Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just some STEAM PUNK ATCs (edit to add more info)

hello, here are my STEAM PUNK ATCs for ARTchix Studio swap...and as usual none of them made the cut...not sure why, they definitely ARE STEAM PUNK, most of the ones that did make the cut, were all 6 identical, and a couple, I do NOT believe were STEAM PUNK.  I am really going to think long and hard about joining anymore of the swaps through the website, as she makes you send $5 for postage, kind of high for 6 ATC's, my work never seems good enough for Helga (owner-ARTchix), and I always seem to get back, what I can only assume is from the bottom half of the pile. Occasionally I will get back at least 3 that are at least par with mine, amen.  Do not get me wrong, it is NOT a put-down of others art, it is the fact, that she only ever chooses "her style" which isn't right. She asks us all to play along, knowing full well that everyone has their own style, yet she never picks anything that is NOT her style. Therefore the many of us that do not bend, and change our style to try to be like hers will never be picked to be on the sheets she creates, or for the vote to win a GC.

Please let me know honestly, what you think of the 6 I sent in. Thanks, Susan

this gal on the bottom has a spinner arrow attached to what ever contraption she is wearing.
The card next to her I used watch parts to make 2 eyes and a mouth on the empty pocket watch.
The little girl up top with the butterfly wings is holding a watch face and has a watch part on her head as a hat. The last card on bottom also has wings attached.   I think I covered all that might be difficult to see.

EDIT: after receiving a handful of emails about these ATCs and the the swap in general I decided to give the rest of the info (includes some pictures of others work, and the ones picked for the collage sheet, and the "top ten" that were voted on for a winner of a GC) You will need to use your "back" button after viewing the links to get back here.

Here is the info on the swap:

you had to use an ARTchix item... Here are some of the swappers.!/album.php?id=163793896653&aid=300940

all my cards had an ARTchix image except for the old newspaper ad with the ladies head and the contraption on it(artchix item-spinner arrow and the little copper circle on her necklace), and the 2 kids(artchix item-clock charm and wings). The too gals with the bright red roses on their heads as hats are hers, the pocket watch with the hot pink in the center is hers and the transparency butterfly girl is hers. I used ARTchix watch parts on every card, and some other ARTchix items.

I was swapped with, but I didn't make her new collage cards not good enough, and the ones she picked for the sheet and for  a vote (to get a GC)
 were mostly the same.

Here is the sheet she made out of peoples cards

here's the choices and results of the vote

Granted winning a GC is not the end all be all, and being picked to have a piece of  your art immortalized on a collage is great, and then not so great...cause all you get is 3 copies of the sheet for free. and then Helga rakes in the money hand over fist for selling the collage sheets.

A while back one of my mermaids made the cut for the sheet, and one my "Pink" also. but nothing since then.

Helga's style is BRIGHT, FUNKY and WEIRD. I am not saying I never do that, but not to the extent that she seems to like.  ALSO...last swap I did was her butterfly swap, you had to use the warm butterfly collage images or the cool butterfly images.   The people that won, made great ATCs...IF you were looking for dead movie stars, as they seemed to be the main focal image of the cards instead of the butterflies. Do you see what I am saying about how she runs things.  I am NOT belittling the other artists, or the artists chosen for the sheet, but their card did NOT concentrate on the butterflies, it was as if the butterfly was an after thought, so to me, if you are holding a swap for butterflies and you want to make new collage sheets from that, why would you then go and choose, women of the fifties or dead female movie stars?  Personally I do not think that is right.


Carmen said...

Honestly? I love them. especially the first one with the goggle type things on. I love your take on things - but then you are a bit odd... like me :D

Valerie B. said...

I think I can see why she did not accept these as steampunk. They seem more like Zetti which is a close style to steampunk. For steampunk I think the colors are too bright. Think more metal like brass or copper and lots of wood tones with black or white.

After having said all that I do really like the cards and can't see why she didn't accept them. $5.00 does seem like a lot of money for postage and I have never heard of joining a swap only to be rejected. What's the point of joining if you don't know if all your hard work will be for nothing?

flyingbeader said...

I love the top hat & the girl with the googles. You know what...I stopped swapping long ago as like you, I too would get what I considered bottom of the pile stuff which looked like the person spent a whole 10 minutes making it...while I would spend hours or days. So after getting so much junk for so long, I just don't do swaps unless I really know the people well. As for changing...some people never even look at art that is different than their...shame on them as they are not expanding their horizons or moving onto the next step in creating. Don't feel bad...


Lesley said...

I think your cards are great, although, like one commenter said Steampunk is black and white or antiqued images, browns and rusty metally things. Your cards are a bit to bright. Positive feedback here. I love Artchix Studio products and realized a few times after orders all the collage sheets were other artitsts work and not really ARTCHIX's own.
Sorry you have had some negative vibes. I like to trade with peeps I know have a good reputation with their art and not thrown together for the sake of getting something better back.
I say send something you would like to has generally always worked for me.
Take care and maybe a good FlickR group would be a better option for you like Let's swap ATC's. A great group and always a theme posted continuously. Nice peeps too and very talented.
Be back soon, from Canada, Lesley

jacque4u2c said...

I think each one is fantastic. I love all the different elements that you used on each one to make them pop. Like the ribbon ties, etc.....