Friday, March 2, 2012


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Hello everyone! I am THRILLED to say I have made it to 2 years young with my little blog!  The actual anniversary Date is February 5th.  
In this time  I made some friends, lost some friends, learned a thing or 2 and grown in sooo many ways! I've had children move out, children move back home, lost a furbaby, which the Cosmos quickly replaced with one almost identical right in my own yard! We also gained 2 grand furbabies with the child that moved back home. I've dealt with my own "normal" physical and ailment issues, and had a few new ones come and stay and come and go. I found a WONDERFUL Rheumatologist!   
I have had some very dark times with my depression, and some wonderful times where I didn't know it was around. I've learned some lessons...several the hard way, LOL!  I have found a new spiritual path for myself, and though it is not set in concrete and I am still reading and learning, I am for once, listening to my own heart.  
I have heard very sad news from some of my friends and followers, a few that ate at my own heart. I have heard of some triumphs from friends and  followers that I have leaped  for joy right along with them!  
(as much as a fat lady with a cane can leap, LOL)

I have learned some new techniques in paper crafting, and through observance learned a LOT about some of the other types of ART I want to really dive into. 
I have been honored to be chosen for one digital stamp design team, and I was also honored to be chosen to be a product designer (1 of 2) for another Digital Image design company.  I am currently in the works of becoming a design team member for a collage based company. (Collage is a true love of mine) I have also been chosen to be a design team member/event team member at a new Craft forum that I LOVE!

Additionally, I am planning on becoming at least the occasional "Book reviewer" and have my first book on it's way to me.
I have joined some new forums, including  an "edgy, alternative and gothic ART" based one, which has some WONDERFUL people. I also joined others where so far I just kind of lurk, I KNOW I need to step into the light! I have also joined a few forums for witches and pagans and neo-pagans etc. (all are down at the bottom of my blog)
I have found soooo MANY wonderful blogs to follow, that sadly I am going to have to trim the list. (it is around 1200 give or take) Most are "arty"  there are also fellow "solitaries" (none of them are getting trimmed) and then a whole lot that are based on other interests of mine or at least things I find interesting. (sadly I think this will be the area I trim the most)
I have found some truly AWESOME Etsy shops and have become a shopper of homemade, more than ever before in my whole life!

Some of these ETSY shops, Metaphysical/Pagan/Witchy, Homey and Arty Stores have been kind enough to donate prizes for me to give away for my 2nd Blogoversary Celebration!!  Additionally some other stores as well. Some items I have to upload pictures of (when the prizes arrive) some I will be pulling right from their shops. other prizes are items the winner will get to pick. So JUST FOR NOW, I'll be listing the giveways + the name of the shop + their link. Additionally OF COURSE, I am also giving items away!  PLEASE visit them all when you get a chance and leave some love! :)
First the rules to be eligible:
There will be 3 winners - one arty (paper crafts) - one witchy - and  one "homey" (which is kind of a misc category)
The rules MUST BE adhered to 100% to count. (sorry, I have had way too many giveaways on this young blog where people do not follow the rules) If you have been a follower of mine, you know that I have OFTEN had giveaways, I'd like to continue to do so,  therefore---PLEASE follow the rules.
* You MUST be a PUBLIC follower (say so in your comment)
**You MUST take the above picture and put it on your side bar (I made it easy, it has a code)
***You MUST comment on THIS post with ALL of the following:
        -What you like about my blog
        -What prize you want your name put in for (arty, witchy, homey)
        -Visit at least 2 of the shops donating to your prize category and tell me something you like--*IF* they are an Etsy shop, contact them and leave some love
        -Your email  (sallyjo AT charter DOT net)this is an absolute
BONUS ENTRIES (you MUST place a comment HERE for ANY of these that you do):
 *POST about my giveaway on your blog  (come back and comment with the link)
**Hook me up to your Facebook page or profile page (come back and comment with the link)
***TWEET about it (come back and comment with the link)
**** For EACH additional 2 shops you visit and come back and comment on, telling me something you like on each site you will get one more entry
***** Pick a Post older than 6 months from my blog that you like and come back and comment HERE telling me about it, and what your thoughts are.

That is a TOTAL of 13 Possible entries!!!
(to clear some confusion, click on the store NAME, not the picture)

Here are the WONDERFUL stores and their prizes and links:

EnololasEnchantedGrove…$15.00 GC and FREE shipping (Etsy) {Witchy}

TalogWitch-- Welsh WitchEmporium…$39.00 Shabby-chic recycled denim, over the shoulder, body tote (Etsy)  {The bag is the Homey}....
here it is:
 Very well made and sturdy!
 Lots of Inside pockets!
 She even tucked her business card inside :)
 2 pockets outside, and a key fob!

NEW today (2/8/12) I received from TalogWitch...a bagged set of Simple Witch Runes with info sheet--AND-- a General Healing(especially wounds and post-op) Crystal bracelet (Rhodonite)...useful and very pretty! both of these items come with a discount card for a purchase at her wonderful shop!....obviously {Witchy}

Vermorlian…$15.00 GC (Etsy)  {Witchy}

The Purple Flutterby…A mini album, and a crystal & herb psychic energy bag (Etsy)  {1 Homey & 1 Witchy}

Here is the BEAUTIFUL ALBUM {Homey}
 Beautiful colors, papers and Embellishments!

 LOTS of space for the winner to put thoughts and quotes, and possibly photos!!

 Even the back is beautiful!!

SouthernSuzy…$10.00 GC (Etsy)   {Homey}

Cemerony…$20.00 GC (Etsy)   {Arty}

SandandStarfish…a fabric scrap pack of the winner’s choice (Etsy)   {Homey}

The Three Wise Cats...$20 prize package which includes: Celtic Whole being knot necklace, a Vehicle protection amulet and  an incense sampler  (Etsy)    {Witchy}

Lilly Belle's Paperie...prize TBA (Etsy)      {Arty} Did not follow through on her offer
Floppy Lattes Designs…$10.00 GC   {Arty}

IKE’S ART…$15.00 GC     {Arty}


Alpha Stamps…2 collage sheets, 1 unmounted stamp, and approx 3 yards of trims. (already in my possession)                       {Arty}

ARTchix Studios…$10.00 GC   {Arty}

PriscillaStyles Digitaldesigns…$10.00 GC   {Arty}

Smeared Ink Stamps…3 digital images of the winner’s choice   {Arty}


The Stamping Boutique…3 digital stamps of the winner’s choice   {Arty}

Blockheads Stamps…$15.00 to use on “Blockhead" brand stamps (a 4x5 set on cling or an 8x5 set untrimmed)              {Arty}

Michelle’s Scrapbooking & more…1 free digital image from “The Pixie Cottage line”                    {Arty}
DeliciousDoodles…4 free digital stamps of the winner’s choice      {Arty}

To start off (my contributions):

for the WITCHY Category--I'll be giving the winner a 1 year subscription to "Sage Woman" + a BN DVD of "Practical Magic"(there will be a surprise bonus to the winner depending on her answer to a question-if it is a "she")

for the ARTY Category--I'll be giving the winner a $20 Michael's Gift card + 2 dozen yards of ribbons + 2 dozen yards of fibers + 2 dozen 6 X 6 papers + 2 dozen Buttons + 2 dozen (plus and a few Japanese Rice paper napkins) Decorative  Napkins for collaging and decoupage.

For the HOMEY Category--I'll be giving the winner a $20 Amazon Gift card + 4 Hard Cover Books (well known authors, all only read once) + A Coffee Cozy (for take out on paper) + a BN issue of Back Yard Solutions +  A fun Advent Calendar kit by Making Memories + a Tin of "Holiday Tea" by Barney & Sons

MUCH MORE to come...


Beadwright said...

Susan congratulations on 2 years. I can't believe 2 years have gone by so quickly. I apologies for not getting with you on the sponsoring. I love your post, your blog looks wonderful, and you are a beautiful woman and spirit in our universe.

Stacie Gorse said...

I just wanted to stop in to say congratulations!!
You have shared so much of yourself through your blog and it is a pleasure to follow you!
I'll go post your badge today at my blog and as one of your "Arty" followers, I'm going to visit some of your other sponsors to see what it's all about!
Congrats on 2 years and keep it up!!


ike said...

WoWza - Totally AWESOME prize list there Susan :-D I hope loads of people will come and join this. Congratulations on your 2nd year - how amazing it is to have this Blogland. We can hop round and see soooo much talent which we would otherwise know nothing about. Keep up the wonderful work :-D Huggies
IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kristina said...

Hi Susan,
Happy 2 years of blogging!! I'm off to go look at all of those stores you posted, it's probable a bad thing, cuz I'm a shop-a-holic! Im putting your code blinkie on my blog! Be back soon Susan!

Ally White Cat said...

I am new to your blog. I first started popping in around Halloween.
It is wonderful..the art, your honesty the sharing of wonderful places.Thank you for the invitation and congratulations on your second year.

susan s.

Miranda said...

Hi Susan,
really an awesome way to celebrate your 2nd blog anniversary. Will come back later today to fit all the requirements for all the fabby candy you are cool!!
But the first one I will meet right after finishing this comment, follow your blog

blackdragon said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to 'Pieces of fate'.You have put together a very impressive package Susan, well done you!
Keep safe love BDx

ike said...

FABULOUS - Congrats again on 2 years !!! Woo Hoo
I've been and done a few things:
Posted on my side bar and done a post on my Bloggie :-)
Then I went shop gazing :-D
I LUV Ceremony... so many gorgeous things I would be there all day if I won a giftie cert and had to shop there LoL I Faved her on my Etsy page.
I also loved Artchix - I signed up for an account ..snort !!... I adore the selection of charms and mini photoframe tags :-)
I hooked up with you on Facebook :-)
Went to other shops - already shop with Smeared Ink, Delicious Doodles, Floppy Latte, Priscilla Styles, and newsletter sub from Stamping Boutique.
Browsed your old Posts and was really struck by DEC 30 2010 Operation Write Home.
The card with the little bear on it was very moving. The way the backing paper was torn in two and the sad looking little bear, brought to my mind the separation of the poor families with men fighting out there :-(
I loved the red birdie - sooo cute and lovely papers on this one and the 20 items project was amazing. Loved the worms with the burst bubblegum - made me laugh and so many lovely items on there and it all worked so well together :-D
I LUV your Blog 'cos you always have such interesting things on her. I really loved all the Pagan things coming up to Christmas. I have been learning a lot from your articles on Paganism - FAB.
One more thing - can you tell me if we can use that image of the Cat on the Books you posted on Jan 18th on the By Nook or By Crook post ???
Well - that was a bit long, but I did a fair few things there right ???
My email is suzyeisenhauerAThotmailDOT com

I really hope you get loads of peeps over here having a look at this. Awesome idea. Congrats again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ike said...

Ooooh cr@p sorry - forgot to say I like ARTSY stuff :-D
Prize preferred ; CEREMONY

Yvonne said...

First of all, congrats on your 2 year anniversary. I am a new follower. Love your blog, sooooo much to see and read about. I can't pick just one prize, I would love any of the three. I'm off to post your give away on my blog now.
Thank you for the chance to win :)

ps I admire the way you are able to express yourself.

Yvonne said...

Now to comment on two of your shops donating.
Alpha Stamps, love their stamps and collage sheets.
Blockhead, love their stamps too. Going back to spend a little time browsing.

Yvonne said...

ok, I pick ARTY :)

Anonymous said...

Hi My lovely friend. AND WOW !!! Congratulations !!! and what an incredible give away this one is. You are so generous and the items are so lovely
Of course i would love it if you would add my name for the giveaway. I have added your giveaway to Dezinaworld and also linked you up with a post on my facebook page ( june mac )
I have just been really enjoying your giveaway post for a good while and Susan, it must have taken you an age to comlete it.
Ok Here is the things you asked about ......

I am a follower (of course )
What i like about your posts are many things but mostly ... I love your honesty, your warmth and your often very heart touching posts. I love your art work (guess you already knew that ) I love the knowledge you impart in some of your posts but most of all .... i love your friendliness

Please enter me for the Witchy Category ..... I love all these kinds of things and have visited all your links to the stores. I love the Vermolian store and her gorgeous roll on perfumes and soaps ... wow they are gorgeous.

Also Enola's enchanted grove. Wow I would love to spend a day of pampering with her products, they look gorgeous. I would love some of her essential oils or the massage oils and loved the beautiful protection crystals too

Ok My email is

Susan thanks again for the opportunity to join in the fun.
sending congrats Hugs
June x

apinkdreamer said...

happy unniversary susan!!!!!

Toriz said...

Congratulations on making it to your 2nd bloggerversary. You have a fantastic blog, and I'm very pleased to have met you; I hope you'll be around for many more years!

I'm a public follower, and my e-mail is toriz at talk talk dot net

I'm actually interested in both the witchy and homey catagories, so you can put me in for whichever (or both if we can be entered in more than one catagory).

Toriz said...

OK, the banner should now be on my sidebar, and I did a post about your giveaway:

Toriz said...

I went back and read a post you did in May of last year. This post:

I think it's terrible how things aren't safe in the post half the time these days. People want us to use the post more rather than just sending e-mails, but they aren't doing much to make us entirely confident what we send will arrive safely, are they? Did the replacement set arrive safely?

Marie said...

Congratulations to you, but we are a little bit early :-))) Have a great weekend.

Lynn Stevens said...

Congrats Susan on your Two year Blogaversary. You have had so much happen in such a short time. As you said some good some bad. I feel the very same way!
Since I won your Fabulous Giveaway already I'll let others have a chance. You sure know how to do it up right!!! I will add you to my sidebar and send people over though. Hope you get tons on new followers.
Heres to many more wonderful years of blogging!
Hugs Lynn

monique said...

Congrats on the 2 yr anniversary, I became a follower, love your blog
hugs Monique

Toriz said...

Just to show I've been visiting shops...

I visited Enola's Enchanted Grove; I'd love to have a bath with some of her bath melts, especially the one with lavender in!

I also visited Talogwitch's Welsh Witch Imporium; if I had the funds available right now I'd probably buy me one of her "crystal healing fertility and pregnancy" amulets.

After that I visited Vermorlian's magic shop; where I had a chuckle at the "My God Is Hornier Than Your God" t-shirts.

After which I visited SandandStarfish; I bet my Nan would like those fabric covered mousepads.

Intense Guy said...

Hi! Happy Anniverary!!

(I'm over from ToriZ's blog!)

KC said...

I am happily following your blog, you pic is on my sidebar.
I love your creations! Especially your darker art  I would love to win your Arty prize. I’m so impressed with your sponsors…you know I love me some Smeared Ink-lovin that they are going digital, Ikes art is another fave…her RHPS image is the best! And Delicious Doodles always has something I love…especially her newest emo and goth girls! My email is batman-love AT live DOT com

KC said...

I also just tweeted about it!/fangbanger66

Dana Wright said...

Congrats on 2 Years! I posted the button on my side bar and will be back to do more tomorrow. :) The alarm clock rings early for me. :)



Miranda said...

hi Susan have put your badge on the site bar of my blog
you can find it here

AutumnWind said...

Congratulations on 2 wonderful years!! I am of course a follower. I have already posted your banner on my sidebar: and I will be posting about your give away as well.

I love reading your blog because of your sincerity and honesty in your posts as well as seeing your creativity!

I would like to be in the witchy catagory and would love to be considered for the gift from Vermorlian- what a great shop!! Of course all of the gifts are wonderful.

I'm also a stamper and loved visitng ARTchix Studios - they offer such an interesting collecting of creative bits! I love seeing who you are working with and exploring the Artsy side of your blog.

Once again, congrats on two amazing years and here's to many more!!

AutumnWind said...

I knew I would forget something LOL my email address is autumnwindreno at aol dot com


Chrislyn said...

Hi Susan!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! You gave me the nudge I needed to get back to posting! Thank You!
I just posted a new post and I blogged about your blogoversary.-- Congrats-- I also put the link in my sidebar and of course I am a follower.
Your blog is so fun and I love how open and honest you are.I will be back after I have visited all the stores.

Thanks for always being there Susan!


Miranda said...

Hi Susan,

finally some time to hop around your wonderful blog, I believed it to be impossible but it still can, I saw some great new webshops I haven't came across before....much check them out a bit more
will do so later, you also have some gorgeous creations on your blog too
I scrolled back some months and found some adorable steampunk ATC;s on Feb 23th (I so love steampunkstyle). Another gorgous card is color me purple on June 30th, love the dolly and the glaze in her eyers it's a fun images too and all in my favorite colour, PURPLE.

it was a bit hard to pick a category they are all 3 awesome, but I think i go for ARTSY it will be.
My email is: macbosch AT planet DOT nl


Miranda said...

it's me again, finished a few of your shops, I went to Artchix studios and wow they have some amazing stuff, gorgeous embellies and fabby digital collage sheets. Left some love on their blog.

Also went to the Blockhead stamps....and wow again awesome rubberstamps by lost coast design or the ones in the theme section (architecture, vintage, background stamps, nature...too much to mention them all)
couldn;t leave some love but "liked them' on facebook

also like the stamping boutique, I am one of their DT's so great to work with Tracey's images.

Ike;s shop is so cool !! Love the images and her art, left her some love too by email


Miranda said...

Did I alreasy mentioned that I put your badge on my blog... not sure

DonnaMundinger said...

Hey Hon, a huge congrats! Sorry I've been MIA. the whole holiday thingy got me out of whack and I've barely been able to keep up with my DT stuff, let alone visit the forum and comment on my buddy's stuff around blogland. Trying to get a bit more balance in my life too with healthier eating and exercise and not just sitting on my a$$ in my pj's. LOL I actually popped in and saw this post but didn't have time to read it carefully enough to follow the rules. I've been a follower for awhile and love your mix of crafts, info and musings. I have posted your banner on my sidebar. All your candy catagories sound fab, but I guess "Arty" fits me best. I bopped over to ARTchix Studios and fell in love with all of their Eco shapes, especially the doors and windows, and also to Alpha Stamps. Lovin' their shrines and cool Dresden and stuff to decorate (love the Dancing Cats paper Dolls too!) Will be visiting some of the Etsy shops soon, but I don't know how to leave them "love" as you suggested. Well, that's all for now but I'll be back! xxD


Toriz said...

I think I forgot to say what I like about your blog. Well...

I like how you post such a variety of things, and I love reading about the ideas you have for your craft projects and how you always put that little extra personal touch on them. I also love that you think so much of your rreaders that you regularly do giveaways to thank us for being here to read your blog; it shows what a wonderful and caring person you are. But most of all I love the fact that your blog exists, because without you being on the blogs I might never have met you.

Susan Burgess said...

Hey Susan! Wow look how impressive your blog and contest are!!!! You are on so many teams too I had no idea, too bad I don't read more wuickly. I'de blog hop more often.
If I win anything I think you can chose for me cause you know what I like, coarse I always love artchix, I am not a witch but I do like dark quirky art and I always love artsie too!
I tried to put your badge on my blog and it wouldn't take so instead I posted your blog in my blog input messages that should count! If noit it was fun to visit anyways Susan!
I love all the artists you have posted gotta go look in all their shoppes again!
Stay healthy and keep up the great artwork! Hugs, Sanna

Dana Wright said...

Hi Susan. I am a public follower. I put your pic on the sidebar @

I love your blog because you are a creative spirit and an independent mind. Your giveaways and posts are fun and I always see new vendors I must get to know.

Please enter me for the arty category.

I went to Ceremony and faved her shop and put her in my circle. Love the steampunk doll. :)

Smeared and Smudged has tons of stuff I want. Anything dark and a little mysterious is right up my alley.

So tough not to be able to pick a second category. Witchy is so there for me too. :)

Happy anniversary!!!



Dana19018 at gmail dot com

Dana Wright said...

Ok. I went back and looked at Artchx. Love it! Signed up for their newsletter and liked them on Facebook. I even put them on my home page on the iPad. Those owls and paper dolls are super cool!!! Want!!!!

Your giveaways are so awesome!!


Dana19018 at gmail dot com

Toriz said...

Since it's February 5th... Happy actuall bloggerversary!

cindy said...

Hi Susan!! I came to look at your RF creation and found this fun party going on. I am a public follower. I have placed you thingy on my sidebar. Forgive me, I have a horrible headache today and am trying to take my mind off of it by visiting blogs and relaxing.
I enjoy your creative takes on our challenges at RF.
I would like to be put in for the Arty category.
I really like the theatrical look to the digital work of the shop Ceremony.
I love the Stamping Boutique images in their back to school line and the laundry line is really cute too. I also like the collage sheets of Alice in Wonderland by Alphastamps.
Thank you for doing my challenge on my blog. I def wanted to be a part of yours too. Best wishes

cindy said...

Oops missed my email addy grohcm at gmail dot com

Sugar said...

oh my word woman! you've sure got lots going on doncha?
I love all the randomness of it all.. no matter where I look.. there is something to click on, I heart that!
you put your heart out there, and obviously your crafts are doing well for you! congrats on the new dt posts!!

I would have to pick witchy to start..
I am already a follower..
from enola's etsy shop I would love either a white sage smudge stick or the chakra oils!
from three wise cats I would love the spell oil starter kit or dream recall bottle..
any of the stores have amazing stuff. there are so many great prizes it's hard to pick one that would be my fav..
congrats on two years!!

Sugar said...

oh yeah.. badge on my sidebar :)

Chrislyn said...

Hi Susan! I went back through your posts, and one of the ones I loved was "Dear So and So". I especially liked the one about the electric company.-Ditto- I have been fighting them for years!
I have been visiting the shops-still shopping-.
I'll be back!!


Chrislyn said...

I think I forgot to tell you which category I would like. This is very hard, as I like them all, but I will choose witchy. All the shops are fabulous!



KC said...

I just posted about your blog candy (

KC said...

I just stopped by the Priscilla Styles store and I love all the animal digis...especially that Halloween bat cat! I also stopped by the Artchix store and I'm thinking about ordering some of their sale items to make some pretty necklaces.

Sara said...

two years wow, I am so glad I came across your blog and got to be friends with you. OUr friendship means a lot and I love seeing the cards you make.

NEW today (2/8/12) I received from TalogWitch...a bagged set of Simple Witch Runes with info sheet--AND-- a General Healing(especially wounds and post-op) Crystal bracelet (Rhodonite)...useful and very pretty is the prize I would like. I love vermorlians shop and the ostera sabbat kit is amazing. I also like THE THREE WISE CATS hand dipped insence. COngrats on your blogaversary. Hugs Sara