Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Muse feels a bit off balance--Rant

I haven't been myself for a few days due to some issues with my youngest daughter, and as always that kind of stress attacks my body  for a few days at least and a few different body parts.   I HATE THAT!!

I am also constantly being reproached to get moving on getting my craft stuff out of the way or thrown out!!

WHY---they are supposedly been working on the 2nd kitchen in the house and making it a craft room for me for YEARS now, and by "they" I mean hubby and son.

Additionally, the son has moved home...with all of his crap (and a lot of it is CRAP...he says the same thing about my craft stuff...but I actually use this stuff, his sits around in boxes, bags or drawers...just like when he lived home originally)  AND he left the fan on for 3 days straight, which over-heated and caused the fire in HIS room, so of course his crap, and himself have now completely filled up any other open space in my downstairs, and some up stairs.  We could ALMOST be on HOARDERS!!  (Bad enough I still have some of the crap from the oldest daughter here and we aren't even speaking)  Did I mention he brought a VERY aggressive male cat and his dog with him also?

THEY all say that they only want me me to throw out some of my crafty CRAP, cause they do not see it getting used....I keep telling them, I need a room, so that all my stuff is in one place, as well as a large flat work area like a big table or a desk...which I have both...I have an OLD large Teacher's desk, it would be soooo perfect.  It is currently out in our half-assed porch covered with junk.

AND, they all seem to get in this "gang" mind set, and gang up on me, when being frustrated with the whole "clutter situation" is as if, since I have become disabled I am less of a person, and therefore can be used as the family whipping boy.  I tell you, if I had my WC settlement, I would seriously think about moving out, and letting them deal with this house. After all, we moved in  1986, and hubby worked on the house for about 3 years and then stopped, well now he is too old for this crap, and we ran out of money a long time ago, and without my income, we couldn't even consider having a roofing company come in.  WE have at least all agreed a storage unit or one of those PODS, might help, HOWEVER...they want me to put my crafting stuff in there...yea, so the heat of being outside can thoroughly damage the stuff (dry up the paint and glues etc) some of my son's stuff would go in there also, OH LA-DEE-DA!!

I do NOT disagree that the house is cluttered and that we need to do something, BUT they keep looking to me to be the one to do it, and I can not lift anything over 13 lbs. Certain hand-maneuvers are out, I can only stand so long before my back starts screaming, and anything that is dust covered will throw me into a huge allergy attack--which could also lead to an asthma attack.

ALL of this is a HUGE part of why we are having issues with the youngest daughter, she doesn't want to help because---"None of it is my stuff, why should I have to?"  I would have never given my parents this kind of trouble...ever!  and she specifically brought up my scrapbooking FUNNY  as she uses it herself. Yes she has some of her own paper  and albums in her room, but the tools and all are mine.  I would have NEVER not helped my parents. I do not get this generation of kids, the son is ALMOST as bad, but not quite.

**My head and chest have felt funny for days, I have you KNOW that is being affected. Of course my true and reliable friend PAIN, has been with me every day also.  I can't sleep, my appetite is off. I just want to punch the living-shit out of someone!!!   Yet, I can not, and it is not who I am really. BUT I WANT TOO, which is scary.  I am still stuck here in this house with no car, so I can not even escape.**

I can not call my mom (who wonders why I do not call) mostly because it takes 10 minutes for her to figure out what your ONE sentence was, she is hard of hearing and it is soo much worse on the phone. Additionally she is a profound worrier, (both my parents were, Mom showed it, dad didn't-thus anxiety guess it is where I get it)  so there is no way I am going to call my 83 yo mom and bitch to her about my crappy family and my crappy life. Only so she can worry herself sick over it for a week.

So I come to you, my bloggy friends, with the hopes that you will read, and some will commiserate, and some might offer some sound advice.

Well,  I had written(Firefox went down and I lost like 3 paragraphs) about skipping my usual blog hops...Alphabe-thursday and 5?Friday and Dear So and So, and I bemoaned again about my own blog and the 2 days that are supposed to be ART interactive with freebies. and the one day I play a game with no recent takers.  This is the revised shortened edition, as I didn't want to retype all that I had typed.

I am just so lost lately.  I am seriously reviewing the need of my blog, when it is not getting the interaction I was looking for....
WHILE on the subject of blogs and interaction, WHY if you comment on something that something asks for comments, and you ask them a question in your comment, why do they NOT bother to answer your question??  Is that NOT being rude??  Is it me, am I too old fashioned???


Beadwright said...

Hey Susan, You sound pretty much in the crap. So sorry you are going through so much. I wish you could escape as well. Sending you hugs and well wishes.
I am home now.

Melissa Craig said...

Hi Susan,

I am very sorry that you're having a bad day. I wish I could help you out - but it sounds like you need to create that room for yourself, 13 lbs or less at a time. Doesn't sound like you can count on your family to help you. So take it slow, take it light and create a room. Maybe if they see that you're willing to do what it takes to put things in their places, they'll just help you with the heavy stuff. I hope it works out for you.

Thank you for visiting my blog. The vellum I used was really old, so I don't know if they carry it anymore, but I got it from Stampin' Up! when I was a demo.

Take care of yourelf!

Valerie B. said...

Please don't feel that anyone is not reading your blog. I do on a regular basis even though I don't always leave comments. I know that most people are like me so just know that your words are not fading away into the darkness and not being heard. You are being heard my friend and If I could take a week or 2 and come help you organize your craft room and give your family an attitude adjustment I would surely do it.

I know that if someone asks a question in a comment box and they don't have a return email for me to respond to then I don't answer the question. Sometimes I might post the question in another comment box but most of the time I don't bother if they can't bother to leave an email.

ike said...

Oh - reading this is soooo sad. :-( I thought the fire stuff was bad but I really feel for you being trapped in all the "crap" and not having an escape (even an escape room to craft in".
I too hate it when people don't bother to reply to a question. :-(
Well, I enjoy reading your stuff even though I am a newbie Follower. :-D
p.s. It seems wierd writing here on a very old Blog but that's what I gotta do I think ??
Ike xx