Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Muse-a short one

Why can't SEASONED bloggers and even members of BLOG HOPS and/or DESIGN TEAMS learn how to link properly?  Are they afraid to ask how?  I was only a blogger for a week or so before I started asking other bloggers questions, so I could do things the "correct" way.

It amazes me, even now going on my second blogoversary how many people still LINK to their entire blog instead of to the POST that has the information or the art project they are sharing. In these circumstances more often than not the actual post that is supposed to be linked is usually 2-3 posts down, and the visitor is forced to go searching. When it is a single link etc, it isn't sooo bad, but when on a blog hop, and you have numerous other places to visit, having to search for the right post is time consuming.

SO, my followers and readers, WHY do you think so many bloggers  do NOT link properly???


Magaly Guerrero said...

I can't say that I have encountered the same problem. I guess most of the people I read are good linkers and pointers, but I see how this can be frustrating for flow; not to mention time consuming.

Toriz said...


I mean, most people know their blog addresses by heart, but to get the exact link for the post will take them a few moments. And they couldn't possibly take a few extra moments from their time, could they? *Rolling eyes*

Personally I usually do either directly to the post, or both. Besides, with the fact I often post a few times a day it's much easier for people than expecting them to find the post among my thousands of entries (literally... I have over 2000 posts on my blog). The only time I only do direct to a blog is if I'm handing out awards, or just mentioning a bloggy friend, and there isn't an actual post that needs to be referenced.

cmoh said...

Hey Susan,

Just a thought, but why don't you put together a blog post about how to correctly link.

I try to make sure my links are correct but I know sometimes in haste (and 2 kidos yelling) that I don't always get it right. Just the other day I wanted to add a link to a picture that I put in a post (not on the sidebar) and couldn't figure out for the life of me how to do it.

I do understand your frustrations, I've been there.