Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scrappy Sunday returns...(gonna try very hard to stay on my schedule)

Ok, so we were showing the album I made for my great Niece's sweet 16 party. Continuing on:

That is hubby Ron waving from the kitchen, he and family friend Kathy were the main kitchen workers for the day. (hubby always volunteers for that, I think he is not so very social at times...preferring to be behind the scenes)  The bottom picture is our daughter Amanda, who is the same age as my great niece Jessica, but older by 4 months.  They were very close when younger, then My niece and her family moved waaay up northwest NJ, and then again into the Poconos, so they kind of grew apart.  The title and balloons were cut with someone's cricut at a crop.  This was the first time I saw the cricut in use (other than at memories expo).  Since then I have seen it used numerous times, and have used it myself a few times. I have decided to buy myself the big one, now that it has come out. the three blank balloons, and the 2 bottom balloons on the 2nd page I actually tied string to. :)  You have noticed that this is is older paper, it is. I am trying very hard to use older stuff first.

 This is just a 2 pages lay out of some of Jessica's relatives. The top left picture on 2nd page is her Biological father. The top left picture on first page is my oldest daughter and my SIL(on the right). this paper is home made with leaves and foliage in it.

Jessica's mom had 2 different cakes made. I think one was a yellow cake and the other was devil's food.  the 2 paper piecings, I received in a swap.

this page shows my niece (Jessica's mom) and my X-BIL with his GF, in the top left pic. the bottom left pic, shows Jessica in the center. again, old paper, and I used brads and a jewel flower.
This 2 page L/O is the beginning of several pages showing her opening gifts. the present was a piece of self adhesive chipboard, I bought from a gal, I think it was from Bazzill. I used sharpies on it to match the flowers in the paper. then I used Bazzill flowers and buttons.

I will share more of this album with you next sunday.

Enjoy your weekend :)

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