Friday, April 20, 2012

I am HATING this new blogger format!!!

Ok so for a month now, anything new I add to any of my sidebars, I CAN NOT move them to where I want them. Then today I decided to try again...and NOW in addition to NOT moving after saving placement...I had to PLAY THE GUESSING GAME as to what was the right category for adding stuff!

CAN ANY OF YOU HELP ME?????  I really need to move some stuff around!


Toriz said...

Can you get in to the "edit html" part? If you can, then scroll down to where it mentions the "sidebar widgets" and cut and paste to move them about. When you're done, save the changes and that should be that.

Hope that helps.

Bird said...

Oh holy smokes, Susan. I have no idea how to help you. I've been too afraid to try the new blogger as I really hate to have something new thrown at me and try and figure it all out. I will be interested to see if someone can help you through this. I hope it works for you soon.