Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a small rant

Have any of you ever had an opportunity to follow a blog, that is pretty much ONLY self-promotion?
When the person is called on it, some will argue or call the person a flamer. but most often, if they are TRUE to themselves, they left the comment slide, cause they are honest and basically agree. At the very least they allow for FREE and OPEN discussion, and freedom of speech.

Well, I have had a love/hate relationship with a fellow paper artist/blogger for almost a year now. (I've been a follower for well over a year...until it hit me, then the love/hate thing started)

This person IS AMAZINGLY TALENTED in the PAPER art world, but instead of publishing books, or submitting work to magazines etc. She jumps from design team to design team, and she ALWAYS, always upstages everyone else on the DT when there are blog hops. I have been FAITHFULLY watching this process. there is NEVER a time, when her work is on or near the same level as the other DT members...NOW, don't get me wrong Talent is talent.
However if you entire DT is making cards...don't make an elaborate fold up card village or box or something of that nature. I am talking about a deliberate over-doing it. I KNOW that there has to be at least a few fellow DT members of hers that get tired of it, or worse feel their work may be inferior.

This woman's very first line in her profile is , "I am a child of God." what is Christian-like behavior about deliberately upstaging your colleagues? After watching this go on, and on and on. I HAD to say something, the seeker-of-justice in me, just had to call it. I was NOT nasty about it, and I praised her work often in my comment. Again I say I was NOT nasty at ALL. initially my comment was published. A few days later it has been deleted, and it says..."this comment is awaiting moderation". I tried 3 more times to post comments to her blog today. NONE of them have been published, NOR have I got the "your comment is awaiting moderation" notice. I guess she has me blocked.

Where is the christian-like behavior here? Allowing the free and open discussion. Allowing for other's opinions. Allowing for freedom of speech???????????????? of the 7 sins...PRIDE!!  (just one of the many reasons I am not an active christian any more, too many hypocrites. I will say, that at least she is a hypocrite with GRACE.

To me this behavior on her part, speaks volumes. As my husband put it; "You struck a nerve, you hit the nail on the head, the truth hurts, and she doesn't want anyone else to notice it." I have to agree.
Furthermore let me say this, for over a year, I was convinced she didn't actually read her comments, because I have asked her several questions, that have gone unanswered. One question in particular, not only have I asked SEVERAL times in the comments I left, but I also used her 'contact form". She has asked us to use her "contact form" with any questions. Why bother, if you aren't going to answer them? I guess she feels she is above the rest of us, that she is too good to answer questions. VERY SAD!

I apologize for my overuse of pronouns, as it is not my intention to be rude or disrespectful by not using the person's name. It is because I do NOT want to use this person's name.  I KNOW FOR A FACT, that several of my followers, follow this woman's blog also. Do not be mad at me for speaking the truth. if you do not think I am speaking the truth, take some time to go back in the archives of her blog, especially blog hop posts, and compare to her fellow DT members. Clearly you will see what I am saying is the truth.

You may already know the truth. You may already know who I am talking about. If you have figured out who I am talking about, I would say that you must has reached the same conclusions I have.


cmoh said...

I have no idea who you are talking about and since I know you value freedom of speech I will play a bit of devils advocate here

A few years ago I was on a design team (I do not by any means think that I was better than others on that team) the majority of the memebers made cards but I was at a point where I was moving past cards and would make other things, altered tins, wall hangings, even a clock. Perhaps this indivudual is where I was.

I have noticed recently that many of the blogs I follow never leave comments on my blog or answer my questions. Most of those blogs have something like 800 plus followers so I guess I get it but at the same time they post so offten that I wonder if they ever have time to show the people that follow them any love. Right now that is my pet peve with things. I love looking and don't always comment but when I do it is nice to know that in the future that person might also stop by and comment on my blog.

I'm sorry that you are upset about this experience and hope that the individual that you feel has wronged you sees how valuable a person you are.

ON a side note I can't wait to see your PM post!


Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hi Susan, it's the "other Susan" here :P I don't know who you're talking about either, but, meh, if she's acting that way maybe that's why she has to flit from Design Team to Design Team, because she isn't ever asked to stay. But, it is her blog, and she should be free to post whatever she wants, as often as she wants, and make it as over-the-top and outstanding as she wants, too. If it irritates you, just don't visit her blog. Trying to fix the world is wonderful, but don't stress yourself over people you can't change. You won't be the only one who's noticed, and people will react accordingly to her once they catch on to her MO. Hope you can forget about her and get on with enjoying the fun side of crafting. Surround yourself with people you like and respect and enjoy spending time with, and leave the nasties of the world to stew in the mess they've created. :D

Jen said...

I'm sad to hear that you're no longer an active Christian due to the behavior that someone else may have. People will always disappoint us. Even those who are strong Christians will fail at times. That's why our focus needs to be on God and not the performance of others. That's just my thought on what you wrote ;)

char52 said...

I also have become disillusioned with some of my fav bloggers. For me another reasons.. When their blog becomes about promoting all the free products they are sent or better yet their own new line of products. Then I just stop following them.

Toriz said...

I try to avoid long-term rrelationships with people who think they are better than everyone else. I tried to be friends with someone like that before and it only ended in an argument, hurt feelings, and the loss of what might have been a wonderful friendship. I'm only sorry there are people like that in the world!