Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 truths and a lie (2nd time)

 2 truths and a lie with CA GIRL

These are from last week.

1. I witnessed an armed robbery...True, as a child(9-11) one late afternoon/evening (it was just getting dark out) my mom and I went to our neighborhood SHOP-RITE (grocery store) when we got there there were cops cars out front, we started slowly walking toward the store, and a Police officer stopped us and said we couldn't go in right now.  a few seconds later we heard a shot. My mom turned me around and we were walking back to the car, but we both kept looking over our shoulder. we stopped at our car and just stood there watching.  The first aid guys went in and then came out with a man on the stretcher, and we heard the policeman (the same one that talked to us) say out loud, at least it was only the suspect that got hurt. I asked my mom, if we were leaving, and she said get in the car and she would find out if they were closing the store for the whole night.  she went back up to that policeman and asked, When she got back in the car, she said that man was trying to rob shop-rite and that they would be closed for the rest of the evening.

2. I have worked as a lumberjack...True.  My husband and I had a tree business for over 5 years. I have my own chain saw and everything, I was his rope man right into the 9th month of my pregnancy with my son. We've cleared entire building lots, and sold firewood, did small pruning jobs too. We loved it, and it was great working side by side with my man.  We both miss it immensely.  but he is too old for tree climbing now, and I have too many physical issues.::sigh::

3. My family is superbly close and always there for each other.  SADLY this is the lie.(extended family--my siblings etc)

OK, now for this week...

1. I am secretly a dog and cat whisperer.
2. I could be a "weak" candidate for the TV show "Hoarders"
3. My oldest daughter blames me for basically 90% of all the wrong and bad in her life and has been estranged from me for about 3-4 years
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Lourie said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you were so close to a robbery! HOw scary. I am going to say the cat/dog whisperer is the lie.

Thanks again for playing!!

Micki said...

I also think that the cat/dog whisperer is a lie.

lee said...

sorry about your daughter is it easy to blame your Mum,I have 3 kids who love me and one who called me "the psychotic bitch from hell"
I sympathise