Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday--tips, and later on- tell (a story) & maybe teach

Today's Tip is a good one for EVERYONE, but I am posting it mainly for animal owners.

This year "OFF" came out with these neat little items called a clip-on for mosquito repellent. (which usually works on some of the biting flies also)

Well, my son (recently moved home) used to play paintball, he now plays "Air-soft"...whatever, well I bought him one of these clip-ons for playing. he said "Mom, I appreciate the gesture, but the bright color, and noise will give me away". I asked him to just try it anyway. (especially since I bought 2 refills packets for it also)

He plays on Sundays, so this past Sunday, he took it with him. When he came home I asked him, how it worked out. He said. "it worked great at the safe zone." I asked him what that meant. he said he couldn't wear it while playing as stated above, but he kept it clipped to his backpack, and it kept the "entire safe zone mosquito free all day!! Everyone was like wow, I gotta get one."

So I had an additional thought, mosquito's carry West Nile and other diseases, BUT they also carry heart worms...very dangerous to dogs...and they now also know that cats get heart worms too. Now I do NOT think a tiny dog or a cat could wear one on their collar, but you can certainly attach one to the leash when walking or when tied outside. they keep basically a ten foot radius mosquito free!

Yes some of the newer Flea repellents repel mosquitoes also, but this is just a BONUS!!


When BBQing this summer, in addition to the neat lanterns or the coils, why not give these clips a try...not for each person but strategically placed...for example if you have horseshoes  or boccie..keep one at each end, croquet...one near ever few hoops...getting the idea?  

now for another Tip... 
if you have a SONIC near you, stop in and ask if they got new tables(for outside) cause if they did, they are selling the old ones...one table and 4 chairs for $50.00  these are all metal!! I bought 2, son and hubby went to pick them out, they got one round and one square(I would have preferred both squares but hey for that price, I ain't complaining.  For $100.00 I now have two wonderful tables and seating for 8 that will last basically forever, if every year we sand any rust and spray another coat of paint on them!  

What I especially like (being a big bottomed girl) no arms on the chairs, so I can actually sit comfortably outside now. (I couldn't before as all our old picnic tables and benches are gone, and my booty only fits in one or 2 of our outdoor chairs--which are buried in the barn) all that is outside are a bunch of those plastic chairs...I don 't fit.  Doesn't anyone make any of these plastic chairs a little wider? ugh.   

OK, I'll be adding to this post later with a little story from my past and perhaps a quick teaching of some arty stuff (depends on time, pain and mood, LOL)

Have a smileful day!!

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