Sunday, September 11, 2011


do you remember where you were?

What you were doing?

How you were feeling?

Did you feel safe, at home, or at work in this; the greatest country in the world?

Have you ever had to make a choice, when neither was going to end well?

Especially one where your very life hung in the the hands of the hands of an enemy?? to die now or suffer a while and then die??

Do you feel safe now? 10 years later. Will any of us who remember that day, ever be the same?

No, we will NEVER be the same...but in many ways the difference is a good one, we were reminded:
how precious life is
to spend more time with those we love
to stop bickering over crap that doesn't matter
to hopefully get rid of our prejudices and band together as one nation
to not take ANYTHING for granted
but like all slaps in the face, with time the sting fades
we forget
we loosen up
we go back to the rat race
we start to take things for granted again
DO NOT fall prey to indifference!

too many were lost
too many are left suffering
mourning, grieving still.
more are dying, from the fallout.
Do NOT let these neighbors, fellow Americans down
by becoming remiss!

Stand Tall, Stand Vigilant, Stand United!
Remember all of this great nation's history.

Some gave all, so we could have it all--
Life,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!!

the UNITED states of!!
One NATION of MANY peoples, under whatever God or Goddess one believes in, or doesn't.
Stay together, Stay the course!!

I did not forget the locations of the other great losses on 9/11/2001. I just chose to concentrate on the largest area of loss.
Goddess and God BLESS America, MY home sweet home!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Right there with you...

Toriz said...

Beautiful post!

Dezinaworld said...

Hi Susan,
thanks so much for the lovely welcome back. Also thanks for this timely tribute, I have been thinking as i always do, every year since this event broke the world's heart. Even though i live in the UK it matters not, the feelings are still there and still strong.
big hugs to you my friend
June xxxxx

AlphaBetsy said...

Well said, Susan.

Fairfield House said...


A lovely tribute and reminder that we must NEVER forget.

God bless America, my home sweet home.

Your Friend,