Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DAY 12- 31 Days of Halloween, Countdown to halloween, Real witches of Halloween

Welcome to Day 12 of the 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN, as well as day 12 of the COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN, and Day 12 of THE REAL WITCHES OF HALLOWEEN.

OK, today's creepy tale, is brought you by the the arachnophobe in the house...ME.  There was one of those large wolf spiders on the wall today in the kitchen on the side of the hutch near the filing cabinet (where we have lots of stuff piled up) I asked Ron to kill it, and handed him my slipper. (I should have asked my son, younger, quicker etc.)  Well, Ron missed. Any normal person would be like, ok we'll get him later. NOOOOOO, not me! I am unable to sleep, and I am looking on the floor every time I stand up to walk anywhere, like a freak. In my logical brain I know this is irrational behavior, but I just can't help it. They totally creep me out and scare me.  Even the demon fly must feel bad for me, as he hasn't been bugging me tonight.  I know, nuts, right?  Anyone else afraid of spiders? One time in my old house with first hubby, he killed one and squashed it up in a paper towel, and then KNOWING full well my fear (which was waaay worse back then) throw the paper towel on me, I was lounging on the couch watching TV.  I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT, I do not ever think I moved or jumped that fast in my life. I was actually crying, shaking and turned white. Of course my asshole X just kept laughing .  Looking back I think he may actually be a masochist. 

OK, onto the creation for the day. Day 12...WOOT!!
Another card:

 she is a digi stamp by SPIDER'S CORNER (appropriate for today's creepy tale)
 Ok I already told you the Digi Stamp is by SPIDER'S CORNER,
the sentiment "Spooky Halloween" is part of a 2 piece set I rec'd as a RAK 
(the other one says trick or treat)
Card stock is STAMPIN' UP, Printed paper is the very last strip of the Red Web SPIDERMAN paper I bought a few years back 
(now I am wishing I bought more, I do not recall what company made it)
Winnie is colored with BIC Mark Its!, and she is up on foam dots, and the sentiment is also. The Glitter foam stickers are by CREATOLOGY
 This is one of my Favorite cards so far, it looks really cool in person.

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ike said...

Oh, isn't she FAB - great colouring on that image. I love the way Spyder always has her little trademark spidey dangling somewhere. :-) The backing you used for this is super. Lovely colours. :-D
I think you'd better not look at my Day 12 Blog then - I made something to get rid of your Hell Fly, but having read of your phobia... I can only say... Don't Go There !!!!
Ike xxxx

Jane said...

Hi Susan

A lovely card love the spider.
Thankyopu for your kind cmments on my T-Shirt the transfer paper I used was one of our local supermarkets own brand. I did have some trouble my printer eat 3 sheets (must feed it more lol) and one of the imagers would not transfer when ironed but this was the first time for me I will have another try

Luv Jane xxx

Sugar said...

mkay. I share your phobia. I can't even be in the same room as a spider. seriously. freaks me the crap out!
cute little card though.. love the glittery spiders.. those I can do.

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

This is soooo awesome Susan... I love this cutie image and your DP is sooo yummy! I love your glittery spiders and pumpkins!!! Now about the spider... I am not afraid of them at all; however...snakes are a different story!!! The way you reacted with your X is how I am with snakes... dead or alive!!! I hate, HATE them!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

No wonder he's your EX! I hate spiders! Adorable card, though, even with the spider. LOL Love it! xxD

Alex said...

that web paper is awesome and I love how perfectly your cute witch fits into it all. Great job!!!

Josephine said...

So cute! Love the bright colours.

Thanks for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers this time.

Sharon Sahl said...

Cute, cute witchie - love her wittle nose! I think I saw that paper at JoAnns this week but at least some red paper with webs on it. I like your bright color choices again and if we're sharing phobias, I detest small closed spaces but like snakes and clowns. Isn't it funny what we're scared of?!?

monique said...

i hate spiders too, our card is so cute love the colours

Kristina said...

Wow what a story w/ the spider. They dont offend me too much. Nor snakes. I use to have one. But cockroaches scare the living hell out of me! I will run, scram, cry, hurt myself trying to get away from them. LOL!
Love your cute card, and your red spiderweb paper is beautiful!

Princess4Wiz said...

Fabulous card, Susan :-) Your little witch is delightful and those spiders and webs cutely creepy (if you get my meaning LOL).

Thank you for joining us at Crafty Cardmakers.

Beth. xxx

ldfdesign said...

spiders are mean and evil things! i love the colors you picked for your card! the coloring on the witch is great!

StephC said...

What a cute image! Love your card. Thanks for joining us at Drunken Stampers!

Cheryl said...

Cute! I love the colors and the spiders!

Thank you for joining our HALLOWEEN challenge at Meljen’s Designs.


Steph said...

Love your card! That witch is adorable and I really like the red web paper. I would have probably walked right by thinking I'd have to do something spider man related, good find! I wouldnt say I'm scared of spiders, but I dont think I could rest easy if there was a big one in my house. Maybe your fly is hiding from him too.

Scrap Vamp said...

An adorable card! Love the red background!

bonniebluedenim said...

Not fond of spiders either! There was a big one hanging out by our front door! I know it was waiting for the door to open and was planning on jumping in! I did manage to shoo it away!

Love your card, great images, coloring and colors !!!! A real Cutie!!!

jennifer said...

cute witch, love your card.

Alison said...

Great card, but I cannot deal with spider stories! If anything gives me the absolute heebie's spiders!!!! I try to tolerate them, but they sceeve me like nothing else! But enough about me...your card is so cute! Great color choices!

susan said...

Cute image and card! Love the colors you used. Thanks for joining us at I DID IT CREATIONS CHALLENGE # 76! Good Luck!

Toriz said...

I hate spiders, and their only chance of survival is to stay away from me. I'm fine with them being evicted from the place alive, but I want them to stay out of my home!

I hate them so much that when I had just moved out on my own, and was babysitting my honorary sister (she was 12 at the time, I was almost 18) and a spider was coming towards me, I went from the floor to the back of the sofa faster than I'd have thought was possible (and I'm not sure how I managed to stay up there). I made her get it outside, and wouldn't come down off the back of the sofa until the spider was outside (which involved it being taken down a flight of stairs, along a hallway, and down another flight of stairs to the curb). She's afraid of them too, but I promised her pick of my treat tub (which I'd been refusing to allow her anything from) if she got rid of the spider. Basically, I bribed her. LOL!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Cute card, and damn your ex!

MaRyKaY said...

cute lil chunky trick or treater. love the colors

Robin Parker said...

Thanks for sharing your creation on our Meljen's Design Challenge of anything Halloween.

I Don't Do Straignt said...

I can see why he's your ex! Your card is mega cute though and the red b/paper is FAB!