Thursday, June 23, 2011

OOOPS, I goofed on the date, LOL

My tea Party post will not be until the 25th. To think how I rushed around today in the heat and humidity.
 JEEZ...what a dummy...anyway. I may be back later with some other stuff.

BUT I still will be giving away a banner from the Tea Party.  and I am still planning something extra in order to celebrate my birthday.  My followers as of yesterday, by commenting on the TEA PARTY post will be eligible for something else being given away. NOTHING OUTRAGEOUS, just a little something, as a way of saying thanks for being a loyal follower. (1 giveaway to 5 followers)

I will give you some info on my TEA PARTY post, so you know what to expect. I'll be posting a short story called the  Tea-Kettle, so have a beverage and be prepared for a bit of reading, but it is an awesome tale.

Peppered throughout the post will be images (not great ones) of my little make shift TEA PARTY on my birthday afternoon, yesterday in between thunder storms. just me, the hubs and the animals...we didn't even have tea it was too hot we were drinking crystal light, and had cake, I did have a small tea set set up. we did a photo shoot and hurried back inside.  I do not look great, I'll give you fair warning...the humidity has my hair waving and frizzing, and I am sans bra, and hubs hair is a bit messy also. not to mention my "hormonal acne" is acting up.  HOW MUCH I LOVE being a woman at times...NOT!

But it is who we are simple country folks.  I hope you'll honor me with your presence on the 25th for the TEA PARTY post.  Tomorrow is fairy day, so I'll have something up for that also.

so see ya later and sorry about my date mess-up.


Toriz said...


You get to it when you do!

Fairfield House said...


Happy belated birthday! I celebrated mine on the 11th! You're right, it's been much too hot and humid to do anything but dip in the ocean and sip on 'refreshments'. I have no tolerance for the heat and can't imagine how people in TX or AZ stand it. I love looking through your blog and seeing your creations. You're very talented. Keep an eye on your snail mail.

Your Friend,