Thursday, March 3, 2011

My picks for the "Life is Good" award

Today I get to share what I think is a lovely award:

The LIFE IS GOOD award

I am to share this with 10-12 bloggers.
I have decided it should go to 10-12 bloggers that EXUDE that statement!
People who remind us that life is good, no matter what, people who make us think of the good in life, people who smile a lot, people that make others smile.

so without further adieu, I give you my picks, and I am going to ask them to do one thing only, on top of sharing the award.

I want you post one thing, that makes you remember that life is good, no matter what
and then share it with 10-12 bloggers. do not forget to take the award with you.

a good friend Nicole always a with positive thoughts even when her lupus is getting the better of her, find her at Beadwright

sweet and selfless FaerWillow over at Serendipity (she can use prayers and energy and thoughts of the healing nature right now)

Courageous Debbi (writer girl dreams) over at The Sacred Ordinary ,when you read any of her blog you are transformed, and enlightened, as she battles a great enemy, an enemy of all women

The talented and perky Jacque, (at the end of her battle and VICTORIOUS!) find her at Jacque's Joie de Vivre

the "mother" who cooks for us all, Jennifer, who can be found in front of the stove over at Confessions Of a Kitchen Witch

Lisa, creator and manager of ONE WORLD ONE HEART for 5 years and now, a new endeavor, she sure is a Whimiscal Bohemian

 friendly and thoughtful June of Dezinaworld

The happy-go-lucky Pat of Mille Fiori favoriti

The talented and generous Valerie of The Sum of All Crafts

Allison of FREE Digital Stamps for doing all the research and all the work to find use all the great freebies everyday!

I do not know her/his name but they are at Pondside and they always make me smile with their wonderful pictures and stories!


Jacque said...

Susan, life is indeed wonderful---and even more so now that you have selected me for this marvelous award!!! I am so humbled!! Thank you so very much for thinking of me...Big hugs for you...Jacque

faerwillow said...

~selfless i think you are! you are always spreading your love around to us all...congrats to you on this award and all you have passed it along to...thank you for thinking of is good...sometimes we just have to dig around a bit to see...i wish you well and much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

writergirldreams said...

Hi Susan, thank you very much for including me. I am a little electronically challenged, not sure what to do with this! So very sorry to hear of the drama and heart ache regarding your son. He seems very troubled and like he needs professional help. I am so sorry about this. Take care, and do your best to create and find joy wherever you can. hugs Lady. wgd