Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YAHOO is going thru YAHELL right now...

they are claiming they are trying to get up to date (it's about time) their servers are ten years old,  etc etc blah blah.  ANYWAY...
they are enduring some issues right now frustrating many of us that are members of their groups,  the uploading of Pictures being the biggest for a short while anyway, I'll be using my blog as a gallery NOT just for WTJ and Cards, and the occasional altered art that is NOT for a swap, but also images for Lotteries and swaps.

With that being said here is my "Cat's Meow" ATC for the Lottery on the ARTchix sister group:

It was very difficult to get a good picture. I do not know why I always have such a rough time. I tried auto, portrait and macro, this is the best one, from Macro. Scanning is usually better but this ATC has a lot of 3D items, especially the mushroom  and the abalone piece.

The image of the dueling cats someone sent me from the internet, the background is from ARTchix collage sheets Wise Old Owl and Dapper Woodsman. The title is from ARTchix sheet Tell me More, and of course the tiny black German scrap borders is from ARTchix. I do not remember if the top looped German scrap piece is from ARTchix or Collage Stuff. The mushroom is from Collage stuff, the Abalone is from the now defunct Hannah Grey Dry Goods and Curiosities (I am so upset that she went out of business, she always found such neat stuff).  The nail head is from Scrapworks. The clear page pebbles are from EK Success.

This is a lottery, Please keep your fingers crossed that I win...I love cats, and my all time favorite theme for ATCs is Cats-in-Hats, and there are a few among the lottery players.

Thanks and be well,

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Beadwright said...

Hi S I love these cats! Hope all is well with you.