Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Past week has been...


The Bad news: Recently I was the victim of a very nasty, juvenile and public attack by a very low class person. I can say this because #1, it is true and if something is made of it, I have the proof. #2, I can say low class, because only a low class ADULT would resort to name calling, and a juvenile name at that. #3, that wasn't enough, this person goaded others into attacking me and a comment I made on an entry to a challenge for a design team I was on (as this was the DT's group page that the person attacked me on) The COMMENT was an EXTREMELY POSITIVE one, and I absolutely meant every word, I loved the artist's entry, and would happily display it in my home. I am still NOT sure why this comment made this person feel the need to attack me. From other ART friends and a neighbor of a friend who is a HS English teacher. I get the same theory, possibly the person was jealous of my enthusiasm and poetic wording in the comment, as I closed in  "It was indeed a pleasure to have you join us this month at________". Instead of the pat, thanks for joining us at_________".
When this happened the DT Co, told me "________ was being dealt with". Well, a few hours later I was the one off the DT.  I emailed the owner of the company and DT, expressing my disbelief in the handling of this situation. This person did NOT want to get involved. HOWEVER, it did not stop this person from booting me off an entire art community that I was a member of IN GOOD STANDING. I never broke TOS, in fact I barely posted. I joined some exchanges and some swaps, and I was a member of the EVENT team.  When i brought this up, and tried to defend myself to the owner...I was told that though they didn't care about what happened at the DT (where I was attacked) but that they had been warned that I was a troublemaker, and since this person OWNED this community they had the right to keep or kick off whomever they wanted.   SO, in under 30 hours I was off 2 DTs that I had performed well for.  These DTs unlike some that are for bigger manufacturers etc. YOU have to use ALL of your OWN materials.  keep that in mind.
Just as this was settling down and I was beginning to put it behind me and get myself out of the dark a bit (you all know I deal with depression and anxiety) I found out someone I thought was a friend, someone I thought of a as a "good person" someone I trusted, not only had told an OUTRIGHT lie about me, but betrayed my confidences to someone else. If I were to tell you the name of this person, you would be as shocked as I was.  I am completely crushed.  I am hurt and angry over the entire situation, but this last "straw" completely shook me to my core.  WHEN do other people grow up??  I should say WOMEN, because MEN do not pull this CATTY, Junior High Bullshit!
ANYWAY...the person she betrayed me to was the last remaining DTco I was under. THIS DT I was going to leave at the end of the year anyway. They have their challenges every week, which I was tiring of, and the companies they dealt with were always "cutesy type" images, which I had already passed my tiring point of. Well because of what this person did, the DTco, gave me the boot now.  SOOOO, in about a week's time...I am off all DTs except for my position with Floppy Latte.  I am afraid to see what will happen next as these handful of persons are on a mission.  AS the DTco that just gave me the boot is already telling me I can not use them as a reference... TOTAL BULLSHIT!  I gave them 11 months of GOOD ART, MY TIME, MY MATERIALS, not to mention FREE ADVERTISING on MY BLOG!

so BE WARNED,  you really can NOT judge a person by the FACE they SHOW you. Even as grown ups, there are still many 2-faced people out there.  AND should you ever have a conflict with an owner's pet or a DT Co's your back!

***I will not be speaking of this any longer in public, as I have wasted enough of my tears and sleep over it. BUT if you are one of my close friends (you know who you are) feel free to contact me personally, and I MIGHT  discuss it further...I say might as I am going to be a little more protective of my trust and loyalty for a while. I can NOT believe I was taken in, by this one person. The one who attacked me...had shown this part of herself in front of me once before, so I knew she was capable of it. This other I said...I was in complete shock! (I still am)***

More Rotten treatment:  I will be very choosy on what blog hops I join and put so much work into from now on. This past weekend. I participated in the "Bewitching Home" blog hop hosted by The Witch of Howling Creek.  Only NO ONE KNOWS I was participating because the hostess refused to add my blog to the list. I HAVE NO CLUE WHY.  I left 3 comments on the original sign-up post, then I left 3 comments with my actual party link on the party post... NONE of these comments were approved. Then I contacted her via her contact form, giving her the benefit of the doubt. I even asked her to be COURTEOUS enough to respond. SHE DID NOT!  This was the first time I joined anything by her...she DOES NOT know why would she do this?  I have friends that also participated in this hop and they asked me WHY?  I had no answer for them.

If you are a good friend, then you know all about Ron, and having to retire and how much this has affected our finances or I should say lack of finances.  I actually had to borrow money from my daughter to make half of the purchases for this "party". It was also a lot of work. My hand suffered for all the cooking baking etc. 
For what? In able for one to visit, I have to give every other participant my link separately...again MORE WORK.  Ron didn't bitch about the $$ because he knows since becoming disabled I do not have much of a life, that these hops give me some fun, and something to look forward to.  NOW thanks to this uncaring Biotch, I feel guilty. Ron is upset for ME and for the $$. The whole thing just added to the "darkness".

This past week has made me change something about myself...

I am 52 for Pet's sake, why am I being treated like the fat kid in gym class?


Dots Dabbles said...

I have never heard of anything like this before. Totally shocking! In my experience, if you can't work out what is going on...then it isn't about you. If you lose trust in everyone, at least trust in your talent! Do what you love and do it from the heart and you will always be the winner.
Dot x

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Oh what a frustrating chain of events. Keeping thoughts and prayers headed your way.

Floweret said...

This is such a hard thing to deal with because you have no control and have to just get over it. Sad that it has happend and hope that I can send you a hug over internet to give you strengh. Good luck and keep up the good art work.