Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday Muse, late cause of Holiday

American English, is a colorful language.

It has several little regional nuances, some cultural twists and certainly a vast amount of slang.  There are also accents, and many will say "I do not have an accent" but guess what?...we all do, depending on where in the good Old US of A we hail from.  I am a born and bred Jersey girl. Yet when I lived in Maryland for 6 months, everyone said I sounded like I was from NY or even south Philly.  I also lived in Center City, Philadelphia, PA. for 2 years before going to Maryland, so did something wear off on me?  I'd have to say yes.  

First when my youngest daughter and I came back from Maryland, she had a slight twang and used the "Y'all" quite a bit. No one said anything about me, so I guess it was just her. Additionally the summer I was 15 My family spend 10 days in Wildwood Crest NJ. There was a family from Quebec with a son a couple of years older than me, and we were both quite taken with each other(his name was Francois Grafair). He was trying to learn English, it was funny, we even wrote to each other for 2 years afterwards.(his English had improved)  ANYWAY...when we came back to my central NJ neighborhood, my friends all said I was talking with a french accent. LOL!!

I have spent time with people who speak different languages in addition to English, and their languages have slang also. There is also something else UNIVERSAL to language....swearing, cussing, cursing, off-color phrases. However else you'd like to put it.

I am choosing to talk about this today because for the past couple of weeks YAHOO has been having issues, many of us have become angry and quite frustrated.  Well I posted something to several of my yahoo groups last week. (see below)  and ONE person step up and said they were highly offended, even though I only used an acronym. a bunch of people came to my defense and one other person came to hers.  I do not get it, cussing is very much an integrated part of our language, it is in books, and films and TV shows etc. I believe there are even college courses on cursing and it's origins etc.

So, I guess I want to see how many people are actually offended as ADULTS to read other ADULTS writing, using "colorful language"

here is the post i put on several yahoo groups, remember ONE person from ONE group complained, and in it's wake, ONE other person sided with her.

Subject line:   YA-HELL!

WTF!!! I am sooo beyond angry and frustrated about the photo thing on all of my
yahoo groups. they (Yahoo) sent a message out to one of the mods, on another group, and
they made it all so apologetic, saying how they were upgrading their 10 year old
servers etc to make things better for US!
But then...they said for the photo issue, please clean out your cache and then
the pictures should be viewable. so they are blaming our computers? WTF!! I
busted my butt to put up a bunch of swaps pics up(on another group), and you can only see half
of them UUUUUGH!!! %$^$#@...

mm-uhm Thanks for letting me vent, I'll go compose myself now.

Susan (G)

Would this have upset you??


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Beadwright said...

Susan you have every right to vent in any way, shape, or form. It is called freedom of speech. You are also correct in that EVERYONE in the world cusses, or has heard cuss words. Yes, there are going to be people who are offended by cussing. But for the person who came against you I say this; you read the first line and if you were offended why did you continue to read? We all have the choice not to read, watch, or listen.