Friday, September 3, 2010

2 truths and a lie

 join us for some fun on 2 truths and a lie... CA GIRL

Last week:

1. I am secretly a dog and cat whisperer.... though I think I actually am somewhat (at least with all the animals I have owned) but yes, this is the lie
2. I could be a "weak" candidate for the TV show "Hoarders"... Yes but only with crafting supplies really, but then look at hubby's fishing equipment (yes he has a barn to hide it in) he is supposed to be helping me redo a room in the house to be my studio...then all the spread out crap will only be in one room (with the exception of my rather large rubber stamp collections, which is already stored neatly. so this is true.
3. My oldest daughter blames me for basically 90% of all the wrong and bad in her life and has been estranged from me for about 3-4 years. ... sadly this is true, though I do reach out to her once and a while, it never seems to take longer than a day or 2 before she is back at me, I keep telling her the past is past and no parent is perfect and all of us have issues with our parents but life goes on. I want to start fresh, she wants to remain in the past waiting for me to somehow magically fix stuff. I do not get it, I truly believe in my heart there is some mental disease process at work here (most of my family, saw it before I did)  She doesn't even speak with her siblings.  so sorry that this is true.

This week:
1. I have an almost sub-conscience habit of slowly scratching my scalp
2. I have several regrets in my life, unlike many people who says "no regrets"
3. I met my husband on a blind date 

go guess other lies here.


Lourie said...

How someone have NO regrets? We all make mistakes some big...some small. My sister scratches at her arms til they bleed. So I think that is possible you do scratch at your scalp. Hmmmmm this one is a toughie. I will go with #1 as the lie. If you did meet your husband on a blind date, I would love to know the story!

Micki said...

How sad about your daughter. I see kids who turn out and then some don't...It is hard to understand.