Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marvelous what a Mucha Mojito and a Vicodin will do...LOL (art too)

Seriously, tonight was a good night. the day was yuk, and I never thought I would make it to tonight but I did.
It has been very muggy here for the past 3 days, which is not good for my asthma. The A/C units are not in the windows yet. I was really hoping we could afford to have "through-the-wall-units" put in before this summer, HA!  I am a bit concerned though, because I have boxes and boxes of BRAND NEW envelopes out in the "POD". They will start sticking together. Anyway, the knee was painful today...the dampness?  just the knee's lack of cartilage? who knows, but the pain was bound to come back. As usual it is much worse after taking a shower, and My daughter and her boyfriend were coming down to go out to dinner with us. 

So Shower I did, AND she agreed she would help me with a project upstairs. My intention was to go up and come down only. so right before she got here I took a Vicodin, and it hadn't even kicked in by the time I went up the stairs, it was just starting by the time we came down.  We all went out to Applebee's in her new leased Nissan (royal blue-so petty) It was a "meet-the-new-BF" and a "celebration" dinner as she was given her own "Journey's" Shoe store to manage. She's only been with the company for about 7 months. Yes I really want her to go to college, but this is still a proud moment, in this economy for her to be moving up is a good thing. I had a "Mucha Mojito"  so therefore, I was in a good mood and not feeling the knee until I stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

Not to shadow her older sister, though she isn't a real part of my life right now, She is graduating from College, next Saturday(Ron and I are attending). I am very proud. Even though there have been issues causing much friction between us, most of the issues are her own, and she has had several rough years, so to me this is marvelous. The end of May she goes down for her interview and final steps before total acceptance into graduate school in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. (Nova Southeastern University--same school my own niece went to). If the total acceptance goes through, she'll be starting classes down there the end of August.

I have no clue what is going on with my son, as so far he hasn't even kept his promise to his Dad to stay in touch to set up work times for the house, and the weather has been great for getting work done, shame. Also, since son isn't here to help, hubby is NOT pushing himself.

OK art time.

I am in a swap for a "Fairy Garden book" it is a chipboard book made by Maya Rd. (so cool) the front page is cut and the whole book is shaped like a picket garden gate. We are to make and swap 4 of the solid pages. I am in the midsts of making a few of these, so at least 2 can go in my Etsy shop, which I am feverishly working on inventory for.

2 of the pages are roughly the same, because I actually made 4-1 for me, 1 for a friend(Lynn) and 2 to swap, and then the other 2 are different.

 The "Rain Faerie" pages...Poem by me, piece of aqua crocheted doily, Bkgd. paper old pink and white roses paper by Provocraft, sprayed with aqua radiant rain. Diamond glaze used on her bubble. Copper, flat and 3D items all by K & co. Alphabet letters by Provo craft
 The backs are also old provo craft paper, flat, 3D and acetate items by K & co.
 The  short poem:

she rises from the deep blue
to bring the scent of the fresh
clean sea to you.

She rides atop a wet, shiny bubble
washing away all trouble.
gliding just above the ground,
she traverses the earth all around.

She brings all the dew and the rains
to the trees, grasses, flowers, and grains.

Proud member of the family of Fae,
she is an Earth Guardian.
~S, Guzy©2011
 ALL fairies from Alpha Stamps collage sheets
"Spring brings Blessings of Renewal"

Bkgd. paper by Pink Paislee (Butterfly garden set), leaf ribbon and brass bee from Alpha Stamps, all flat, 3D and copper items from K & co. Marvy Calligraphy pen. stickles (you can't see them for some reason)
 The back...bkgd. paper from K & co. and provo craft. Butterfly, 3D fern and vellum flowers by K & co.
 Bkgd. paper by K &co. vine stamp by Alpha stamps, Flower soft, and diamond glaze used on and around pond. brass dragonfly by Alpha stamps, 3D bird by K&co. red iridescent flowers by Skybluepink. "Once upon a time" by Crafty Secrets. Black German scrap by ARTchix. stickles (you can't see them for some reason)
The back. Bkgd. paper by 7 gypsies, fern by K & co. 3D moth by Pink Paislee, bird and nest from my own collection of images


Sara said...

glad you had a good day today. I always make the most of those. Your little fairy book is so gorgeous. Have a great weekend, myself I am off to a bike rally woo hoo. Hugs Sara

Naturally Me Creations said...

Your little book is gorgeous! I love how you've decorated it, it's really pretty.....

jacque4u2c said...

Happy that you were able to have a decent day, despite all the junk you have to endure!!!! What a strong lady you are!

This art piece is just so stunning and gorgeous! I just love it! Your details are impeccable!