Thursday, October 25, 2012

All Hallows grim 2012- Bean Nighe

Thanks for hosting Magaly!

The Bean Nighe  is Scottish Gaelic for "Washer Woman".
 She is a Scottish faery  but also known as Bean Sidhe in Ireland; A Banshee.

She wanders the night, and can be found at streams washing the blood out of the clothes of someone about to die.

Mnathan nighe is the plural, and these Faeries are said to be women who died during childbirth, and are cursed to roam the earth until the time of which would have been their natural death.

"Pre-Dawn Outside the Croft"

In some tales she is described in quite an ugly or scary way, having only one nostril, and one tooth with webbed feet, long hanging breasts and usually wears green.

Additionally it is said that she can make herself appear as a beautiful young maiden. Much the same as the Bean Sidhe.

Even though, she may be considered a Banshee and Banshees are usually seen in a negative light. The names actually translate to "Fairy Woman" and "Woman of Peace"

I painted my "Washer Woman" with a face, though non-distinct, gave her copper hair, heavy breasts, and just a touch of beauty with her sparkly wings just peeking out from under her shawl.

"Pre-Dawn Outside the Croft" is Twinkling H2O's on a 9" x 12" canvas board.  I added some Stickles on the clouds, her wings, the water and the window on the Croft.

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Gina said...

"heavy hanging breasts.....washing clothes" I'm a Banshee!!!! :D
Gorgeous painting Susan, especially like that you added shimmery magical light...and then you notice the blood in the water :D XXX

Tana said...

I like your paintings!
The style you have is nice, really. :)

Hex Parker said...

Beautiful painting and the story behind it. Sounds like the Bean Nighe are more tragic figure than malevolent ones. Pulls at the heartstrings. :D

Kourtney said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful!

Carmen Esposito said...

I never knew that death during childbirth was what created a Banshee. Many people fear the Banshee because they mistakenly believe she causes death. From what I understand, their wail announces a death and they also guide the departed to where they're supposed to go.

When I look at your painting, it looks like hands are holding or embracing the moon.

Sunshineshelle said...

Oh so sorry I got here late for the giveaway, I just found your party link but so happy to read your post, isn't it incredible how the same spite/faerie has so many different guises & names depending on which country they originate, YET they all have the same deeds they do, the washing of the shrouds... your artwork is wonderful & I'll follow you from now :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I never knew whose clothes the Washer Women watched. In all my ignorance, I supposed that they were the soiled sheets of the people they killed (how silly of me.

This is what I love about parties, the fact that we can learn from each other. Now I will always remember who taught me what a Washer Woman does for a living.

And the set you? Yum! I enjoyed your art and how they compliment your post.

Thanks so much for participating in All Hallow's Grim. My apologies for being so late, but I had to drive 13 hours on the day of the party, trying to leave New York City before Sandy struck ;-)

Rue said...

I'm also arriving late, but wanted to stop by. I love your picture! I've always had a fondness for the Banshee - great information about her!