Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear So and So---1 day late (plus it has been a while)

Usually on Fridays there is:
Dear So and So...

It appears this week, she may not have done it, but I need to, as I have been holding things in a lot lately.

Dear Hubby, 
you are different since those incidents a few weeks back. I KNOW that you are aware of at least some of what I am talking about. Maybe some of it you aren't (but I really do not think so) YOU NEED to make an appt. with the Doctor, and find out what is going on, as it may just be that new medicine, or it may be something more serious.  To ME, you acting like nothing is wrong, and being indifferent shows a lack of love and respect for me. What if it is something serious? Then you could be taken from me. DO what you NEED to do!
Thank you and love, Susan

Dear certain internet and blog friends,
YOU know who YOU are. You are the ones that have told me numerous times to feel free to ask questions, when I need an answer. Don't tell someone that and then time and again ignore them, when they ask a question. a few of you, have stopped even visiting my blog, I guess that is my answer--that you just can't be bothered. Well, I do not understand how it takes something away from you, to tell me what Beltaine(or Beltane) is and what should be on an alter? (one example)
How to create my own button for my blog?  that is another one. 
How to make a watermark to protect my art images?

What is the name of a certain punch you have used for a project( I even asked through your so-called contact me form for this one) and after receiving no reply I have repeatedly put it in a comment on your blog. I know you are one of the "Great ones" when it comes to card making, but if you aren't going to help others why do you mention time and again?

Do all spells and rituals NEED to be done on the full moon?

Then there are a few of you who talk SO ENTHUSIASTICALLY about an event or something that is going on with a group of people (mostly in the art world), but no new people can join. Try reading what you post from a reader's POV and not a poster's POV.

You will see that this is a form of TEASING, like "look how great and how much fun this is, wouldn't you like to be doing this?"  Things can be worded differently, as to share something you like, without getting people's juices flowing, thinking possibly they can get in on something.   Which brings me to something else.

PLEASE remove dead buttons and candy off your sidebars people, it is your blog, maintain it!

OK, getting off my soapbox now.
Thanks for listening, and don't be mad, as I am sharing with you, which is something adults should be able to do with one another.

Hugs (for the most part),

Dear son Tom,
I have it on good authority that you think you have your father snowed, and will be getting that truck for only doing one job with him or for him on this house. You are mistaken. You know we have decided to draw up a contract, which will be fully enforced, and the title stays with dad. Since we have heard about your clever bragging, and your usual manipulating behavior, Dad says he may not even give you the truck at all, he is thinking of selling it. The time as come for you to grow up. Finding convenient woman to shack up with, as all utilities and rent is already in their name...leaving you responsible for nothing is going to get around, and even your male friends eventually are going to lose respect for you. The time for lazing around, playing video games, and outside gun games(hoping to be noticed and become a paid player) is over. Put away those pipe-dreams of childhood, man-up and get a damn job! You have at least 10x over pooh-poohed jobs that would have brought you decent income. UPS for wouldn't even go check it out as you don't want to get up and go to work in the morning. The cable company's call center, you have already done this kind of work, you are and can be a both a cable and a internet troubleshooter, excuse that time---"Pretty soon, we're gonna be getting big $$ for our tournaments". You really do make us feel ashamed, and questioning what we didn't do right.  Get on with an adult life already.
Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

I love reading your Dear So & So posts. They're very straight forward which I appreciate in a person.
And maybe (Hopefully) they will cause people to think about things and learn to be more kind and thoughtful.
Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Well, that goes to show you that I need to read the first sentence of a blog post.
Still, I would love to see you and many others do a weekly Dear So & So.
I loved yours. (((Hugs)))

Linda in New Mexico said...

I must say that I have walked a mile in similar mocassins, so I feel like I can comment to this post.
Aren't husbands frustrating when it comes to not taking care of themselves? I keep telling mine that as he gets older I need to get a different saddle to ride his old self. Stubborn is not a word to describe donkeys but husbands.
Secondly: I would be glad to answer any question you have about witchie talk. I'm not the least bit shy of telling someone what I know...doesn't mean I know everything because I don't but I'm willng to chat about it. turtle8603 at comacast dot net.
And lastly....get um Mom. If my soon to be x sil's mom had cared enough to tell him how the cow ate the cabbage, my daughter would still be married, my hubby and I would be just two in a house and my grands wouldn't have had to have suffered a helluva beginning to their young lives. Stand your ground and help your son become a man....not a boy in men's clothing.
Email me........if you choose The Olde Bagg

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know how to make a button for my blog. I have asked in the past but never got an answer. I suppose I didn't ask the right people. LOL

And I would be happy to answer questions if I have answer.

BTW...NO, spells and rituals do NOT have to be done on the full moon. They can be done anytime really. And there are some that are better done during the dark of the moon too.

Sara said...

Hi Susan

Husbands are such a nightmare when it comes to looking after themselves. Mine is terrible at taking painkillers or going to the doctors yet quick enough to tell me to do so. Sigh. I give up let them get onwith it. Anything for a quiet life. I just nod in agreement with his gripes about taking painkillers. ITs easier. As to your question about making your own buttons. I took the lazy option and got someone to make mine. If you go on my blog you will see my blog designers website. She is great and reasonable too. No you can perform spells anytime. Certain spells can be done on the new waxing or waning moon. Days of the week for certain spells. Email me if you want more help Hugs Sara