Wednesday, June 1, 2011 NOT bail good citazens!!

I know there have been isues for the past several days with "following" and leaving comments.

here is the deal. You do NOT need to leave and head off to wordpress or one of the other blogging companies.

The issue with Blogger is their servers, They need more, why?  Because everyone ALWAYS checks the box that says keep me signed in.  That is not the main reason but, it is a way to fix the issue...log out, and log back in UNCHECK the box that says keep me logged in.  It is also important to clean out your cache once in a while, and your register cookies etc. FOR ANY heavy internet use.  

Blogger is the MOST generous  with storage as far as Images, animation and music goes. Keeping BOTH of these in Mind...remember this past weekend was a holiday weekend. There were BLOG HOPS all over the place, and BLOGGER is the most popular blogging service, so you have millions of people, with hundreds of pictures, and some had playlists going, and also word verification (which in a blog hop both the music, and word verification should be turned off)  Everyone is just expecting too much from the servers without realizing what is going on.  When there are blog hops, generally there is blog candy, with blog candy, you are generally Mandated to post a comment. That is more work for the servers. THEN on top of that many people make it mandatory to become a follower in order to be eligible for the candy, or to give you a second entry. So clicking Follow, in mass amounts at the same time, also slows down the servers.

If you are a computer/internet person, you need to realize this, it is called TRAFFIC. Just like all the TRAFFIC we had here at the NJ shore because of it being Memorial day weekend. a Normal 10 minute drive to the grocery store becomes a 30 or more minute ride. Then when you get there, they are probably sold out of at least one item, you wanted to purchase.
Just like rush hour traffic. when there are more people moving at the same time, things slow down and do not work as they should, and sometimes there are accidents, fender benders.

Additionally, if any of you play a MMORPGs, such as Everquest or World of Warcraft, do you not get lag during peak hours? or in peak player areas(ex: Origimar)?

I am NOT dissing Wordpress, BUT if as many people that use Blogger used wordpress, you'd get the same issues.


Magaly Guerrero said...

You know, you are the first person to say something helpful about all this Blogger issues. I'll listen and uncheck my box--the truth is it never even crossed my mind.

My name is Cindy said...

I do think the problems with blogger have been going on much longer than this holiday weekend!! I do see that I am logged in as me, not anonymous, for this comment, first time for weeks!!! Fingers crossed when I go to place it it works. And I don't havethe energy to go anywhere else, I like blogger - when it works!!

Sara said...

Hi Susan,
I followed your advise, cleared my cache and unchecked the little keep me signed in box and guess what. It worked. Yay. I am now able to post without any problems at all. Thank you for teaching me something new. Hugs Sara

Heather Strenzwilk said...

Good points about Blogger.

I also like your pieces for the blog hop. Your style is kind of collage-y.

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement*

Well said, I think! :)