Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday--Dear So and So

Dear So and So is brought to you by... 3 bedroom Bungalow

Dear Drivers on I-95 this weekend;

Please do NOT be assholes, My hubby and son will be traveling to Greenville NC and back here to NJ this weekend, They are getting all my son's stuff, since he is moving back home, (or already has moved home)  I'd like to see them arrive down there, and back home in one piece, the truck included.
Everyone has someplace to go this weekend, so do NOT be in such a rush as to drive recklessly or like your car is a marble in a game of chines checkers.  Furthermore if it isn't too much to ask...PLEASE leave your cell phones alone while driving this weekend. On one last note, please do not sneak rum into that can or bottle of cola you are drinking while you are driving. You may not consider yourself precious cargo, but most drivers on the road value human lives, especially those of their children.

Thank you for your cooperation, a Wife, mother, and safe driver
Dear Mr. Steve Finkle,

Thank you for the wonderful job you did painting my soot damaged hallway and Master bedroom, it looks MAH VA LOUS!!  I couldn't be Happier, I LOVE the colors I picked.

Hugs, Susan and Ron
Dear young Mr. Joe Finkle,

THANX DUDE!!! you did a superb job on painting with your dad. The room is soooo wonderfully transformed!

Mr. & Mrs. G
Dear Mary,

I know it is going to be emotional for you this weekend. Please know I'll be thinking of you. Hang in there, things will improve with time. **HUGS**


Dear Tom, 

I sooo hope you come home in a better demeanor, once this break is done and complete. As, you are on my very last nerve with you temper tantrums and disrespect, and if it continues you will be homeless.

Your quite-frustrated-yet-again-with-your-ongoing-childish-behavior, Mom
Dear sister Barbara,

Happy 59th Birthday (7/4). I feel like we are strangers. I have been trying for 5 years very hard, and even before that to try and rekindle some kind of relationship with you. I have reached out many times, in emails, cards, letters and on the phone, many times in tears. You will not address whatever it is that is eating at you, or about me. I am heartbroken. I have felt I have reached out more than enough times, the ball is in your court. If you do not stop holding grudges you will never be a happy person. Like with our brother, I, like you am angry with him for his treatment of our mother. the difference is, If he steps forward apologizes and tries to make things right, I will forgive him, you have said time and time again that he is dead to you. Do you honestly think, this is what our father would want from you, daddy's girl? It is too late to fix things if someone dies, just remember that.
I love you, but I am done reaching out.

your little sister, Susan
Dear America,

Happy 234th birthday!!!  I love you! I adore being one of your citizens. YOU ROCK!  You are the greatest country on the planet!  I LOVE our history, other than the slavery, and what was done to the Native Americans.  

I LOVE our constitution, and democracy. I know sometimes it doesn't work to the best of it's ability, but compared to other countries it still works great!  

I love our beaches, mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, deltas, swaps, bayous, deserts, plants, grasses, trees,(these three play havoc on my sinuses etc, but...) animals, birds and SOME insects-like fire flys!!  

It is my goal to visit each state before I die, not sure if I'll get it done, but I want to try.  Lastly, although a touchy subject; I LOVE that we try and help other countries establish freedoms and liberties for their citizens!

My best regards, a proud American
Dear Amanda,

Happy birthday (7/6)!! wow, 23  where have the years gone?  Anyway, enjoy the party your friends are giving you!  After that PLEASE become a TEAM-GUZY player!!  we all need each other!

Love you bunches, Mom

this concludes Dear so & so for this week :)

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