Wednesday, July 16, 2014

skinnier me

Here is a picture taken at Chili's when our daughter and SIL took us out for dinner for my Birthday(June 22). I'm down by 80 lbs.   My hair needs a color and cut, but I am thinking about leaving it gray. Ron looks good too :) My clothes are too big for me, and my bustline is sagging beyond anything, but the weight coming off is the most important part.  I do not know what that weird reflection on my glasses is. Ron's shirt says "got crabs?" On the back is a seafood restaurant in WA. it from his son when he was in NJ. Ron was still in the rehab facility back in 2012.
I am having a watermelon cooler, and Ron has an "Angry Orchard".   It was a lovely day. I treasure my time with my daughter. 

My dessert is one of those molten cakes...CINNAMON....Ron didn't have any; good boy.  I was bad but it was my birthday.
I did rotate this but blogger keeps putting it sideways.


Nancy Y said...

Happy Belated Birthday Susan! And Congratulations on the weight loss! You look Absolutely Fabulous, Ron too!!! I hope you had a Wonderful birthday and wish both you and Ron many many more!
Nancy xx :D

Stef H said...

how fabulous and you look wonderful! 80 lbs! wow! way to go. i hope it was a healthy weight loss. anyway, a very, very belated and happy birthday.