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ALL HALLOW'S GRIM blog party part II

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In the meantime, just before Tammy and her family moved out from the condo next door. A family moved in down the row of mt house almost to the end, and I knew the one girl from school, but she was quite snooty, and we were in different circles. However, when her younger sister finally came out of the house months later, with a brace on her leg and using crutches we hit it off almost immediately. She had been run over by a car, by her own brother, it was an accident but a stupid one, and a very long story. Let's just say her right arm and leg ended up pretty messed up. Sherry was a heavy girl, blonde with freckles(her sister was a deep red almost auburn with freckles) she was a tomboy like the first girl I met and was friendly with; Michelle. Sherry had it in her mind that we should do a seance, and try to find out who or what was in the house. All of us had Ouija boards, as was the trend in the 70s. I was skeptical and kept saying no.

In May of 1975, a new family moved into the house next door, a couple with a little girl and a baby son.
Terri was a SAHM and Butch was a chef. Being the outgoing kid that I am still am I introduced myself as they were moving in and offered to help by keeping her daughter Mary occupied, she was 4. Terri said sure. and thus began a friendship and also a business partnership. I became their babysitter and babysat every Friday night. Johnny was 14 months old, he had the small upstairs bedroom and Mary had the same room that I had next door. This was the room, that my brother and I always found the window open. This was the room Tammy and her younger sister shared. For a while all was quiet in the house, and my brother told me NOT to tell them anything. I kept a very close eye on the kids, and went upstairs to check on them frequently while they slept. Terri and I, really did become friends, we had a lot in common including out birthday; June 22. This birthday I was turning 15. Terri told me, "In 3 years when you turn 18, I'll be turning 30, I'm going to take you out to the clubs and you will have your first legal drinks with me, and we'll have a blast!" I was thrilled, what 15 yo wouldn't be. We were sitting at her kitchen table on  a Sunday afternoon, drinking tea and playing 500 rummy.

Our birthdays were about 2 weeks away, when I got off the school bus one afternoon with the other kids, Michelle, Sherry and I were walking and talking, as we all lived in the same row, by now there were a few other kids, they walked in the long straight direction.  Picture this, three rows of houses my row, was the bottom of a "U" and  14 houses long. the two on each end were smaller and ranches. stepping out of my door you faced the large "clubhouse and pool", beyond the pool the main road or street of our development, then each area had parking lots. Turn your head to the left and slightly in front of you was a very short side of the "U" this was the "Office and Models", turn to the right another row pretty much Identical to the one I lived in, but this side had 16 houses. So we got off the bus at the street and turned on the sidewalk that ran along the models to our row of houses. None of our homes could be seen immediately upon getting off the bus and walking on that sidewalk, mine and Michelle's because of the clubhouse, and Sherry's because it was down the end kind of behind of the models. As we got closer to our end of the parking lot, past the clubhouse we heard and saw a commotion, lots of people standing around, a cop car, and an ambulance. Obviously we ran over to see what was wrong, they were parked in front of my house. My parents were both still at work, so I wasn't so worried, but I thought perhaps something happened to Mary or her little brother. At that moment Butch came out of the house, normally he would have been gone to work, an hour before. When he saw me he asked if I could mind the kids, I was confused and worried and said OK, but asked him what happened. he said Terri fell down the stairs and dislocated her shoulder. 

I quickly unlocked my door, dropped off my school stuff and wrote  a note to my folks saying I was next door, and why. I locked the door and went back next door Terri was now being put into the Ambulance and Butch was going to follow in their car. After everyone left, I was finding something on TV for the kids and fixing Mary lunch (we were on split schedule with school, so we were home by like 12:30-12:45)
The baby had been fed, but I put him in the high chair with some cheerios anyway.

there was a knock on the screen door, it was Sherry, then Michelle showed up. Right away, they started whispering to me, that maybe there was a spooky reason she fell down the stairs. I took the baby, changed his diaper and put him for a nap. When I came back down the stairs, the girls were in the living room with Mary, watching Sesame Street. When the show was over Mary played with her "kitchen" and doll and we turned on the soaps. Sherry, in whispers started pushing the Ouija board thing again. I told her "SSHHHH".
Mary left her kitchen and came over to the couch, and said to us, " Mommy was pushed". we were all shocked. I started asking her questions, she didn't say much else. When asked who pushed her Mommy, she said the BOY, a BIG BOY.

Sherry and Michelle both left at dinner time. We all promised to stay quiet. Terri and Butch came home around 7:30. I asked Terri if I could talk to her. so after her arm, now in a sling was supported by pillows on the couch, Butch took over with the kids, and I sat down to talk to Terri. I told her what Mary said. She looked white, and started to shake her head no, as if saying don't listen to the kid, she's just a kid. I cut her off and I spilled EVERYTHING about the house. She was very quiet for a moment or so. Then she told me, "Mary is right, someone pushed me." Now I was the one who turned white. Terri told me how, she was coming down the stairs with an empty laundry basket, the baby was in the playpen and Mary was watching TV. At the top of the landing she said, "I felt 2 hands on my back giving me a quick hard shove, I started to go down, I grabbed for the railing to keep myself from falling all the way down, but the push was so hard, I was moving really fast, when I grabbed the railing, the momentum of my body yanked my arm out of the socket."

Now I was scared, that this ghost was harmful. I asked Terri if she noticed anything else going on. She said, that a couple of times she would be doing something and turn around to find her class or coffee mug, moved slightly. She also said Mary woke up once in a while in the middle of the night crying. I gave her a hug, hugged the kids, said good night to butch and went home. I didn't tell my parents anything except that Terri fell, and she was ok now, or at least would be.

After school the next day, Sherry Michelle and I sat on my bedroom floor with the Quija board.

Come back later for the final part of this true story.


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