Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi there everyone!  I have been giving some time to friends to catch up on the journal, and I have been waiting on photos, have only rec'd from Gracie...which I will be uploading.

The weather here is finally in a cooperative state for me to do the leaf and other object pressing and the throwing at the bullseye (which is taking for ever to dry)  I have jumped ahead to the "cover this page in circles" page.  and I am trying to go back and fill in my journaling, though, I am frustrated that it seems to rely heavily on redundancy, yet ---that is my life, BAD redundancy. We all have a somewhat redundant lives, but mine as I am sure many others with chronic illness or maladies or disabilities  are more so than the average bear.

I am tired of even talking or writing about my pain, my isolation, my depression.  I am sure everyone else is tired of hearing about it or reading it.  SO>>> I am trying to focus on other topics to write about, it is very hard, as this IS my life.

The weather here has been glorious the last few days, today my little "fashionista munchin", donned her bikini and laid outside to get a start on her tan.  Tomorrow, it is supposed to be 80 degrees here!

We didn't really do much for Easter, we went and visited with my mom on Saturday, and surprised her with Amanda, as she was supposed to work, but they changed her days.  We brought her Orange Tulips and White Hyacinths...I LOVE them they are so beautifully fragrant.  We also bought me a pack of Pink ones and Purple ones.  We cooked at her apt. a nice chicken and noodles dinner, and brought a strawberry short cake!
YUMMY!  Normally when we visit we take Mom out, like maybe we'll cook 1 out of 10 visits, but unfortunately we have to PAY taxes this year, so we have been squirreling the money away for that. 

We do not Celebrate the holidays anymore like we used to, since the kids are grown and out, it is really more of a chore than anything else.  We also  do not believe that Easter is what it is meant to be, Ron is not a church goer (he was for a while which made me very happy, but a string of events in our church turned him totally off... another story for another time)  I am a believer, and praise and worship on my own at home in my own way (and I have even gotten a little slack in that)  I do not go to church any longer either  ( a string of events in the same church)  I'd like to find a new church, but I would really like Ron to go with me, and I keep praying for that, and for God to point me in the direction of the right church for me.

on this note but slightly askew, I'd really like to hear  YOUR OPINIONS:
recently 2 things happened that really bother me, and I'd like to hear from anyone, of any spiritual belief their opinions on these two things.

#1...a family of Pagans used a Presbyterian church(Christian) to hold their daughter's baby shower. I personally think this was way wrong...to not be a believer but to use his house?

#2... a family of Wiccans (my son's S/O's family...and the S/O and I think my son now also) celebrating Easter as a Holiday.  Again to me this is waaay wrong, more wrong than turning Easter into chocolate and eggs.

PLEASE, I'd really like to know what everyone thinks of this.

On a more personal note (and I mean personal) I have been dealing with lovely peri-menopausal symptoms, more than the usual. I had a FULL-ON give-a-head-rush HOT FLASH the other day, whew!  I've had hot flashes on and off for a few years now, but this was something else.  The night sweats are still an annoyance.  but the symptoms that aggravate me the most is the acne, and the night time itching (my mom had this symptom)  the doctors say it isn't an "uncommon" symptom, but not as common as the other ones.  It is so bad sometimes I scratch until I bleed...no hives or anything, just super itchy.  I use that Sarna lotion (12 bucks)  but it doesn't fully do the job, I take Benadryl anyway, but when it gets real bad I have to take 2.  Tonight is one of those nights...which on one hand is good, cause it will help to make me sleep better, but, I am in an arty mood and on a roll with a swap, so I am not really in the mood to sleep, LOL!

Anyway I hope by the end of the week to be able to share my "painty pages" of WTJ!  I will also share the swaps I am working on.

I am going to try and take some pictures this week of the yard, even though there are branches down all over from the snow storms and the more recent nasty rain storms we've had.

The good news:  I am not as down as I have been, the weather is great, and I am trying to go outside even if it is for only a few minutes a day.

The bad news:  My heating pad died. (I use this a LOT--it doesn't owe me anything, but I am not in a position to buy a new one for a couple of weeks :( )


Neky White said...

I used to be Catholic because my mom raised us that way but over time and some things that happened in my life, I stopped believing in the church. I even stopped believing in God. Now I can say that the only thing I truly believe is in the message of Christ and I think it comes down to this: love. Nothing is more important than that. I think the venues such as churches are places dedicated to prayer, to talk to God, but nothing more. I also think that the celebrations shouldn't be so solemn as they have been invented by people and when it happens that people do not respect them as we think it should be, we must remember that the only thing God wants is that we love each other.
well susan, this is what I believe, sorry if my english isn't very clear or wrong =p. By the way, I'm really happy that "wreck this journal" is back n__n

Heather said...

Hey, Susan, I've been trying to "catch up" with the WTJ, but been waylaid with it over Easter - but I'll email pics of what I did so far, if you can use them? I wasn't sure you were still running the WTJ, glad to see it's back on track.

Heather x

Beadwright said...

Hey Susan remember that a church is just a building erected by man.
There are some herbs that I can recommend for the menopause. I will email you.

Marlene said...

Errrr....I have some opinions, and you know what they say about those. (They're like a-holes....everyone has one, and some of them stink!)

Hope you feel better soon though! (And thanks for stopping by my blog.)

Pauline (Polly) said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for visitng my blog, and becoming a follower - I'm reciprocating! Mmm... yep... well. As a practicing Christian, it bugs me that those who don't believe, or that believe 'when the situation fits their needs" use our Father's house for show and celebrations - because they aren't doing it for the right reasons. That being said, anyone is welcome in His House .... it is just bricks and mortar.... His Love and our Love and Faith make a Church what it means to us. As for the Easter thing, in a free world I guess people can celebrate whatever they want, but the commercialisation of religious festivals started it all.... in the Christian world all our holidays beome holidays for EVERYONE, we don't get public holidays for Yom Kippur, or Rosh Hoshana, or Ramadan, or any other religiously significant festivals. Non believing society twists holidays to suit themselves ... that being said, not many talk of the Pagan symbolism also at Eatertime... crikey... this discussion could turn into an essay! In a nutshell, I personally believe that Christian HOLY days are celebrated less than the way they should be ... a lot of meaning has been lost... to some... there are those of us who still celebrate it for what it is. I cried in church on Good Friday. I'm not ashamed to say it. Anytime you want to chat - we have a LOT in common.... just email me!
Hugs from Australia!