Monday, May 30, 2011

Winner Grand prize-Cottage Charm giveaway

***If you are here for the OWH Memorial day weekend Hop, scroll down one post***

Hello cottage - y People!!

Yesterday I used to pick the winner for the grand prize, (minus the overseas comments)
and an UNUSUAL thing actually picked #1, people always say that doesn't happen but it does, obviously...because the winning comment was by....


Kathy said...
What a delightful Cottage Charm Giveaway! Love the teacups and the swan candy dish - the runner is so very beautiful! Thank you for this opportunity to win.

 I do not believe she was back to see the add-ons, until she went to the post yesterday to refresh her memory on what she won. (scroll down 2 posts)

She won all the lovely PINK goodness: 2 tea mugs, table runner, the exquisite swan (which I found out is much older than I thought it was...someone commented to me that their parents had received this exact swan candy dish as a wedding gift in 1948)  The vintage reversible Apron, and the pair of Damask pink napkins.

Now I have the 2 Jr. prizes to giveaway, and I am waiting on just a couple of people to respond to emails I send out yesterday asking them to choose:

Southern Belle, Gardener, or Neither, thanks anyway. I will then put all those names in a "respective hat" and draw the winners of the 2 Jr. prizes. If I have not heard from everyone by 6pm tonight, I will draw by the names I have already.

I want to sincerely thank  KIM over at THE TWICE REMEMBERED COTTAGE for hosting such a wonderful annual event, and for all her hard work.

Furthermore I would like to announce that I was the CHICKEN-LOVING WINNER over at THE CRANKY QUEENTiffany will be sending me these FAB ITEMS: a yard of Vintage Chicken fabric, a vintage Hen and chicks postcard, and a Bottle she Altered in a CHICKEN - Y way!!

The Hubster, thought I won the Green home on HGTV, the way I was hoot-n-hollerin and doing the CHICKEN happy Dance!!  I did the dance with the grand-dog, I did the dance with the Pretty cat, and I even did the dance with the Grand-cat!! When I was done, and Hubs was  laughing and telling the animals how crazy I was, he finally said "so what exactly did you win?" I told him,  He then shook his head and said, "you are nuts!" I was so totally LMFAO!!!  The grand-dog was laughing with me, (ok other dog owners KNOW what I mean) I really am not nuts!  The grand-cat left as soon as he possibly could, and the pretty cat gave herself a little shake, and went back into her sleeping-in-front-of-an-open-window-mode.
My son was here for a bit with 3 friends to put the window in his room where the Fire was, Luckily, they were gone by the time I found out I won, or he probably would have suggested to his father that they call "The men in the white coats" for me. LOL  Part of the time they were here was good, and the last part not so much as they were supposed to help put the window a/c units in, but the 2 main A/C units seem to have disappeared out of our Barn/garage...Or hubster is truly not remembering where he is putting things.

so... A/C A/C unit on floor in the room it goes in, down stairs, one A/C unit on the floor of the room it goes in upstairs. 2 A/C units on the tailgate of the big truck, and 1 small never used by us A/C unit on the table outside...they were needed and humid, and they are really needed today, as it looks like it is going to be MORE humid, and sinuses and asthma are acting up a bit, so I am GLAD I had reason to do the happy dance yesterday!! cause today I may just be a CRANKY QUEEN myself!!

Whoa, it is now thundering, storm comin'!

I wish you all a wonderful memorial day, remember what the day is REALLY about...FREEDOM is NOT FREE!


Sara said...

Hi Susan, just dropping buy to say hello. Did you get my email in answer to your question? I am asking because my emails playing up lately. I dont know whay? Any way. Chamomile oil will be very good and also apple oil. Hugs Sara

Fairfield House said...


You are too funny! I was laughing at the comment you left on my blog (about seeing "The winner is Susan" followed by another blog) and now I am hysterical reading about your Victory Chicken Dance with your grand dog and cats! I do exactly the same thing. Only when Thomas asks what did you win I usually have no clue. :/

Get those window units in before you melt. It's a scorcher out there today. We just came in after working in the yard all afternoon. The fun never ends.

Your Friend,

Heather Grow said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. You asked about what punch I used for my white/gray/yellow ruffle card. It is a Fiskars border punch. It is called Effervescence. Thanks again.