Saturday, February 25, 2012

It just keeps coming!


Mom... several blockages found in her old grafts (she had 5 bypasses in 2001) a leaky heart valve, kidneys not working at 100%...all of this will be treated with meds, due to her age (85) she has now been moved to the rehab part of the hospital to strengthen her muscles and all before she goes home. I have not been able to get to see her  since my last visit

Ron, lost vision in right eye tuesday afternoon, we went to the retinologist on wednesday spent a large portion of the day there. There was too much blood for them to see anything and do anything.  sent home to let the blood get absorbed back into the body, til friday.

Thursday spent my day driving to and from the Hospital's WC doc 2 hours away (crap examination, and didn't even let me talk about all of my issues, just the hand/wrist and the elbow)

Thursday night after midnight, get a  call from my son who is CRYING (never happens)  come pick me up PLEASE, i drive to and from  the in/out GF to get son, who in forms me he spent most of the day in the local ER with a kidney stone, obviously inherited this from me, from mom. UGH! (this is his 3rd one)
Keep in mind I am doing ALL the driving due to hubs eye issue.

Friday...spent over 4 hours at the retinologist, for Ron to have his exam, (so painful just to watch) and then laser treatment.

we leave there it is now dark and POURING i am like trying to walk with my cane as fast as i possibly can (in pain) to get the car and pick up hubs at the building. I drive back to our area, go to the Supermarket to get Son's RX filled and something for dinner, and  some other stuff, while waiting for the RX to be ready.

finally home after lunch, missed all my afternoon meds.  KNEE and wrist/hand are bloody SCREAMING!!

bathroom. vicodin. couch.


stomach meds. computer. my dinner(after 10 pm)

back on computer using one hand (the left one is sooo bad even with brace and vicodin)

couch & TV. then went to sleep.

Today, 8am wake up, eat 2 slices of Irish Soda bread (yum) and take my first round of meds. lay back down.

10 am, woken by son, i gotta go back to the hospital!   
I can not drive, my knee (gas and brake leg) and the wrist/hand (steering) are in no waay going to be able to do this again today.

so poor hubs with Better-But-Still-Not-100%-vision in one eye, has to take son. I make him promise me that he will go to the better hospital 40 minutes away, they do.

Just got call, he is better, they believe the severe pain he felt this am was the actually leaving of the body part  for the stone, and that he passed it upon going to the bathroom. they medicated him for the pain (dilaudid) and are sending him home with rx for pain and antibiotics. they did a CT scan and an hydrophrenosis (backing up of urine into the kidney due to severe swelling of the ureter etc...i have been in this position...not good) so i am very happy to hear that!

I will hopefully get back to being able to spend more time at the puter soon.

Hugs and love for everyone!


HUGE and SINCERE gratitude for all your wishes,prayers,candles etc!


Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Oh goodness! Keeping you all in my candle prayers.

Edwina said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. Take care of yourself. I hope all will start looking up now. Your friend, Edwina Brown

Hannelie said...

hey Susan!
I prayed for you this morning...
I believe that things will brighten up soon!

Laurence said...

Hi Susan,

as we say in France, when you've reached the bottom, it can only get better and brighter. Really hope so for you and your family.

Will pray for you.

Laurence xx

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wow - you've been going through it, eh?!

Hope that all calms down and healing starts manifesting.

Best wishes.

Toriz said...

OK, that's three... Now perhaps you can get some good luck?

*Continues to send out positive thoughts and healing energies*

Hope your Mom recovers quickly, Ron's eye continues to improve (and doesn't have the same issue again), your son is fine now, and you get to feeling better (well, as good as is possible for you).


codyrachel's irises said...

Dear Susan - as someone who was forced to retire at 50 due to injuries and have not been pain free since 2000 - my heart cries for you - I will be praying for you and your entire family- amazing that you have any get up and go !! Please take care and am hoping this is the lowest point of your year and things only go up from here on out-
many blessings to you-

Patricia Langley said...

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Love and light to you all.

Lindart said...

"When it rains it pours" I hope the sun comes out soon for you and your family! Stay strong!