Saturday, February 19, 2011

BONUS giving to celebrate 200 followers-EDIT

I chose 20 other names
out of my OWOH Bowl 
  The 2 grand prize winners off to the right, and the other 4 winners to the left

Here they are
  to receive either a set of 4 note cards with prints of my art work on them, or an ACEO made to reflect something for that person.

and in NO particular order:

Carmen in the UK  from Whoopidoo...ings, will receive an ACEO

Susie; Min egen halsoresa  in Sweden from Lotus Blossom, will receive an ACEO

Marie S in  California,USA from MarieSegal Art from the Heart, will receive a set of Note cards 

Nancy; Baglady in Michigan,USA from Nancy's Perspective, will receive a set of Note cards ...did NOT respond

Janine in Germany from  Join Janine on a Creative Journey, will receive an ACEO

Pat in New York, USA  from Mille Fiori Favoriti, will receive a set of Note cards 

Elsina in Israel from EMS arts, will receive a set of Note cards

Wendy in California,USA from The Year of the Cats, will receive a set of Note cards

Jody in __?__ ,USA from Tumbleweed Trails, will receive an ACEO

Diane in Illinois,USA from Diane Did It, will receive an ACEO ...did NOT respond

Ceri in the UK, from Inspired by Felix, will receive a set of Note cards

Nicole in Oregon,USA from Beadwright, will receive a set of Note cards

Angie in Tennessee,USA from Big Hill Goddess, will receive a set of Note cards

Tammy in Minnesota, USA from Bonsai Habits, will receive an ACEO

Cyndi in __?__ ,USA from By Light of Moon, will receive an ACEO

Kathy in Manitoba, Canada from Katie's Cows & Udder Things, will receive a set of Note cards

Jen in Victoria,Australia, from Jenxo, will receive a set of Note cards

Dagmar in Germany, from Quilts and More, will receive an ACEO

Sam in the UK, from Cornish Contemporary's, will receive an ACEO

Laura in Iowa,USA from Outside the Lines, will receive an ACEO...did NOT respond

NOTE:  please email me (in my profile) by the end of the weekend  6pm EST 2/20 to let me know you are interested in being on the receiving end of this bonus, if not then I'll pick a substitute.  If you are one of the 10 receiving an ACEO, I'll be asking you some questions, as I want to make them personal to the recipient.

EDIT: it is Sunday 3pm...4 people have NOT contacted me back yet, so if I haven't heard back by 6pm...there is a still a shot for 4 new people :) OK 1 more came forward by the deadline...NOW I HAVE PICKED 3 NEW PEOPLE:

Writer Girl Dreams in California,USA from WriterGirl Dreams, will receive a set of Note cards

Micki in Ireland from Irish Muses, will receive an ACEO

Trishatoo in Missouri,USA from Easily Amused, Hard to Offend, will receive an ACEO

PLEASE respond by 6pm EST tomorrow-Monday

AND do not forget if you click the champagne glasses to the left, you'll be taken to my blogoversary post with lots of giveaways from Etsy shoppes and web vendors etc. Drawing on 2/25


Tammy Freiborg said...

Happy, happy, happy dance! I would love to receive an ACEO from you.

Elsina said...

Hi Susan,
Sorry for my late reply. I have not even finished my OWOH correspondence and commenting many blogs I have met in this fantastic OWOH! Thank you for picking me! I will mail you shortly!
hugs, Elsina

Sussie said...

Thank you thank you! I am so surprised I did win and ACEO! :D
You made my day!

How can I mail you my address?
I will check my mail box... Maybe you sent me a mail to respond through?
Otherwise here is my mail:

Thanks again and have a joyfyl and creative weekend!

"The another Susan"

Inspiredbyfelix said...

Yeay! How generous! yes please to the notecards!

Will email you


Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

I am so excited that you picked me! Looking forward to one of your beautiful ACEOs - this one especially made for me! How cool is that?

Thank you so much,

Jenxo said...

hi Susan, wow!!! Thank you...doing the happy dance...

Carmen said...

Oh Susan what a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning! Thank you so much I would love an ACEO for my collection :) I'll come email you right now.

Janine said...

hello Susan, I am so glad to be a winner of one of your great giveaways.
Thank you so much.
I send you my adress in the next cooment (please do not publish)
have a great weekend

Janine said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Angie said...

Thank you! I am so excited about receiving your note cards!

ByLightOfMoon said...

HI Susan,
Many thanks for visiting my blog and again and I am so thrilled to have won an ACEO from you!

Again, your blog os so beautiful, Did you change your header! I love those colors!

Smiles, Cyndi

Mother's Moon's Message said...

what a lovely giveaway with so many wonderful winners... congrats to all of you

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Wow Susan, how generous of you. I am thrilled to be one of the lucky recipients of a bonus prize and woould love an ACEO made by you. Thank you so much. I'll email you shortly.

Wendy said...

Susan, you are incredibly generous and loving. I am so happy that I will receive some of your gorgeous art. Thank you SO much my friend.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thank you so much Susan!

I'm sorry it took a day to respond -- I had so many comments from the OWOH to answer that I was really behind in answering my regular blog comments. I am thrilled to win a set of your note cards! I will e-mail my address to you --thanks again!

Marie S said...

Omg, Susan thank you!! I am so sorry I am out of town and I didn't see this till just now.
Thank you so much I love note cards.
You are the bestest!!!

jacque4u2c said...

You are like the sweetest blogger ever to give all the goodies out to your bloggin buds!

Beadwright said...

OMG Susan I am so happy that I have won some of your beautiful art. I am off to email you now.
Thank you so much my dear friend.

writergirldreams said...

Hey Wow, cool! I'm so excited, thank you, I am tickled pink. No, not pink, I'm sick of pink, I am tickled rose that fate intervened so I could have a piece of you! Thank you Lady! wgd

artworks_studio said...

I am sorry I didn't respond quickly. I have been imersed in an art retreat all weekend and just surfaced, this morning! Thanks for choosing me. I understand my prize has been gifted to another. :)

trisha too said...

Yay! Thank you, Susan!


baglady said...

Am I too late to respond? This is Nancy or Baglady and I would be so happy to receive a set of your note cards. Love the new chunky ATC's that you posted.