Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I so hate to ask for prayers, candles good energy etc again but...

I find myself in need again. :(

I think my hubby had a small stroke last week and possibly another yesterday afternoon...or what a lay person calls "mini strokes" ...TIAs..."Transient Ischemic Attacks"   He has been having Balance issues on and off for a few months but this past week it is more often than not...he even admits to that. What he is NOT admitting to, is the talking problems, it is some form of aphasia...he is wanting to say something, and it comes out totally different making no sense at all...small example:  he wanted to ask me this evening "when are you starting dinner" (I know cause he asks that all the time)  but instead he asked me when I was starting the laundry. (the laundry is done)

Then while we were watching a show he asked me to tape (swamp people...alligator hunters in LA on the history channel)  during the show, the narrator referred to one of the guy's sons-Bradley... all of a sudden he went off on a tangent about "Bradless, and how he used to go to Robert Hall first" (both small chains of stores out here, dead and long dead) When I asked him what he was talking about he said  "some woman" i said what woman?  now angry he said, "you know she brought over the lawn mower, and scraps, and left us some paper work"  I said no, i don't know, where did the woman come from?' clearly agitated he said  something, something K-mart"  I said  what about K-mart? he said "NO, clean your ears out I said Walmart, bought the wrong line, she bought 30 pound test, you know regular mono-filament fishing line." I said Ronnie, look at me, do you hear what you are actually saying, we need to get you some help,  he brushed me away with his hand and said please (it did this a few times) then he said: " She is in the crawl space, I told her to get out that it is going to rain, but she didn't listen" meanwhile he is pointing to the guys on the boat on his swamp people show.
I said Ron, this isn't anything to monkey around with, I think you might have had a stroke. Please let me take you to the ER (which I have been suggesting all along this period, and for a while yesterday)
he stood up, and said"well, that's my cue, I'm going to bed"  this is something he has said on numerous occasions.    I am sooo worried about him, and I do not know how to make him go to get checked out...they would need to do a CT scan on his brain.  I have word out to both my girls to try and speak with my son, as I think he is the one person, that might be able to coax Ron into going to get checked out.

he took tomorrow off as we have to drive across the state again for me to see another WC doc for the Hospital, and I am having 2 tests in the afternoon, back closer to home...Mammo and Pelvic US.
I hope nothing happens to him during the night or while we are out tomorrow as it will just be the 2 of us.

Nothing has ever happened like this before. Ok, his having a heart attack, but I mean, he's never had any weird stuff like this. This has me very scared and worried.

I wish this dark cloud would leave us already...

Thanks to the great info Dark Mother gave me in a previous post I am going to do a full cleansing of our home on this coming full moon, and also try a protection spell for both of us...Ron has given me permission, and he will help me with the cleansing spell. (I can't walk around the outside of the house alone at night...uneven ground and my knees and cane don't mix)...plus he'll catch the ashes from the smudge.  I am almost done gathering ingredients, time is getting away from me.

Can anyone help with a SIMPLE protection spell for us both from all things especially family crap, stress and health related things?


Witch of Stitches said...

If you even suspect a little that your husband may have had a stroke, PLEASE, call 911 and get him to the ER. The sooner a stroke is treated, the better the chance for full recovery; waiting is not an option here.
In the mean time, please don't apologize for asking for prayers and healing energy - we are a community of like minded people here in the blogosphere, most everyone I've come into contact with, yet never met, is willing to do such. You've got a full plate - healing energy and a candle, being sent to you both. Know that prayers and healing are being sent. XO

Joane said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. Prayers, good thoughts, positive energy are coming your way from me. Please take care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

Honey that man needs to have a neurological workup. Those symptoms could be something as simple as an Atypical Migraine (I had the speach and partial paralysis happen to me during a migraine) or a TIA or stroke! I think a family intervention is necessary STAT. In this day and age, time is everything with strokes and such.

Best of luck to you girl.

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh Susan, very scary, and I agree with everyone else he needs to get in right away.

Like you need any more stress in your life! healing thoughts sent your way!
hugs Lynn

Naturally Me Creations said...

I'm sending all my best energies for you and your husband! I hope he recovers from this strange thing soon, and that you have been able to get him to medical help.