a necrotic (gangrene) big toe, which was broken in two places and the next toe was broken at the base. I told the nurse the above story and she said it sounds feasible, that perhaps I was right and he got some dirt or pine needle, etc. in his shoe, which then rubbed and irritated his callus (RT foot, so he has a large callused area due to the contracture, and his gait) got infected and couldn't heal with his sugar the way it was.  

All specialists were  called in...the toe has to go, we have to clear him for cardiac reasons for the surgery.  He was in CCU again, then moved to telemetry the day SANDY hit!  NOW I am stuck in the house. But I was glad he was improving enough to get out of the CCU, he didn't even remember me being there with him on sunday afternoon/evening.  A stress test showed some irregularity BEYOND his previous 2 MI's and double bypass, and some other test showed a possible blockage in the lower right leg arteries. He was sent the following monday to DEBORAH HEART & LUNG HOSP. they catheriterized his heart and put a stent in is right coronary artery. Two days later they did and angiogram of the right leg only, found the main artery in the lower right legged block almost completely for the length of it, they ballooned it open, and then amputated his rt. great toe.  The head of the vascular team, told me it was this blockage and lack of blood flow that caused the toe to go bad, not his sugar, but the toe turning bad made his glucose go through the roof, and also gave him the A-FIB. 
The following Wednesday he was sent to HEALTHSOUTH Rehab hosp. in Toms River NJ... much to our distaste...we wanted him back at our hospital's rehab unit.  They kept telling us they didn't have a bed...for reasons I won't go into, I think the charge nurse didn't want to shuffle any patients around (which is done all the time) for my husband, her and I have butted heads a few times. They called in a different podiatrist instead of sending him out to our guy. This QUACK, never even took the bandages off to look at the wound (which was open, you could see his metatarsal bone) he was supposed to come back the day after TG, but never showed. hubs was discharged on the monday after TG. and I was handed a huge bag of bandages and stuff and told to change his dressing every night. I was told by the surgeon that the podiatrist may make the decision to close up the wound on that first visit.  OBVIOUSLY he did not want to be held responsible as not being the surgeon etc.  Our Pod. told us it was waay past time for closing it up, now, when he saw him in wound care.

He was in the hospital for about 30-31 days that do round. he was in for SANDY, (good place to be) in for Halloween, Our 27th Anniversary, veterans day, and TG.

The 2nd trip to wound care showed that the infection was making a come back, he was put on new meds , and a medicated patch was put over the wound. However the sugar kept climbing so back in the ER he went last friday, and he is still in there now. He had a PICC Line put in and will be on Vancomycin for about 8 weeks.  He may be discharged today.  

During the last 2 weeks of his 30 day stay. both of our trucks died 4 nights apart. I lost a front capped tooth during the night, and can't find it (think I swallowed it) tooth next to the eye tooth. 3 night later I broke the same tooth on the other side, this one had been root canaled but only had a vaneer on it.  so now I look like a hill billy (olbviously I'll be getting this fixed). Tom was unable to get to work, and I was unable to get to the hospital. My daughter's friend lent me her car so I could go on TG and spend the Day with Ron. Sadly I was coming down with something.  By the time we had eaten the TG luncheon. I was running a fever and had the chills, so as to not spread more sickness I left, cutting our visit short.  It was a sinus infection, and within days it was starting to move into my chest...augmentin and good cough med. prescribed!

This seems to be rearing it's ugly head again now, not sure, but the cough is coming back.

We have had a HORRIBLE year, and these last 6 months are the worst!  We appreciate any prayers, good thoughts, candle lightings, energies sent, spells and incantations etc!

Additionally, we have NO CLUE on how we are going to afford to live, we owe everyone, I mean EVERYONE is on the past due list.

Here are the missing pieces of art I created for  THE GAME:

Dress up-  Halloween
6 x 6 canvas, distress ink, and tattered angels mists. I started this project a few years back at a friends, but never put it all together. The stamp is hers, I do not know the company's name.  This is Tom  his Sr. year of HS as Charlie Chaplin for Halloween.

Name that Tune

Decorative birdhouse. very old sheet music, acrylic paints, Black Enamel Accents by RANGER, flowers by both PRIMA MARKETING and WILD ORCHID CRAFTS. Bird from MICHAEL'S and ribbons from my stash.

 both side views

Duck, Duck, Turkey
(quick and dirty sample, as hubs was in Hospital and I was not feeling well either)
Thanksgiving card with embossing (Unknown, received as rak), stamping(STAMPIN' UP)  and stickers (COLORBOK).  I gave this to My daughter's friend, as I was soooo thankful for her gift of lending me her car to visit with Ron on TG.

The 2 December creations will be posted over the next 2 days

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sharing SANDY with all of my followers and friends

This is my home, my state, My beaches, my family outings, my childhood, teenage, young adult, newlywed, newlywed again, family place and fun memories...totally devastated...

I lived in Middlesex county, and spend many days in SEASIDE HEIGHTS in the summers. Then I lived in Brick, NJ...spent soooo much time at Pt. PLEASANT Boardwalk.
Moved to Lacey township...again SEASIDE HEIGHTS played  a big role, and OCEAN GATE and TOMS RIVER. Even now in Barnegat/Waretown...Seaside heights, and LONG BEACH ISLAND have played major roles in OUR lives.


 The beginning of the storm!

Holgate, southern most tip of LBI...the streets are NOW the beach!

There are sooo, sooo many images and videos...but I just wanted to share some!

MANY more towns along our beautiful coastline were ravaged...but seaside and LBI took the worst of it!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Breast cancer Awareness ATCs for a swap

***scroll down 2 posts for Halloween party post***

Hi everyone just sharing some ATCs, I hope you enjoy them. Breast cancer generally touching everyone, and I am no exception, my maternal grandmother died from it, my mom, is dealing with it, and my SIL is a survivor!!

here we go:

 All 6 for the swap
all images are from ALTERED PAGES
all digi stamps are from A DAY FOR DAISIES
German Scrap from COLLAGE STUFF
Card stock from STAMPIN' UP
Stickles by RANGER

I printed the digi images first on white card stock, and colored them in with markers by STAMPIN' UP, then also printed them on vellum, I glued the vellum over lay down on top of the colored image. With an extremely fine point marker by FABER-CASTELL I wrote "HOPE" and "BELIEVE" on the ribbons of the image. if that ATC had a ribbon that said "Hope" then on the ATC with a calligraphy tipped marker I wrote the other word..."Believe"  etc. 1
closer group 2
left-hostess, right- me

Thanks so much for visiting!!

entered in:

Challenge #11...THE GAME - Punch Buggy (late)

***Please scroll down for the Halloween party post***

Hello, sorry this is late. Once again things have been CRAZY around here, and I have had to pit and choice what and where to go with my computer time.

Saturday Ron went to the ER again, and was put in the CCU, his sugar was super high, he also had A-fib (from the sugar and apparently a BEYOND badly infected toe)
Thankfully, he is not Critical any longer, and is in the telemetry unit. BUT...they have to take the toe. It is the big toe on his bad we think the fall on the 19th (outside) perhaps he got a little something in his shoes, which started an irritation, and then his shuffling of that foot kind of on it's side when not in shoe and brace (bed time and in the am) for bathroom trips, most likely opened the irritation.   I saw both of his feet earlier that week, and they were red spots no sores no nothing.
They are going to do a cardiac work-up before the surgery.

So here is my 
The Game
This is an 8" X 10" piece that will be put in a shadow box frame, which will also be decorated.
Card stock from STAMPIN' UP
Printed paper by Dove Craft
most of the flowers are from ALTERED PAGES (and they are all PRIMA MARKETING and BAZZILL)
the pre made Yo-yo's are by  "On the Dot"
Reflective hearts are from Crafty Chica
Misc. buttons, beads, key, stickles (RANGER) charm, cufflink, net ribbon, bakers twine
Some close-ups

Thanks for visiting!

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Through the craft door ...anything goes