Saturday, April 23, 2011

a bit of ART and update on Hubs, me etc

These are for a SPRING ATC swap (on one of my Fav. Yahoo groups--TheSumofAllATCs) is a 4/4 swap, I started out with 7, 4 for the swap, one for the hostess, one for me, and one for a friend, but I found myself making more (The hostess said I could send 2 sets)...LOL and I am still having ideas for more.

I will give some info on products used but I am not making it my mission.

I have lots to do, and Hubby still isn't quite himself, BUT we remembered he is on a new med...he was switched from zoloft to cymbalta, and started on 30mg, then he gets bumped up to 60mg (once a day at bedtime) We both think this may be where the fatigue is coming from, but it really doesn't explain the 2 incidents of nonsensical speech, or the recent issues with short term memory. HOWEVER, as hubby put it, both times of speech issues he was tired and doing the head bob in front of the TV, so who knows perhaps it is from the meds. 

Yet, it doesn't explain how he started up the stove and frying pan, and not remembering what he was going to cook, when I told him eggs, he said "yea, but what else- anything else?" That was tonight. Four nights ago, it was a commercial, he was done eating, I was still eating and both cats came in the LR from eating in the Kitchen, if we do not pick up their bowls the dog will finish off their I asked him to go pick up the cat bowls, and bring something back for me.  He got up, went into the kitchen, and I heard him say to himself, "what did I come in here for?" then he said; "oh, yea."  He brought me what i asked for but a little while later I went in the kitchen and both cat's bowls were still on the floor and both had been cleaned out by the dog.  

I am going to count the pills tomorrow, so we can see how many days he's been on the new pills, if it is longer than 2 weeks I am going to call the pharmacist and ask his opinion. We may have to call the doc on Monday, we'll see.

:::KNOCKING ON WOOD:::  For some reason, the last week or so, I have only had 2 bad days with my knee!! Thank the stars! The wrist has been bad though, and I have had fatigue, AND the Maple trees are starting with their buds, which means soon everything will be covered in yellow. The allergy attacks are starting already.  I have year round allergies, and deal with it year round, but of course certain times of the year are MUCH WORSE.  I have been going outside a little bit each day, walking to the mailbox and back, playing with the dog, and even starting small on spring yard clean up.  SADLY, I did NOT get to do my house cleansing ritual this past full moon again, Sunday was way too windy to have candles lit outside, Monday night hubby was falling asleep. If I didn't need help getting around (uneven ground) the house I wouldn't care. So I am aiming for May's Full moon.  I do have a question for any of my experienced witchy friends (you can email if you do not want to post here)  How do I  hold a smudge, shell, fan, and my incantation with only 2 hands, not to mention waving the smoke with the feather fan, and collecting the ashes with the shell?

Ok...on with the art>>> these were all scanned, so the 3D items made the lighting off, sometimes the colors are off a bit also, sorry

 above one for the swap, one for a friend (what appears more reddish, is actually more pinkish) A & B
 Both of the above I am keeping C & D
 both above for the swap E & F
 Both the above are for swap, of which the hostess can choose one for herself. G & H
 Both for the swap. I & J
Both for the swap. K & L

B,D,E & H all the same bkgd. paper- very old Pink(a very shades of) and White roses by Provocraft. I spritzed it with blue lagoon Radiant Rain.
A,C,F &G all the same Bkgd. paper also very old Provo craft.
I,J,K, & L all use paper from "Once  upon a springtime" by Graphic 45 or from Pink Paislee's "Butterfly Garden"

A-- Once upon a springtime paper, B-- 7Gypies's Conservatory paper pad + misc. vellum quote that I ripped into pieces and the aco-friendly image from magazine
C-- "once upon a springtime" from it's pad, "reflection" from a Curious by Design collage sheet, all others from ARTchix collage sheets, D-- all images from ARTchix, misc flower and brad
E-- Post mark and Tag from the punch out sheet "Once upon a springtime" by Graphic 45, quote and small butterflies image by ARTchix, F--all images from "Once upon a spring time" -Graphic 45, words from old children's book, Prima mini flowers
G--Tag and post mark-"Once upon a spring time" punch out sheet by Graphic 45, words from old children's book, butterfly from ARTchix and  the insect band image from  "Vintage Post Card Fairies"collage sheet by AlphaStamps, H-- Feather and the "13" block is from 7 Gypsies' conservatory paper pad, the postmark is from "Once upon a spring time" punch out by Graphic 45, words from ARTchix, misc. flower and brad
I-- Bkgd. and corner papers-"Once upon a springtime" by Graphic 45, 3D leaf and butterfly by K & co.
german scrap daisy by Alpha Stamps, J-- Floral paper from OUAS by Graphic 45, bottom striped and floral paper from Pink Paislee's Butterfly Garden paper pad, Framed bird from 7 Gypsies' Conservatory paper pad, Ranger "Rock Candy" crackle paint, german scrap daisy by Alpha Stamps
K-- paper from OUAS by Graphic 45, german scrap daisy by Alpha Stamps, all images; flat and 3D by 
K & co., L-- Bkgd. paper OUAS by Graphic 45, along with the bkgd. paper behind the rectangular floral image; that image I BELIEVE is from ARTchix (raised on foam tape) flowers misc. mini color glazed roses

All German scrap borders from either ARTchix or Collage Stuff.  Also used, Diamond glaze and Gold paint pen. all comments welcome.


Naturally Me Creations said...

Oh, there are some lovely cards! I love all the nature themes of your cards...the butterflies, flowers, leaves...beautiful! :)

I've been trying to find out exactly what an ATC is....what is it??

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Hi Susan, These are pretty swaps!
I'm dropping by to tell you that I did get your messages.
:o) Just send me a message when you are ready!
I will add you on once the post is up.
~*Thank you for joining!*~

saracollins2001 said...

Hi Susan, what gorgeous ATC's I havent made any in a while. I will have to make a start on them again. I am wondering if you can put the smudge stick in the shell to carry the smudge atick around and use the fan with the other hand. Or you can omit the fan and use your hand to waft the smoke about. Just to let you know I will be posting your order tomorrow. Hugs Sara

Fifi Flowers said...

pretty collages!!!

trisha too said...

I really like the images and colors you used in these--very "spring,"
but with a great vintage feel!