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Practical Magic 2011- A Good Witch

This line so speaks to me, and I am sure, to many of you. Aunt Frances is indeed a wise woman. One should always be true to themselves, shouldn't they? Being one's self may not always make you popular, as sometimes our true selves may be different than what society expects from us, it may in fact be different from what our family or friends expect from us. However, not being true to ourselves often leaves us feeling unsatisfied, or thinking to our selves; "I should have, I could have".  For myself, it took many years of being walked on, before I said no more being phony, or sweet when it is not right to be so. I speak truthfully, honestly and forthrightly. If you are a friend of mine, you will know that what is coming out of my mouth is exactly what I am thinking. Sometimes because of this, it may take some time and effort on one's part to become my friend. However, the effort is rewarded with a good listener and friend, a caring and sharing person. A person whose girth is all heart.

It is because of my heart I think that I love this movie so very much! I can feel the love shining through in the hearts of this family, to the point of envy many times. I could list forever what I love about this movie.
However I chose to concentrate on a very special part of the wonderful Owens' home.

The Conservatory/Pantry/Kitchen
It is in here that The Aunts keep their herbs, and blossoms, and potions, lotions etc.

Herbal medicine is as old as time. All of our Ancestors used it. Many use it still. For many centuries, those who used the herbs and bark of trees and roots were referred to as Wise men/women, Holy men/women, Medicine men/women, and also as Witches. I now have a story to share and a giveaway.

A Good Witch
Bernard Shaw

Next to the forest there lived a lonely elderly woman. She was poor and made a living of sorts by collecting herbs and roots in the forest. The herbs and roots she used to make tinctures and syrups for coughs and colds also for sinking fevers when it was deemed necessary. The villagers came from miles around asking her for help. She never refused to help even when the villagers had no money to pay for her medicines, tinctures and ointments.

One day late in September a mother brought her young child that was suffering from a high fever for the woman’s help. The mother of the child had tried everything to get the fever down. The elderly lady that most people called the witch told the mother that she had no remedy for sinking the child’s fever all that she had in her poor home was for grown ups and she would have go and look for a special root that would sink the child’s fever without harming her.

Making the mother a special tea for the baby the elderly woman went off into the forest to look for the root that would help with the fever. The poor woman walked for miles before she came across such a root. Carefully digging it out from the ground she cleaned it and placed it in her basket.

Turning she went to walk back to her home on the edge of the woods. It was getting dark and she realised that she was in a part of the forest that she had never seen before. What was she to do? the mother was waiting at her home with the child that was ill. Sitting down in the forest she thought of a way to get back home as quickly as possible. Nothing came into her head it seemed as if the baby was going to die.

At the edge of the clearing where she sat thinking a Fairy had been watching the elderly lady. As we all know Fairies can read a human brain like a book. The fairy decided that she would help the elderly lady. Turning she lifted her head and gave a gentle whistle. A most beautiful white unicorn came trotting into the clearing. The Fairy spoke to the elderly lady and told her to sit on the unicorns back and it would take her back to her home. In a matter of minutes the Unicorn stopped near the elderly woman’s cottage and left as quietly as it had come.

Greeting the mother of the child the elderly lady took down a large pot and placed a few herbs with some water onto the fire. Carefully cleaning the root that she had found she cut it up and put it in the pot with the other herbs. Leaving it to boil for an hour she then carefully strained the juice into a cup and as soon as it was cool enough to drink gave the baby a few drops at a time. When the cup was empty the elderly lady felt the babies forehead and told the mother that the fever had gone. Then she poured some more of the juice into an old green bottle and told the Mother to give the baby a few drops if the temperature should come back. The Mother thanked the elderly woman and placed a halfpenny onto the table. It was really more than she could afford and the elderly woman smiled and thanked her.

When the Mother returned home to her husband with the baby she told him how the elderly woman had spent the whole day looking for the special root for the child’s medicine. The husband asked how much the elderly lady had charged for curing the baby. He would not believe that she had treated his child for nothing. His wife was afraid to tell him about the halfpenny. The man only earned one penny a week for chopping wood.

A week later the man was in the woods chopping down trees when he found a silver shilling lying on the ground. He did not see the elderly lady that had been watching him or the fairy that had dropped the silver shilling so that he could find it. From that day on the wood chopper and his family always had work and food and once a week they would go to the elderly woman’s house to see her and bring a few little cakes or a half a loaf of bread. They never forgot the kind old woman that many still call a witch.

"There is a little witch in all of us" 
 The grandkids, hehe
 "Pico" above
"Ceasar" below (and above-he is a polydactyl)
 My familiar & Baby; "Pretty" who was not in the mood for a photo shoot

TADA!! now if you have stayed with me thus far you will be rewarded!
2 lucky readers and commentors will each be picked by random generator for 2 prizes.
first prize a BN sealed DVD of the movie (pictured above) and a ONLY READ ONCE copy of the book (pictured below)

****you MUST put your email in your comment, or the comment won't count. 

~~I'd love it if you are or would become a follower, but it is not mandatory 

The winners will be chosen Friday the 30th at 9pm est

Brightest Blessings!
 *Special thanks to my son Thomas, for setting up and taking 2 needed photos (woodsmen) out in the rain, and helping with the indoor photos of my striped socks and animals, er familiars!

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LuLu Kellogg said...

Susan, this is a fantastic post! The conservatory is my favorite room in the whole movie!

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and it's lovely to meet you!

Happy Fall!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I was bad and forgot to leave my email address so I am popping back by to do so :)

LuLu Kellogg

AlphaBetsy said...

You and I must shop at the same sock shop, lol. I love the pictures of your familiars, so cute. Thank you for sharing. Come visit if you get a chance.


Bird said...

Bright blessings to you on this autumn morning, Susan. This was just a perfectly fantastic PM post. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I, too, love that line in the movie about how being normal is not a virtue but a lack of courage. I have had to learn that many times over and over again due to having Aspeger's Syndrome and being an Earth Spiritualist. In my 40's I am now loving me and being me, even though sometimes I still fall into the role play of trying to look and act typical for the sake of others.

Thank you for the lovely story by Mr. Shaw and the gorgeous photography. I love the magic and the warm homey feeling of what you've written here and your "grandkids" are adorable. :-)

Brightest blessings,
Bird Gardener
Oh... yeah, lol, I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

monkeycstars said...

AWWW, wow that was such a sweet story! Creative post :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing it!


just me said...

wonderful story, now I want to watch the movie again! woulnd't it be fantastic to live in the amazing house!! would be dancing around the table for sure!!!!

Lady Jess said...

OH, how wonderful!

I'd love to win one!

Pabkins said...

I'm already a follower you silly goose! Very nice of you just the same! - count me in
tlabunski ((**gmail))**

Toriz said...

Darn! When I realized I wasn't moving as quick as I thought and would be here for the Practical Magic blog party I meant to sign up, and I forgot to! :(

I absolutely love the movie; it's my all time favourite movie! I had it given to me when I was in my teens by an online friend I no longer speak to, and watched it so often that my video literally stopped working, then I got it on DVD some time in the past couple of years (I think it was last year?)

I wont enter the giveaway, because I have the DVD, and the book will be of no use to me, but I wish all those who enter the best of luck.

Also, great post, and great story; thanks for sharing it! :)

Sandi said...

What a wonderful story!! I enjoyed your post very much. I will definitely follow your blog and look forward to getting to know you witch sister!!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`*SANDI

maddyrose said...

Susan this is a lovely post and the story was beautiful. The photos are great especially the ones of your animals, er I meant to say familiars. I'd love to become a follower. I have the DVD but have misplaced my book to I would welcome a chance to be entered in your drawing.

Amanda Jillian said...

Lovely post =]

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Susan..I enjoyed your heart-touching post so much..and loved your opening message..hugs ...and so very beautiful! Gorgeous post of magic and beautiful stories and imagery! HUgs and sparkles mnay thanks kindred!

Sylvia said...

Hi Susan, I really liked your story, it reminded me of when Mom used to give me borage tea when I had a worked too.

Great post and happy PM Day.


Anonymous said...

That's a great story Susan. And beautiful pictures of the Owens's house. I hope we both become such treasured old women! Happy blog party weekend!

Linda said...

What wonderful memories this post gives me. I love looking at photos from the movie. This movie is wondrous, all the special moments that it shares. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:

Magaly Guerrero said...

It seems that quote speaks to many, many of us! I guess it is because most of us live by it.

Great stockings, but the way.

And prizes too, wow! It would be wonderful to wind a copy of the movie, mine is a little scratched ;-)

magalyguerrero @ live . com

Celia said...

What a magical post! I just love your socks! I have been having such a hard time finding stripey socks this year!

Victoria said...

Susan, what an amazing post, I loved it! I won't enter the drawing because I already have the book and the DVD...I hope someone who doesn't have them wins them. Thanks for visiting my PM blog post...


Victoria from Brushstrokes

wickedfaerie said...

What a lovely Practical Magic Blog Party you have given. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for visiting me too. I would be honoured to become a follower and thrilled to be included in your giveaway.


aw said...

wonderful post! i loved your story as well. thanks for writing and visiting my blog too!

Anonymous said...

Loved your party! What a great story, made even more interesting with the addition of the pictures. Looking forward to you give-away. So special.

Thank you too for visiting me at


Magic Gypsy said...

Good party post and lovely story. It is so important to be yourself! Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway - gypsyjewels at q dot com

B'ham said...

I think I am in Love... From your blog banner ALL the way down--- Enchanting !!
You are very creative.
And yes, I am in love with Caesar !!
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party !!! I loved the story. So full of love for people too.
Have a magical day !!

lisa said...

Can't even begin to tell you how much I loved your post. Just beautiful from start to finish. Thank you so much. Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for a visit.
Magical hugs,

DogsMom said...

I always enjoy my visits here and you did a wonderful job of keeping my attention with this party post.
Beautiful photos to go with a great story.

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Misty said...

Loved the story!! This was an amazing post! Thanks for sharing and also thanks for joining my ramblings on my blog :) Hope you had a very blessed Mabon!

Kathy said...

Terrific post - loved the story - the pictures of the conservatory are great! Thank you for offering this great giveaway!

Jo said...

Great post Susan! Thanks for a chance at winning some goodies and thanks so much for dropping by my PM party post! I am sorry you didn't enjoy PM the novel and feel that way about the book! But to each her own I always say :o) Thanks for recommending The Garden Spells novel but I have tried all of her novels and I haven't liked (or finished) any of them, they just don't work for me or for me have the magic of other reads (like Hoffman's - I've read amny of hers). (And I'm a big Southern Lit fan as well so I was disappointed that I don't like any of Sarah's writings). Ah well! :o) Thanks again for dropping by and for your kind words - I know you can well relate to my health posts and hope you are well! Happy 2nd Annual Practical Magic Blog Party!!!

Jo said...

Susan, I just saw your other comment on my PM post and what an ordeal to say the least you had there! I was very frustrated last Oct when one test showed the obstructed stone gone and another proved it was there, making the surgery I had in Oct more evasive because now it would not only include the kidney tube removal, but removing the stone, removing scar tissue that had formed in that area and a stent insertion and I wasn't even fully recovered from the infection at that point but the tube had to come out so... Getting ones affairs in order just prior to surgery is a sobering experience to say the least lol! (Prior to this, my surgeries had been emergency ones, including the my right kidney surgery 5 years earlier).

Thank you so much for adding me to your nightly candle lightning. You are so kind! I like the sound of that in general, sounds like something I'd like to do!

Edie Schmidt said...

I loved reading your blog. Fantastic story!

Carol said...

Susan.....I loved your post and the stories within! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I, too, am totally enamored with the conservatory in PM. It's where I'm sure I'd spend most my time!
I already have a copy of the book so I won't eveter you giveaway so someone else can win and enjoy it! It's very nice to meet you! ~Carol :)

cmoh said...

Love love love your post and the fairy tale addition is just fabulous! Love your grandkids images, the red and white socks are perfect!

Thanks so much for introducing me to the PM blog party, I am so excited that I got to take part this year and am off on my broom to check out all the other witches posts!

Dragonfly said...

I'm loving all the photos of the house and enjoyed your telling of the Good Witch story.

J x

Barbara said...

Wow ~ what a creative post! The socks on your grandchildren are just precious. :-) So glad I found your blog!

I would LOVE a copy of the book...I lost mine years ago, and was just on Amazon thinking of replacing it. That's my favorite book cover art, sweet of you to do a giveaway!


Incipient Wings said...

Hi Susan
What a great post!
Thank you for visiting,
I hope you are having a wonderful
Your pets are adorable

Carousel Dreams said...

Susan, you always share the most wonderful stories here. And I admire that you are your authentic has taken me a long time to live my life this way, but the rewards are more than worth it. I love the conservatory also - ahhhh, can you imagine living in such a house. Thankyou so much for visiting my blog - always lovely to hear from you x

Willow said...

What a wonderful story. I loved it and I also feel the same way about the movie as you do. Very nice giveaway too. Please enter my name.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Hello, I am visiting form the Practical Magic Blog party. :D Nice post! I posted about the conservatory, too. I like the story you shared. I want my daughter to read it. Thanks also for hosting the giveaway. :D

Theresa N. said...

I enjoyed my visit, thank you.
Theresa N

Lyn said...

I SO want to live in that house!!

What a fantastic post and giveaway. I'd love a chance to win a copy of the book (US DVDs won't work in the UK)!



K.Michele said...

You have a beautiful blog. I really enjoyed your PM party post and loved the story you shared. Thank you for swinging by my PM post and for your kind words.

K. Michele

Sus said...

As always, a delightful visit to your blog. I love the it always. Have never read the book though. Thanks for your post!

Anonymous said...

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I borrowed the electric hot plate from my husband's lab. He works as a chemist at a university. I'm thinking, though, if you contact a reputable appliance store, they will be able to point you in the right direction or will order one for you.

Que Bella said...

What a wonderful party post! That conservatory and kitchen are my favorite parts of the house. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my practical magic party, too! Michelle

Lisa said...

What a wonderful story. And you picked the best rooms in the house!

Blessings, Lisa

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Oh Susan... I love the picture of the kitchen area with the all the herbs, it is also one of my most favorite places in the house! That story of the Good Witch is beautiful! Thank You so much for sharing it with me! I absolutely loved that story and wow, what awesome prizes!!! Have a wonderful week!

Blessed Be!!!

Beadwright said...

Hey Susan this is a great post. I too love this movie. My neices and I watch it everytime we are together.
Your blog looks wonderful too. I have been on vacation and just returned home yesterday. Wish I was still on vacation. LOL

Sara said...

Hi Susan
I got here late, but get here I did and I am so pleased I did. I just adore that story. THe photos were great. Hugs Sara

I Don't Do Straignt said...

What a FAB post Susan :) I loved the story and the photo's of your family/familiar..... a few years back I had a tortoise shell/calico just like Pretty with the split markings on her face..... her name was Hannah and she would follow me everywhere :)

Fiona. x

Holly said...

I enjoyed stopping by to see your PM Party post. I really LOVE the conservatory too!

Mina said...

Oh Susan, what a wonderful party and that tale is just precious! I have never heard it before and am so glad you introduced me to it. I adore your red and white stockings and those beautiful furry loves. What a delightful time. Mina

Jan E O said...


Love the good witch story and the great post. Please consider me for the drawing.

Thank you also for visiting my blog. Making magic, Jan E O

Melissa said...

Great post!! That conservatory and the kitchen are the best parts of the house!!!

And I'd love to throw my hat in the ring for a prize!! I don't own the movie or the book yet! I had borrowed them!!

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Annalee said...

Susan, I really love your PM post. Very honest and beautiful. The tale of A Good Witch is marvelous! I love that you added it to your post, for herbal medicine is something I love.