Friday, April 2, 2010

Daisy's ATC collection...thanks to all that contributed

I am late mailing these and sharing them with all of you, as i was still waiting on 2 other artist's who said they were going to send some. her binder has 5 empty places...I haven't decided if I am going to try and make 5 more or not.

There are 3 others made by a friend an artist overseas, yet they have small loose parts on them, and Daisy is only 3 so I hesitate to use them. There were actually four, but the one was so adorable that I just put extra glue down on the baby jingle'll see it, it is on a party hat :)...The other 3 well one has a small piece that the string came untied 4 times before I even got it into the binder, so after tying it for the 5 time, and gluing the knot. I decided to keep that one out, but I am still debating really.  The last two have huge things hanging off the bottom of the ATC, and I never really got why anyone would hang something off the bottom of an ATC, as then they have to be folded up behind the card to be put in a binder. The one isn't really geared toward Daisy anyway, so I am going to keep it and trade it out for one of my cards, the other one, has loose string on it and buttons (that have come unglued twice already) the loose string is because it is a shrine type card. The front is a pretty field of daisies, and then when you open it, it is the enlarged center of a daisy with a teddy bear hanging in  it (looks is glued down)  and ric rac...very adorable!... Off the ric rac hangs a big butterfly, so  I am thinking, just take the string and the butterfly off...I did not scan these 2 cards or take pictures of them.  but I would love opinions.

When I first put out the call for ATCs for My great niece Daisy...(she is on my side bar---she is a little older now)  I asked for age appropriate cards (she just turned 3) PINK, as it is her favorite color, Daisies, as it is her name and she loves them, and Mickey Mouse because she loves him so.  For the most part that is what I rec'd. other than the ones I am hemming and hawing about, I rec'd one,  that was just a collage of all make- up-- lipstick, blushes, etc in shades of pink...I definitely did not use that one.

I want to also state that one generous gal bought her a daisy duck from Disney World and mailed it directly to her, one gal, added a package of mickey stickers, one gal sent stickers and bookmarks, one gal gave me the money to mail the binder, and another gal, decided she was going to do something on her own (I do not know what that is, she never told me).

I APPRECIATE very much the OUTPOURING of LOVE --DAISY rec'd in the way of ART!!  Thank you ALL so very much!!  Please remember to visit her website often, and follow along with her life, and donate if you can.  Shortly, unfortunately she will be hitting the cap on their Health insurance--NOT GOOD!  It is bad enough they have to lay out almost $2,500.00 a month in just the ointment an dbandages, as the insurance doesn't cover that.

OK, without further Adieu, the ATCs:

Lee Hynes, Jennifer Zsellmer, Susan Guzy

Kathy Kristinnson, Margie Diamante, Lee Hynes

M C Sparks, Susan Guzy (actual picture of Daisy), Candida Bannister

Lori Paulus, Dianne Collins, Donna Stanton (a button fairy)

Susan Guzy (another actual picture of Daisy), Lee Hynes, Glenna Thurman 

sorry this is blurry, it did it, no matter how many times I shot it.
Shirley Nagel, Lori Paulus, Heather Koines

Heather Koines, Susan Guzy, Maggie Lind

sorry, another one, that i shot several times and is blurry
Margie Diamante (used daisy's face), Sandy (margie's friend), Caryl Hoobler

Heather Koines (3D daisies), Margie Diamante (texturized "Cotton Candy",  Alison in The UK (used real English daisies)

Susan Guzy, Margie Diamante, Kate Mortimor

Heather Koines, Linda Koff, Julie Ann ग्राकोव्स्क्य

And another blurry one, I am so sorry, I do not know what was going on
Linda Koff,  Susan Guzy (the fairy and sign are 3D), Heather Koines

Lee Hynes, Heather Koines, Margie Diamante (Daisy's face)

Lori Paulus, Heather Koines, Celeste Lombus

Nancy Stone (butterfly is metal), Denise Barger, Marianne Hutchinson

and another blurry one, so sorry
Angie Hall Haviland, Celeste Lombus (3D daisy), Lori Paulus

slightly blurry, sorry
Lee Hynes (doggie has working wings), Susan Laura (a lot of 3D), Denise Barger

Heather Koines, Susan Guzy (friends in glossy), Linda Koff

Donna Stanton, Glenna Thurman, Caryl Hoobler

Denise Barger, heather Koines, Donna Stanton

another blurry one, ugh!
Donna Stanton, Susan Guzy, Glenna Thurman

Susan Guzy, Margie Diamante, Trisha Adams

Angie Hall-Haviland


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

what fabulous ATC's, they are so cute....have a wonderful weekend!

enjoy *~*

sometomato said...

What a lovely project, Susan! I am glad I was able to be a small part of it. Sorry I couldn't do more!

(P.S. You need a good scanner!)

Beadwright said...

OK so even with blur in the photos everything looks wonderful.
You are so busy Susan. Have a great weekend.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Gorgeous ATCs! Your blog is so inspirational Susan! Happy Spring!