Monday, March 5, 2012

A Favor to ask of My Art and Crafty followers...

Can any of you make a watermark for me to use on images of my creations and card?  

I have one for the event team at TCC, but that is only to be used for things made for that forum. 

I need one with just my name (or signature) and my blog address on it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have paint.NET an regular MS paint on my computer.

any help is greatly appreciated!!


Magic Gypsy said...

You can do a search for "free image software like photoshop" and check to see if any can create a watermark. Photoshop Elements costs way less than regular Photoshop, or there may be videos on YouTube about the different free software.

cindy said...

Email me Susan. grohcm at and I will show you what I do. It's easy and its free. What could be better then that?:)

DogsMom said...

I used to do this easily with Picnic, but now that program is gone I have to relearn as well. Here is the expert I turn to

I have heard there are many many ways to do it and even someone like me can learn.

Stacie Gorse said...


if this has not already been taken care of, I can help you!!
Email me and we'll get you all set up!