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Hello to all My ARTSY friends, WITCHY friends, and EVERYONE else, especially those who enjoy medieval styling.

Today, I am writing a review on 

You can also visit them on their FACEBOOK page,
Facebook is how I found out about this company, and I feel in LOVE with their skirts and dresses and their cloak (which I hope to be purchasing before October)
I contacted the company and asked if I could write a review on my blog, they were eager to let me do so. They allowed me to pick an item to receive, wear, test out and review.

I chose the MORGANA dress.

I chose this dress, as I am a "BIG" gal.  Many of their BEAUTIFUL dresses are tailored and tapered at the waist line, which obviously wouldn't work with someone built like me. Lately some of the customers have been mailing in pictures of themselves wearing their HOLY CLOTHING dresses, and I was thrilled to see some gals like me. MORGANA is NOT a tailored waist line, though it does have a belt tie in the back.

HOLY CLOTHING sizes go up to 5X!! 
How awesome is that??

Their clothing is made of viscose/rayon and velvet and satin, as you can see in the picture above and others to come.

The color I ordered is Gold Beige.
The dress came in a plastic bag and then in a tyvek envelope. Therefore it was wrinkled I chose NOT to iron it, and I used the Downy wrinkle guard and hung it up for about an hour before putting it on and having my daughter take pictures.
  the spots on the back, low are not spots they are embroidered flowers! (That is the tag hanging out the back of my neck)
I found the dress to be very comfortable, even the hubs said, "that looks like it is easy to sit in and move in, like a lounger."
Here are close-ups of the bodice  and the bottom of the skirt.

 It is INDEED comfortable. The dress looked great after using the downy wrinkle guard, so I can only imagine how much better it would look if I actually ironed it! :)

Again, this is MORGANA!

Now that I have "tried before I buy"  I WILL be purchasing from them in the future, first that beautiful cloak...then I have a whole wish list! LOL

My only issue with the dress, is the same issue that I find when companies take a style and just "over-size it" for us bigger folk. THAT does not work. Clothing actually needs to be designed with the bigger person in mind.
The sleeves were waaay too long, and the actual arm holes came down below my bustline. The armholes need to be a little smaller started at the shoulder and ending a little earlier than they do. The shoulders were also a bit big, as you can probably see my bra shows.  The dress is not as long as the pictures show, but I am sure part of that is my belly and butt...but again, if they allowed for that, they would have added a few inches to the bottom.  Sadly when I have the upper part of the dress altered it will make the dress shorter yet. HOWEVER, overall I am very pleased with the product and will becoming a customer.
I will need to go to a tailor and have them tighten up on the top of the shoulders to bring it up, and have the sleeves shortened, I do NOT believe a tailor would do anything for the armpit, but I'll be asking.

I rate items up to a 5.
I give the Morgana dress that I received
4 "pieces"

 I highly recommend that you check out 
if you like long skirts and dresses!  Although they make some gorgeous short dresses, tops, and jackets also.  I also recommend their clothing for  Circles and ritual work, and for anyone liking Medieval and Renaissance style clothing.  Some of their beautiful dresses are "dressy" enough to wear to weddings etc.
They run specials from time to time, and from their Facebook page, they do a giveaway of 2 dresses (or whatever item) a week, and they also give discount codes for "followers" of their FB page.

PLEASE go visit them, especially at FB and tell them that Susan Guzy sent you!!  you never know they may offer you a special.

Here is what the website says about the MORGANA dress (some of this is NOT correct...the sleeves are velvet not satin, etc.):

Features & Benefits:
  • Butter-Soft viscose/rayon breathes naturally for year round comfort.
  • Intricately fashioned with over 3.1 yards (2.9 meters) of Viscose; exquisitely detailed with full-length Swirl Embroidery.
  • Over .8 yards (.75 meters) of Satin and 2.2 yards (2 meters) of Velvet will make you feel like a Tudor Princess.
  • Rich Velvet V-cut bodice accentuates the square decolletage; perfect to showcase your favorite Medieval jewelry.
  • Elegant long Satin Sleeves mirror the full-length Satin side panel and diagonal-cut hem inlays.
  • Over 54.6 yards (50 meters) of Silk Lace exquisitely finish the Velvet panels.
  • Slimming A-line cut & back ties to enhance your feminine curves.
  • Another Holyclothing Exclusive, uniquely romantic just like you.
  • Ethically Handmade in India by HolyClothing.

  • Garment is pre-washed & easy care. Machine Wash in cold water on Delicate to retain the rich, hand-dyed color. Hang to dry. Iron inside out for best results.

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Gina said...

Don't panic...that draught was me rushing to their FB page :D Fab pics Susan :D XXX

Toriz said...

Since I don't wear dresses and skirts, don't like the low necklines people seem to think all women want these days, and am allergic to velvet, I think I'll give the place a miss. However, I'm glad you were so pleased with the dress you got, and hope you like your cloak and future purchases just as much!

Wendy S. said...

I think you look absolutely beautiful and queenly in your dress. I'm also a plus size woman and find it really frustrating like yourself to find gorgeous clothes that I love altered for a plus size woman in a way that's not flattering. Again, though you look beautiful!

Mary Sunshine said...

Great review. I have the same armpit hole and shoulder slipping issue with most of my dresses. I'm not sure why designers for plus size women think we have shoulders and arms like a body builder.
The dress you have on is beautiful! I have been enjoying all o the dresses you have been linking to your facebook page the lase few months. They have very good artists designing their clothing.

Chrislyn said...

Ooooooh what a pretty dress! I love your pose in the second pic! I checked out their website and I am drooling. I have wanted a cloak for some time now. Love the dresses--problem is, no place to wear them. Of course, when has that stopped me? LOL


Chrislyn said...

P.S. I have my give away posted. Don't forget to come by and enter!