Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I was VERY pleased with my Tuesday!

I went and saw a Rheumatologist today. A different one  from the one I saw over a year ago.

WHAT a HUGE difference. The nurse spent over 30 minutes with me, asking all kinds of questions, and checking stuff. (BP etc)

The DOCTOR had a VERY caring manner about him, and also did a thorough interview with me, I would say 30 minutes or longer again.

he has ordered new rt knee and neck xrays, new blood work (repeats of sed rate and ANAs) and another inflammation marker as well as a specific test for lupus (he said he doubts I have it, though it is different in every person, so he is checking just in case), and he also added on a lymes test as it has been a few years since I've been tested. (of course living in the woods, we get ticks, and tick bites a lot)

He was concerned about my stomach due to medication and was pleased that I have a gastro guy who stays on top of things. he gave me a new medication to take that is a combination of 2 types of Nsaids(Naproxan and another PLUS nexium to help with my stomach). He gave me a sample box of the pills with a card to take to the pharmacy that will give me 12 months worth of the medication at a 10$ co-pay. (of course it is NOT a generic, so after the 12 months, if I am still on it will be 70$ a pop...but I can get it for 3months thru my mail order) he also gave me an RX for Lidoderm patches. (which i was using on my wrist, and have to get more anyway...those are to be paid for by WC. but it is nice to know I will be supplied with them for the neck, back,knee and wrist!!

I go back and see him on the 28th. At that point he said he will most likely send me to a pain specialist NOT a pain management doctor but a doctor that will do PT with me, as well as injections...both my spine and neck. (of course this is a guy a bit further north, and it will be an extra expense at least in the beginning as the visits will be closer together, but then they will get spread out.

He himself, is planning on giving me synvisc into the rt knee, if it is not too far gone.
I also asked him, if he believed Fibromyalgia is real, he said yes. I asked him if he thought I had it, he said it is possible, but right now, I have much more severe issues to deal with, and one step at a time.

He told me at the VERY least, he will make sure, that my comfort level improves!!! (of course if that happens, my activity level can increase, and therefore maybe I'll loose some weight, and then I can get the rt knee replaced...I am filled with Hope, right at this moment...we'll see what 6/28 brings)


The rheumatologist that I saw over a year ago...I spent almost 2 hours in the waiting room, and a lousy 20 minutes in the exam room, she asked me a handful of questions, while an intern kept pressing on my shoulder blade areas, and asking me if it hurt. after a while I told her quite loudly NO, but is is getting ANNOYING! That doc said I most likely had Fibromyalgia on top of everything else, she saw no reason to repeat any of the blood work --EVER. Recommended a sleep study, and explained how Long term insomnia is thought to be a key cause of FM. (Which I do have) that was it!  Get this...supposedly this Doctor is "world renowned" and the best in South Jersey... BULLSHIT!

However I also have some bad news, after finally bonding a bit with my "newish" primary care doc (about 2 years now) I found out she is leaving, and for July and Part of Aug. only has hours on Tues. and Thurs. and then she is gone, so I have to break in a new doc all over again. Of course this is a concern on the VICODIN front. not all doctors like to prescribe narcotics.

But for now, I am VERY HOPEFUL!!


Toriz said...

Hi, just returning the visit. :)

I'm glad you had such a successful trip to the doctor. Hope things work out well for you!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Bless your heart!
Keeping you in prayer that you are pain free and the picture of health soon!


Sara said...

I am so glad you had much more positive news on this trip to the doctor, I know how frustrating it is when they dont give you their time properly or are just no help at all. Hugs Sara

writergirldreams said...

Hey Lady, thank you for the bear hug! and let's hear it for hope! Wheee heee. I hope and pray that comfort will be yours, laid out over your whole body and your heart like a beloved quilt. Here's to "bright" times!

Thank you for supporting me in my journey. Thank you Susan.

Dezinaworld said...

Hi Susan, what a marathon of health issues you are coping with, I am glad of the good news though my friend :) thats great. Also i so so know what you mean about having to change doctors ... nothing is worse and especially when you have a complicted health history ... bet its no fun for the docs either though lol. I just changed mine recently and its been a nightmare but am getting there and i think the change has been for the better. Hope you get a good one my friend.Hope you get some relief from pain soon too Susan.
hugs June xxxxxxxx

grandmalee said...

I'm so happy to hear some good news for once about your health! I know how hard it is to find a doctor that truly is concerned for you as a patient and not just another dollar sign. Considering that it took over 20 years for all of my list of doctors to finally diagnose my Crohn's Disease, I understand the frustration you are feeling of NOT knowing what is causing all of the pain, etc. I actually was PLEASED when the doctor told me what I had! I don't know which doctor/s actually thought I was more nuts...the one diagnosing Crohn's or the ones that never took the time to consult with the others to put two and two together!! I understand your fear of new doctors and narcotics. Thanks to all of the real junkies, those of us that truly need this stuff are the ones that pay. I have the implanted pain pump, and I still have doctors that say that they aren't going to feed my narcotic habit when I ask for ANY type of pain meds after surgeries. I would LOVE to trade places with them for a few hours and see how long it takes to change their minds about pain!

Keep up the hopeful thoughts! We both know that it definately helps!