Sunday, May 8, 2011

it's Friday, that means...

something FREE:
click the pic then save it

something FUN:

Here are some ATCs I made for a swap at "The Stamp Man", The Theme this month is FRIENDSHIP.

a girl and her doll, I used some flower soft on top of the flower images on the bkgd. Stamped "adore" added some mini Primas and a heart brad.

2 Kitties having tea, I trimmed the draperies in beads, floated the word friendship, and used diamond glaze on the word and on the purple flowers, finished it off with a top border of German scrap

2 "tumblers", I colored in their pants and shoes, used black rhinestones, a black sharpie on different areas of the Bkgd. and a bit of German Scrap. Yippee is floated on foam tape

and something FRANK:

I do NOT believe they got OSAMA, I think it is a political tactic to raise OBAMA's Popularity. (which let's face it- has tanked)  He is really good at one thing...self promotion.

AND...why is HE getting the credit anyway? it would and should be going to our operatives and military, especially the navy seals.

show of hands, anyone else sitting with me on a grassy knoll?


Linda in New Mexico said...

Sm and I were discussing this very issue and decided that we were part of the conspiracy generation. That being said....I too feel like the best quality of our current President is self agrandizement...nuff said.
Have a super weekend and let's you and I keep Roswell under our hats. tee hee The Olde Bagg

Anonymous said...

Fab post, love the freebie and your atcs are gorgeous. And not being an American i really dont know much about Obama.Totally agree about the military though.
hugs June xxxxx

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for the freebie Susan and I love your ATC's! ~Diane