Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winners of the 3 Gypsy Gothic Arches!

 FIRST, I didn't publish any comments that answered  the 3 questions until now.

2nd, everyone that answered the questions was correct on all 3, except 1 person, who got one answer wrong! That was amazing!

3rd, There was a small glitch and AlphaBetsy original post got deleted, it would have been 1 post before Frosted Petunias.  So now, you can see all the posts that have the answers, and they are in the order (time wise) that they came in, obviously some of the comments that were already posted (people who didn't answer the questions) would be mixed in here and there.

The questions and answers:
1. The "official" language of the gypsies is_Romani---a spoken only language with many dialects__.
2. There are approximately___over 12 million___gypsies living throughout the world.
3. During the Holocaust, a letter was used to mark a record of a gypsy by the Nazi's,  what was the letter? (though certainly not all gypsies were recorded)--- As gypsies could not read or write, many were not registered at the camps and if they were registered, a simple "Z" was placed where their name should be.
  The Winners:
Magaly Guerrero from Pagan Culture
 Nameless person from StoryBookForest

as long as I can get an email addy from your profile, I'll be emailing you. You'll have to Sunday at 3pm to have responded to my email with:
a full REAL name
mailing info 

if not, then the next comment in line with the correct answer will take your place for the Gothic arch.
The Gothic Arches will be mailed out at the end of the month (when my check comes)


Mina said...

A huge congratulations to Magaly and Kim, 2 of my favorite people.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm nameless person from Storybookforest! My name is Renee and I'll email the rest of that info to you asap. I am so excited! Thank you Susan!

Kim said...

Yeah Susan! Thank you so much for your generosity!! I just emailed you with my info.

I can't wait to get a look at my prize(excited squeals)

Congrats to the other winners!

Hugs xxxxxx

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm squealing too! Thanks so much. Congrats Kim and Renee. I hope you are as excited as I am.

And Mina, you are one of my most adored persons too ;-)

Toriz said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh I missed out on this one! Congrats to your lucky winners!
hugs Lynn