Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alphabe-thursday...STARTING OVER with "A"

Come Join us over at Jenny's Place-- "Off on My Tangent" as we while the weeks away posting something relevant to "US" concerning that letter for the week. As the children go back to school, so do we BRAVE BLOGGERS that join Miss Jenny in Class!

Edited to add the Fonz (I actually rec'd. requests for him)

This is week is the letter A

"A" is an easy letter for me.  I didn't have to think twice;
"A" is for ART.

I thought first I'd share some of my favorite art of Actual famous Artists
Then I will share some art that I admire of my arty friends.
Then I'll put out a few items. I've made.
Critiques are welcome :)

Painted in 1880 by Pierre Auguste Cot(1837-1883) is my all time favorite
"The Storm"  in french...Le TempĂȘte
This beauty hangs in one of my favorite places in the world...The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  I bought a small print of this on wood, it hangs in my down stairs bathroom.

This one is 
also painted by Pierre Auguste Cot in 1873
to me it matches "the storm" and I'd so love to have a copy of this also.

It hangs in The Appleton Museum of Art at Florida College, Ocala, FL.

Now Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)
"Starry, Starry Night"

 "The Rehearsal" by Edgar Degas  (1834-1917)

Two from American Artist Mary Cassatt (1844-1926)
I love almost all of her pieces, so choosing just one was tough.
Here is "Summertime"

 and "Young Woman Sewing"

Another American Artist; William Glackens again hard to pick just one.
this is "Sledding, Central Park"

 Now some art from friends:

This piece I am lucky enough to have "bardered for" and I totally LOVE IT!

It is called "Lunar" it is a collage inside a Plexiglass shadowbox, that has also been collaged.
The artist is my good friend Joni Owens, in Anderson SC. It was made in 2008

This is from my friend Elena Vigil-Farinas, in Key Largo FL:
"Blue Lady"  you start with collaging eyes from a magazine, and then paint around it.

 My friend Valerie Brincheck in Michigan made this:
Necklace using bullet casings (22)  she also paints and uses fabric  and collage etc. but I wanted to share this.

My friend Susan (Sanna) Burgess in New Hampshire
two pieces:


and "Arms and Legs"

and now just a couple things I've made:

Hand drawn and colored ATC

My "Flying Angel fish"  using a paper mache dress form (my 2nd assemblage art)

collaged ATC

 My first altered mini mailbox

"Pain's Cycle"  my first "assemblage" art (like a collage but using 3D things to put it together, usually it is like a free form sculpture, but this was a first attempt)

I hope you enjoyed the 

There are so many other artists (famous, and not) that I love.
One Famous is Nick Bantock, please google him, and check out his work.
and then visit some of my blog roll to see some others.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I really enjoyed the variety of pieces. I love the impressionist best.

Terra said...

I very much enjoyed my art tour, I kind of wish the fonz would have been there at the end too! THese pictures are beautiful.

Elena said...

I really love your "Pain's cycle" Susan. We have very similar tastes in art as I too admire the paintings you you posted. Thank you for mentioning my Blue Lady. She was so much fun to do! Have an awesome day my friend.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a lovely post about one of my very favorite subjects in the entire universe! Tastefully and artfully done, Pieces of Fate!

Sue said...

Wonderful tour!



Write Chick said...

Love it. The "Springtime" painting is one of my favorites.!. Love the tour.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Susan, I see we share some favorite artists in VanGogh, Degas and Mary Cassatt. I enjoyed the tour of your artist friends work and admire the multimedia pieces very much. You, too, are very talented and show a real flair for collage. 'A' is definately for ART.

Susan Burgess said...

Nice choices Susan. Interesting approach using the Masters and then a fe friends. What an honor! I did that arms and legs drawing like 26 years ago!!! In a sketch book while I was a guard at an Art Museum in Worchester Mass rightt after I graduated college and before going into the USAF! Wonder what I was trying to say? Guyess I felt trapped in my own framework. So glad to be free of those days. I love being a SAHM and artist and all my online art friends. You make my life smile. The dish ran away with the spoon is a hoot. I really love that Luna piece you bought from your friend too what TREASURE! hugs, Sanna

Melinda Cornish said...

I had to laugh because I recognized Sanna's piece right away...I even clicked on a close up to see if it was hers...then I saw the comment....Art is a wonderful thing...thanks for sharing it with me and happy Alpahbe Thursday!

Valerie B. said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me as one of your favorite artists. I love the flying angel fish assemblage. You should do more of these 3D pieces.

Jenny said...

What a fun, cultural stop on my little journey through Alphabe-Thursday, Miss Susan.

Thank you for showing me an artist I know nothing about. It will be fun to research William Glackens to see his other works.

You are certainly talented and have some talented friends as well. Love your mixed media art projects.

Thank you for sharing all these lovely things with us this week for Alphabe-Thursday.