Sunday, May 8, 2011

a Lucky Streak

Back on April 28, it was national Charm day, I was supposed to participate, I had some charms made and everything. However family crap got in the way, and I forgot to put my post up. I never even went to any of the blogs to see their stuff, except for one, as she posted it at least a full week before. She had some awesome goodies to giveaway, and guess what?  I WON!!  I couldn't be happier, I loved the book mark, and the earring and pendant set, the other goodies were icing on the cake. This blog is Naturally Me Creations and it is owned by a talented woman named Monique.

The best part is how she came to pick a winner, read the adorable post here I love Dee Dee!!!
Now the sad part, some thievery along the way from South Africa to the US, the beautiful earring and pendent set and the heart charm on the bottom of the charm picture were missing. :( You can see the envelope had been opened, and they just pressed it back together. However, Monique; being the sweet person she is, has told me she is going to make me a new set and send it off! How about that? She's the best!! Please visit her blog and show some love :)

and now the other wonderful winning!

Then a couple weeks ago, a friend and fellow artist was doing a dream journal giveaway on her blog, I entered and, also won!!! Tami at Raeven's Nest was very generous and was giving away this yummy goodness!  I can't wait til it arrives :)

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