Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010--- 9/11/2001

 I remember as a child, on our drives to Jersey City to see relatives watching out the window as the "Twin Towers" were being built. I remember the pride in my father's voice as he pointed it out every time to me. Warning: the Below images may upset some.

Do you remember? Where you were? What you were doing? How you felt? How you felt in the days that followed?

I TOTALLY remember. I remember thinking is this some kind of a drill (after one plane but before the second) I was on the internet, and also then put on the TV.  How Horror-struck I was. I was then glued to the television for the next 10 days or so. Almost 24 hours a day.  I swear I had survivors quilt, as many others probably felt. I couldn't stop crying. To the point that my husband, kept telling me to shut the TV off.

I am focusing on NY and the WTC because it had the largest loss. Do you know there are still 1,125 people missing, that NOTHING was ever found of?

I can NOT even begin to imagine the choking, the heat, the pain, the fear that these fellow Americans were feeling. Can you you even try to imagine how BAD it was, that so many chose to jump to their deaths?

They surely had to know that it would be a quicker way to go, and on THEIR terms. SO Horrifically Tragic!!
soooo many. sooo terrible a loss.
and then they came down, the rest of the people in a steel and stone grave.
SO Many came from all over the country, and also from around the world to help and support. To look for the missing, which were in the thousands. Additionally, for a long while to come, we Americans were numb, but also united.

The clean up is done, but sadly no one has learned anything. We are not numb, we are becoming complacent again, and we are no longer united. WE NEED TO REMEMBER, TO FEEL IT again and to STAND UNITED.  YES, I agree there is evil in the world, but we need to show tolerance and love.  I say there should be a mosque, a catholic church and a protestant church, a jewish synagogue, a Buddist and hindu temple and other building representing other major religions in this country at ground zero. The true muslims did NOT do this.

The many Memorials

Hoboken, NJ: 

Bayonne, NJ: 

Logan Airport, Boston MA:

 The Pentagon:


I Hope you have not forgotten. Truthfully, I hope my post made you remember more clearly, and made you FEEL IT again.                                                                                I am a PATRIOT, and will NEVER forget.


Micki said...

I will never forget it too Susan. It was a terrible day!
Thanks for posting it

I got your package in
the mail, and I do thank you so much! They will all come to use, I am sure.

Sussie said...

I think most people in the whole world was thinking about your loss yesterday... It was such a tragedy!
Here on swedish television they showed the movies "World trade center" and "united 93" to make people remember.
Have a great sunday sunday evening!