Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cottage Charm Jr. prizes

I am very surprised and shocked that 7 people did not get back to me with either "Southern Belle" or "Gardener" as their choice for a chance at winning. I said in the post I was giving them til 6pm Monday night. Well I actually gave them til 2am Tuesday morning.  So does it make me a bad person that I picked winners without those 7 people

Part of me feels a little guilty. Ron says, "You'd be nuts to feel that way, afterall you're the one giving stuff away for free, plus the postage, if they really wanted to win, they would have replied to your emails."

OH, well... I really can't put any more time into this, I have lots on my plate, including trying to put some more $$ into our home, which means I have to get moving on making stuff for my etsy shoppe.
I have a commitment to Operation Write home. I have a gazillion Dr. appts. and tests coming up, plus my Birthday.(Amanda and I are going to spend the day at the thrift stores looking for goodies)

We do not have the A/C units in the windows yet, and not sure how we're gonna do it. Hubby and I can do one by our selves, but not sure about the others. Our son kinda left in the middle of the job, and I wouldn't have been upset, as it was an extra job on top of putting the window in, but he ended up staying overnight at a friends, so he could have stopped back here and gave an our of his time.

OH WELL...with that being said NO, I will not feel guilty...choosing the names right now...

Gardener first>>>>drum roll>>>....the winner of the Gardening bundle is SHERRY @ Blessings from Our nest


Now for the Southern Belle>>>>drum roll>>>...The winner of the Southern Belle Book bundle is Tiffany @ The Cranky Queen  (and NO it was not fixed...I won her giveaway)

Congrats Tiffany!!

I hope everyone that participated in The 5th Annual Cottage Charm giveaway, won something! Let's face it,everyone likes winning :)
 Hope you all had a good memorial day, and remembered to take time to reflect.  Have a good week coming up, I may not be posting as much, over the next week or so. I have lots of Appts. scheduled and also have some artsy deadlines.  plus if it stays as hot and/or humid as it was today, I'll be melting. LOL



Linda in New Mexico said...

Congratulations to the winners.
Hey, don't feel guilty.....it is your giveaway. Thanks for reminding me to answer...glad you did.
Oma LInda

FairfieldHouse said...


Congrats to all three of your winners and thank you for being so generous and giving each of us a second chance to win! I agree with your husband, do not feel guilty.

Stay cool, happy and healthy.

Your Friend,