Saturday, July 2, 2011

Winner, Winner chicken dinner!

The winner of my  "Be Happy Banner" from my MAD TEA PARTY is.....
 (names in hat, held above hubby's head -he was sitting I stood, he picked)

I have sent an email, as long as he gets back to me before Sunday noon, it's his, if not I'll be picking another name from the hat!


ike said...

Hi there Susan,
WOWZA - I won your prize :-) :-D
How EXCELLENT is that xxxxxooooxxx
Thank you for the kind comments on my Blog about my Stars + Stripes page. YEP - it is ALL totally digital. I have loads of scrapbook projects in my Digital Scrapbook programme, which is great fun. I can do anything I want in there with regards to rotation/shadowing etc.etc. and I don't have to have shelves of stuff being stored! :-) Cool eh ??
Sorry to hear about your aches + pains - sometimes life can be a right b***h. I have really bad arthritis, but this latest thing is new... something going on in my neck - which sounds dry + crackly and I have funny lumps down one side but the pain is intolerable and NOTHING will ease it. I've been routing through the medicine cabinet trying all sorts of things... larf !!! I'll be rattling next. :-(
Anyway - enough of my gripes and groans.... I have not received your email yet but await it with bated breath :-D
Take care and I hope you are having a great celebratory weekend over there xxooxx
Oh yeah - I'm a She hahahahaha
Suzy xx

Toriz said...

Congratulations Ike!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ike :) xxx

Beadwright said...

Congrats to Ike.