Saturday, October 29, 2011

DAY 31- 31 Days of Halloween, the Countdown to Halloween, and the Real Witches of Halloween

Welcome to Day 31 of the 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN
well it's over! It was Fun, Frantic, Frustrating at times, Full of Fantastic Creations by our Forum Family and now we can Forget about it until next Fall!!   (like my Alliterations?)

Today's Halloween funny:

Today's creation was supposed to be for SBS's 12 days of Halloween, which I thought I had to today to upload. NOPE! I'm aggravated about that, my own fault for not reading, just "assuming" But I fell asleep last night, without having my other thing finished, and I felt like crap and I had a rough night and I still feel like crap so here it is, and I am also going to share two stamped candles that were epic fails! I made one week one(skull) and one week 2.  I will definitely be seeing a doctor later.
here's my 4 X 4 for 10 ghouls a groaning:
It's a scan, so because of the beads we have crappy contact.
paper-PINK PAISLEE, Girl-witch--CTMH (Halloween Dingbats)
masked and stamped 10 times, and then the ten were cutup to fit. "GHOULS just wanna have fun" stamp $1 from MICHAEL'S.
glitter foam stickers- CREATOLOGY. Red Shimmer half beads- MAKING MEMORIES.

I have made candles so many times I do not know what I did wrong that these smeared so. 
I used embossing ink and EP on waxed paper.
Skull and Flourish stamps is from BLOCKHEADS STAMPS and the Kooky Spider wheel is by STAMPIN'UP. The Skull candle will be used tonight as my Samhain candle, and the spider will become an emergency candle. (I am showing you the BEST sides)

I wish you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN a BLESSED SAMHAIN, and a GREAT week!!!
I'll be here on and off, but I am pretty much gonna be visiting other blogs for the rest of this week, and tallying up comments on my days 1-15 and 16-31 for my 2 giveaways for the 31 days.
To my fellow wicked bloggers, you'll see me on the forum!
Thanks for visiting :)
Please see the list of other Wicked bloggers for the 31 Days of Halloween

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ike said...

Hahaha - that funny for today made me think for a minute until I remembered the poem :-D
Great card - that's such a shame you missed the upload time :-( SUPER candles.... can't see anything wrong with those !!!
Hey.... I thought you were going to the Doc's today ???? Get your a**e down there Girl !!!! Don't make me come and give you a slappin' !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alex said...

you ghouls page is wonderful. You really got creative and did fabulous with the 12 days! Lot the plan for the candles and glad you will be using the skull. He looks wonderful to me :)

petoskystone said...

hope you feel better soonest!

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Susan... I am sorry that you missed the SBS 12 Days; but I love your creation that is going in your book!!!! You have been so creative... I love it!!! As for your candles I think they turned out good!!! We all have that trouble... something we have done a million times and one time it doesn't work... oh who knows why!!! I am glad to hear that you will still be using them!!! Now get your butt to the doctor... or I will have to come and kick it!!! LOL!! Hugs to you and hope to hear that you are getting well soon!!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Soo sorry you're still so sick, Susan! A Dr visit sounds like a must. Your card is just fab and the candles look great to me. Still too chicken to try that. LOL thanks for all of your fabulous inspiration this month and Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to you! xxD

Steph said...

You are going to have a bunch of stamp crazy women coming to drag you to the doctor soon, hussle on over there. :)
You card is cute, love that witch. Your candles look great to me. I havent made one in ages, but I think I stamped and embossed on tissue paper and just used the wax paper to help melt the tissue into the candle?
I'll see you in the forum, happy Halloween . :)

Sharon Sahl said...

Great ghouls - love the colors! The candles look fine to me too. Now keep that doctor's appointment!!!

I Don't Do Straignt said...

Sorry you are feeling ill Susan, but your card is soooo cute and I love your candles. get yourself of to the Doc's and feel better soon :)