Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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I went out for the day on Saturday, by myself! HOORAY :)  I got out much later than I wanted to, but I hadn't slept at all the night before and it was BEASTLY hot and Humid.

I was going to an all day crop at a store and are that were both new to me. Ron and I took a "dry-run" the Sunday before. We found the mall it was in without issue, but then I could not figure out where to enter the mall. I asked 2 different people.  They both told me the same thing...go in here (2nd floor entrance to the mall) as it would be better to go in through Macy's, but Macy's was closed (permanently).
As most of you know I have severely bad knees (well one has been replaced but still hurts, the other has NO cartilage left at all)  I also have lumbar spinal stenosis.  Walking is difficult and painful for me, as much as I try to do it any way in short distances. I am also an asthmatic since birth with a long, long list of allergens and extremely poor sinuses...so basically my entire respiratory system is compromised as well.  Luckily I found an elevator, as I had already passed the escalators, and the only other option was stairs a little further down. By the time I had walked from the truck to the elevators I felt like I was going to have a Heart attack...my heart was beating like a machine gun and I couldn't catch my breath.   Luckily, when I arrived in the store the employee there was very nice and told me to use the back door. (the owner had told me this for the crop, but I didn't know I could use it all the time)

Ok, Saturday comes and it s time for the crop, even though I wanted to leave by 10 am, I didn't leave til after 1:30pm. I was heading west on the only road out of beach area heading west, hubby thought for sure I will hit massive traffic as both Rt. #9 and the Parkway heading north were already bumper to bumper at 11 when he and my son went out.  My son took the truck out again by himself, which was the end part of my hold up.  Anyway, LUCKILY, I hit NO traffic, there were cars but, everything was moving either at or above speed limit.

Then I turned onto a back road to take me to rt. #38, and I came upon a Subaru(NC Plates) doing 40 in a 50 mph area, (and most folks do 55-60 on this road to begin with) I followed for a bit, and watched for a large opening (I never take chances with passing) put my signal on and started passing him, he was speeding up!! keeping me over in the other lane, NOW there were cars coming.  What an asshole!! I made sure I had enough room, and slid over right in front of him, it was indeed close and scary!  I could see his wife yelling at him in the mirror, the space between us was growing despite my slowing down from the almost 80 I had been doing in order to get in front of this ass. I realized he was slowing down also.  When I was doing about 57 I hit the cruise control. There were cars behind him, but it appeared that he was going a little faster than his original 40mph.  ASS!

Ok, I drive on without further event and make it to the mall where the crop is.  there is NOT a single HANDICAP parking space available out of an approximate 18.  I call into the store, the owner Bob, said he'd come get my stuff, and I could go park. he was most helpful and understanding, he was also shocked to see that all the handicap spots were taken, he told me he had never seen this before.

I ended up quite a distance to the opening of the store, but at least my truck was in the shade.  It was a long HOT, Humid walk to the store and again, I was waaay out of breath.  Same thing happened when leaving at 11pm...it was still hot and humid, not as bad, but bad enough.

Now, an off shoot of this topic...other people's bathrooms and toilet paper etc....see 5 ? Friday, as toilet paper was discussed.  The store is nice and large and has a large cropping area.   the set up for food etc. is very nice.  The bathroom is roomy, however the toilet paper was 1 ply, 1 very thin ply, and quite frankly garbage, as it ripped at every turn.  (a tip will be following)

The store carries a very limited amount of manufacturers papers etc. which was quite disappointing. Mostly small child and sports related...I am interested in neither of them. (especially sports) This did work out well for my wallet though.

However they had a large supply of beads and jewelry making supplies which was neat to find. 

It was a nice day out and wonderful to be able to have a day out doing something I love.  I am going again on August 21st!!!
My tip, is probably one most of you already follow. Find out ALL pertinent info when going to a place for the first time...I should have asked ahead of time where to enter the mall.

Carry baby wipes with you for your own bathroom use, AND carry your own roll of TP!!
 Love my Charmin Ultra strong!

Lastly...if you can not park near where you are, make a trip out at least once during your stay to see if you can spot a closer opening, instead of waiting til the end of the day.

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