Friday, October 28, 2011

DAY 28- 31 Days of Halloween, Countdown to halloween, Real witches of Halloween

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Welcome to Day 28 of the 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN, as well as day 28 of the COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN, and Day 28 of THE REAL WITCHES OF HALLOWEEN.

Today's Halloween funny:

Well, it would seem I have a sinus infection, I've had enough to know the symptoms...I've kind of been thinking "if I don't admit it, it will just be a cold and go away"  NOPE!  full-on body aches and last night I woke a few times in a cold sweat etc.'s today's creation:  $1 pencil cup from the dollar store, it is just stretched plastic/vinyl, whatever over a metal frame. I stamped all 4 sides with white stays on, and because I had to put my other hand inside to give it a semi firm surface while stamping, all my stamping slide a bit  :( UGH!  I think I might go over it all with a sharpie poster paint pen in white.  Funny thing is, I stamped this over a week ago, and the ink in spots still feels tacky. weird, right?

ok, I semi leaned it, on top of my address stamper, and then took one pic with 2 pens inside. ALL 4 stamps are from the $1 bin at Michael's over the last 2 years. I embellished it with some fun, elasticized wide sequence and fiber trim (rec as a RAK), using red line tape. Then added glitter foam spiders and pumpkins by CREATOLOGY.

Due to the stamping being so bad, I'm not entering this anywhere. I hope you all aren't too disappointed. 

This WAS NOT originally going to be in the "use pile", because of the stamping. I am just too sick. I have one other large project almost done. and then 2 more I have to come up with. HOPEFULLY, 1 will be a coffin.

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Jen said...

I hope you're feeling better Susan! Just wanted to let you know that I emailed you today. One of the subject headings is Jada's Story. Can't believe Halloween is only a few days away!

Jane said...

Sorry that you are feeling so poorly take care of yourself. You pen pot is lovely
Luv Jane xxx

Sugar said...

it looks fine to me!

Sharon Sahl said...

Susan, I love your pencil holder and I looked closely at all of the stamps and you did a damn fine job. I don't see any smears (although I guess that's what we'll all working towards here. Or smudges!

monique said...

hope yoU feel better soon, i LOVE THE FROG STAMP

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Susan... First let me say... I understand sinus infections, bronchitis, allergies, and asthma!!! YUCK!!! You know you need to get antibiotics!!! I hope you start to feel better... I think you could wipe the ink off (rubbing alcohol or oh shoot can't think of the name of the stuff) and start over once you feel better!!! I think it turned out good considering the slippery stamps!!! Nope not disappointed... totally understand!!!! Hugs!!!

Kristina said...

What a totally great pen/pencil holder! Great job!

Steph said...

Cool project, I think it turned out great. Not sure why it still feels tacky, maybe you have to seal it with something??
Hope you feel better soon, sinus infections are not fun :(

ike said...

This is cool - I love that froggy stamp and those little foam stickers. Sorry to hear you are suffering - I hope that goes away real soon xxxxxx

DonnaMundinger said...

That must have been really tough to stamp on but I think it turned out cute. So sorry you're sick. xxD

Alex said...

I think it is CUTE and perfect for holding pens year round!!! FUN frog image!
Hope you start feeling better quickly. Being sick is NEVER fun, but especially when you are trying to push through and do things. It is a bit mojo zapping for me. Hang in there and get some rest!

Toriz said...

Maybe you have to seal it somehow to stop it feeling tacky?

I Don't Do Straignt said...

It looks great to me! FAB idea!