Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok my 2 grand prize winners have responded, so they are set, now onto

The other 4 Prizes:

2 ACEOs with Ephemera goes to Leila West of  ARTSY CREATIONS BY LEILA

her comment: What a fantastic giveaway prize, please enter me, hope I win :-) Thank you for posting a comment on my blog too, it's been very nice to meet you!

My Smaller Card making kit goes to Debbi of DIAMOND GROVE

her comment: I enjoyed reading your "intro". Thanks for sharing!
I would love to win the card-making kit. I am an avid card maker. You might say I'm addicted, LOL.
In answer to your question, I also began seriously blogging because of OWOH last year! I had posted a few times prior to OWOH, but I was not very serious about it until after OWOH.
Please stop by my giveaway (#419).
debbi  (and no this was a legit draw, very coincidental though that she got  the card kit)

The Trio of Italian Tumbled Natural Stone magnets (sea shells) goes to Magic Gypsy of MAGIC GYPSY

her comment: Hi! What a lot of wonderful giveaway things! My email is: gypsyjewels AT q DOT com. I am in Arizona and I started blogging to interact with other creative souls and improve my photo skills. I love the birdies!

and lastly

My "Crafter's Dozen" Collection goes to Joy of  FIFI'S DAUGHTER (and a newer blog)

her comment: Hi, Susan! Your blog is very interesting and lovely. I found you via Lynn Stevens' blog!! My e-mail: jmeadows17 at neo dot rr dot com. I live in Canton OH and started my blog to share my art and join swaps and challenges I had seen on other blogs.


During OWOH 2011, I celebrated my first blogoversary, the post is below my OWOH one, or just click on the champagne glasses at the top of the side bar for some other lovely giveaways FROM VENDORS. (drawing is 2/25)

ADDITIONALLY during OWOH 2011, I reached 200 followers!! WOWZA!!(I also had over 200 comments for OWOH)...SOOOOOO....

As a BONUS, I am going to pick 20 (10%) remaining names out of the OWOH visitors to receive EITHER an ACEO that I will make personally for them, after I get some info,  OR a set of 4 Note cards with Prints of my artwork, some of which may not be on my blog. It will be 10 and 10. And these will be made and mailed within 90 days of March 1rst.

I am NOT going to email you, as that is quite a large number. I will list the names chosen, here on my blog, and you will have 24 hours from the time of the post to email me. (In my profile)
You can give me your mailing info, and I will respond with some questions if you are picked for the ACEO.  OR you can tell me you are not interested and I'll pick someone else.

EDIT: I AM contacting each of you on your blogs...The clickable email thing on people's profile, doesn't work for me, somehow I messed it up and it is now only semi attached to aol, and I have NO clue on how to fix it.

There is NO catch, But I would love it, if you are chosen, that you decide to become a follower.
I'll post the list later today or tonight.


just me said...

what a wonderful bonus, but unless the person you draw became a follower (like me:)) then no way they would know they won! they would have to go through all 800+ to look for their name on any one who doens't email or post on their blog that they won! just a thought. congrats to the ones who already won your fantastic art and goodies!:)

jacque4u2c said...

Congrats to you to Susan! I just saw that you won Maggi's little crocheted bird! WHOO-HOO!

Sussie said...

I think the best way to let people know if they win is to let them know via their blog or mail, because otherwise we all have to go through all 8oo somthing blogs again...

Thank you very much anyway for being so generous and giving so many chances to win! :)

Have a very nice weekend!

Just another Susan ;)

joy said...

Hi, Susan! I just read this post and am thrilled to be a winner!!! I will e-mail you pronto - hope I am not too late! Thank you so much!

Micki said...

Congrats to the winners! It was such a fun event!

Micki said...

Oh how neat...I would love an ACEO from you. I would truly treasure that...Thanks so much! I am so surprised!