Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday (late)

this week is the letter "V"  come to Jenny's Place to learn stuff about the letter "V"

I have some eye candy for our Female viewers this week (well maybe some males also)
all of these Celebrities have a "V" starting either their first or last name. Did I miss any that are eye candy?

 Val Kilmer...
(loved him in Top Gun, Tombstone, and The Doors, as Jim Morrison)

Rudolph Valentino
Jean-Claude Van Damme
James Van Der Beek
Eddie Van Halen
Michael Vartan
Viggo Mortensen (love him with long hair!!)
Jan-Michael Vincent (give it up girls, who had him hanging in their rooms?)

 Goran Visnjic (there were sexier pics of him, but I just love him here-cute n sexy)

all photos were borrowed from Google!


Anonymous said...

My favorite V is Vince Vaughn : )

Linda in New Mexico said...

Great listings of V's. My only reality check is that Val Kilmer lives here in NM and let's just say that aging has not been a good role for him. The Olde Bagg, Linda

flyingbeader said...

Be still my heart...all those lovely "V's". I must say that Viggo is my favorite, but Val sure comes in a close 2nd.

Sara said...

I enjoyed the eye candy. Just to let you know I received your goodies. I will photograph them tomorrow and put them on my blog. I love the art work you sent. Hugs Sara

Susan said...

I am all for Viggo, Michael and Goran.

I know Val and Jan-Michael have not aged so well. However, I won't complain as that is part of life, and the outside is merely a shell and and none us age really good anyway.

I am glad you enjoyed. Sorry I didn't put Vince up, he isn't exactly eye candy to me. I thought he looked his best when he was thin and played Bates in the remake of Psycho, LOL!


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I had no idea V was such a good indicator of hotness. :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

I just watched Viggo in the first Lord of the Rings a couple days ago--re-watched I should clarify.

Terry said...

I think Goran is the sexiest man alive!!! Do think there is something about Josh Halloway from Lost!!! And Val, loved him so in Tombstone! Thank you for visiting and following!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Ooooooh that was likey!!HEHEHHEE!!Cat

Jingle said...

Glad to learn something about him...

interesting V take.

KDL said...

Nice...I like the ones that can act, too, Viggo wins on that score, in my book. Cheers.

emma said...

hi vvvvery interesting info lol xx

Jenny said...

Sitting here with my laptop and I realized I hadn't visited the last three A-T's! Yikes!

Your post made me laugh!

Eye candy, indeed!

Thanks for a vivacious link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "V".

You are so fun.