Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update on me and hubby

I did call the ambulance people, and explained that he is refusing to go to the hospital. They told me, if they come out here, and he refuses to go even with them, they can not force him, unless he comes across as totally incompetent of making decisions. I told them, he knew my birthday, he knew our daughters birthday but not year, he stumbled on what year it is for just a second, and he knew who was president, how many fingers I was holding up, and who he was.  The guy told me, that under those terms he was competent, so they would not be able to force him to go. He said they couldn't even force him to let them do small tests as BP etc. So I told them nevermind.  Ron is a completely stubborn jackass when it comes to his health.

When he was having his major Heart Attack in 2001, he waited 6 hours before waking me, and tell him, he thinks we better go to the hospital. When he had the 2nd smaller heart attack 5 days later, he still tried the denial bullshit, but He gave in after 30 minutes.

(He was shocked when they did all the stuff, and told him yes it was another heart attack...after going through this PLUS the loss of his brother from a massive heart Attack that sent a clot to his brain, giving him a major stroke leaving him Brain dead in would think, he'd be more diligent, but no)

I didn't go to my WC Doc appt. across the state yesterday, or my mammo and US. I awoke at 4am in severe pain with my knee, I took 4 Ibuprophen (knowing I had to get up in 2.5 hours)  I never fell back asleep, and just as Ron was waking me (he thought I was sleeping) I ended up with a nasty leg cramp in the other leg. I couldn't walk. plus I was still worrying about Ron. I decided not to go. By mid day I was very nauseous and still in a lot of pain with the knee (even after vicodin and reglan) I called and cancelled my imaging appts.  My Attorney's office was angry at me for cancelling, I was told "even if they need to bring me by stretcher" I can not miss the new one they give me, or even try and change the time or day.
These are doctors and lawyers that deal with sick and injured people...where is the understanding??? Oh and check this... she said the "Hospital's Attorney may tell that Doctor's office to push off my appt. for a while", as in purposely delay it, therefore delaying my case. Can you believe that? So, no understanding for being in severe pain, and then they play a revenge game like a little kid. I said to the paralegal, well that certainly isn't professional, she said perhaps not, but they can still do it.  Well F**K them! Unbelievable, I do not understand people sometimes...oh also...this same doctor's office, reported to my lawyer a month ago (when I was haggling over the time of the appt.) That I cursed at her. (the conversation was a voice mail, and we had been playing phone tag, which I said I was tired of playing phone tag, and that I hoped she would just call me back with a later time (leave it on my machine), instead of this phone-tag "crap".
ARRRRRRGH!   since when is crap a curse?

Ron went to work today, and came home without incident. However, he is very calm and is not talking much...not sure what that means. what little bits of conversation we had since his coming home, and his going to bed, where normal.  Our son, contacted by my oldest daughter, called here today to tell me he is aware of the situation, and he will be here sometime Saturday,  and will see whats what during what he hopes will be a conversation at length, and if he notices any of the speech issues I witnessed two nights ago, he will try to get him to go with him to the ER, but he is not forcing him.  This MAY work, as Tom hates hospitals,  goes only when he has no recourse and doesn't like to even visit other folks in the Hospital. So if Tom is saying "I think you need to go to the hospital" to Ron. That may show Ron how serious it is. Personally, I am thinking he had what most people call a "mini-stroke"  aka...TIA--Transient ischemic attack. However, even if that was the case, that is a major warning sign.

Please continue your thoughts, prayers, candles etc. (still looking for a good. simple protection spell, if anyone knows one)


The Princess said...

Thanks for the update - I have been thinking about you two all evening. Keep us posted.

Aisha said...

Yep the EMTs are correct even if you got him to the hospital they can't treat him if he doesn't want to be treated. I know it's frustrating to you because you can see the simply solution and he refuses it, sorry about all your stress, just take it one day at a time, and maybe he will go to the doctor but I wouldn't hold my breathe many men view going to the doctor as a sign of weakness ( I have seen even doctors do this.

praying for you
Be blessed

Lynn Stevens said...

What is it about guys and refusing to seek help? my hubby almost died before he went in and found out about his lungs, a few more days and he would have been a gonner!
hope your son can help!